World Quack Centre

Entry Requirement: 10 Tokens Babies: 9 Items: Plug x 4 New Enemies: Brown Bears, Polar Bears
World Quack CentreYou're presented with two paths from the get go - Snatch the 4 Gold Tokens behind the counter just ahead, then choose the right psth, and you'll soon end up in a Chinese themed kitchen. Turn around to face the fish tank that you saw as you were coming up the slope, where there's a Rico Telepoint. Switch, and dive into the tank, grabbing the 2 Gold Tokens and swimming into the hole at the bottom. Follow the pathway and you'll come out at another fish tank in the kitchen. You'll also see another hole next to this one, so proceed, picking up the 2 Gold Tokens while you're at it. You'll end up in another tank, with 2 more Gold Tokens. Again, follow the next hole, grab the 2 Gold Tokens and continue down the hole. You'll soon be out of the final tank, where Rico's daughter Sonia awaits. Once you've rescued her, leap off and you should see one of Chang's babies in a corner. To the left of his child is a new doorway which leads to the laundry room, so run in there to switch to Chang via the Telepoint in there. Grab the 4 Golden Tokens in the sinks opposite (but watch out for the respawning Brown Bears!), the Gold Tokens on the washing machines and return outside to rescue Lien. Now you can retreat back to the beginning of the level, where we'll take the left path.

Keep going down this path, and visit the Tweet-11 store for 4 Gold Tokens, and the nearby Bearber that you'll see as you exit that store for 3 more Gold Tokens, taking care of the Blue Bears as necessary. Once you exit the Beaber, keep going forward and you'll see the side of another store. Get to the front of this one and turn around to find Dirtee Dawg Airways - Which will be slightly hidden from view. Shoot the glass door until it breaks, and switch to Roofus, and admire the humorous advertisements detailing locations we'll be visiting later in the game. Continue forward again, and ignore the door on the right unless you're in dire need of Pet Yums. Proceed out of the building via the nearby doors that are being guarded by two Blue Bears on your left (pick up 3 Gold Tokens!), and turn right when you get out there. Near the bottom are some bushes, and one of them is hiding a World Quack CentreMound for Roofus. Dig in, and you'll be transported into the nearby glass windows. Grab the 3 Gold Tokens and continue along the path and you'll find another Mound. Dig here, and you'll come out at the neighbouring windows. Run to the end and find another Burrow. Dig here, and you'll be in another window. At the end here is Roofus' baby Angus, as well as 3 more Gold Tokens and a final Burrow which leads you back to where you started the chain.

Now head back inside, and continue going forward again. You can enter the Diner on your way in if you're low on health.Towards the end of the halls is the GameQuack store on your left. Enter if you'd like for more Pet Yums, then proceed straight out. Continue this path until you see the doors on your left, and exit the building to enter the Hedge Maze, grabbing the 4 Gold Tokens as you enter.

World Quack CentreThere's more Bears here of course, as well as a total of 7 Gold Tokens. But first, follow the pathway until you reach the worker's bench. Carry on around the area, pick up the 6 Gold Tokens beyond that and return to it. Get on board, tap the button and, when you reach the top, leap onto the clock hand to move it. The Pelican will see the time and leave, so we can get to the elevator. Before you leave, you'll find yourself standing on the top of the hedge. Take the time to walk around the maze grab the single Gold Token above ground, and fall down when you see some more Gold Tokens you don't already have. There's a total of 7 Gold Tokens in here. There's also a small hedge ledge here where you can get back up when it's time to go. Once you have all Tokens, exit the maze.

World Quack CentreWhen you arrive back in the building, take the left path before you rush to the elevator. Here, we'll find the Bears club. Needless to say, we have unwelcome visitors waiting just inside the door, so take care of these Bears, snatch the 2 Gold Tokens and proceed into the nightclub. Sergeant Sternhauser is waiting here, with his 'Simon Says' minigame. Complete it for 4 Gold Tokens and a Shotgun. Check the other end here for 2 more Gold Tokens in the corners and switch to Juliette whilst you're here, then head back out and go to the working elevator. Before you leave, grab the 3 Golden Tokens hidden inside the plants just opposite. Then press the button on the outside of the elevator, then press it inside to get it moving.

World Quack CentreThe door will open on the opposite side, so be prepared, since more Blue Bears are taking aim at you immediately after that door opens. Take care of them, and move left, into Total Quackers, the gym. Collect the 5 Gold Tokens near the first treadmill you see, and leap onto it too. There's a baby at the other end. Keep leaping against the treadmill, and you'll be able to rescue Pierre in no time. Come off the treadmill, and head down to the other side of the gym and grab the other 5 Gold Tokens on this side. Then head into the showers. In the first of these doors is another baby in a shower cubicle, so rescue Justine and pick up the 3 Gold Tokens in here. Head through the second door for another 3 Gold Tokens and a Shotgun.

World Quack CentreDouble back outside, and collect the 2 Gold Tokens in the pot plants if you haven't already. Keep going right down to the opposite side, in a little statue room. Push the World Quack Centre model and keep pushing it until it blocks the security camera (you'll see a 3 second cutscene when this happens). Now enter. The Pelican will let you through, but essentially throws the warning that there are Bears in here that need to be dealt with. So do so, grab the 6 scattered Gold Tokens and find the Chang Telepoint in the room. After switching, quickly go back to the statue room and get that lone Gold Token under the Lower East Quack bridge model. Now go back in there, and enter the large doors at the end to wind up in the swimming pool.

Take care of the Bears here too, and guess who we're going to switch to? Yep, Rico, whose Telepoint is at the top of the slide. There are two Plugs inside the cubicles in this area, so pick them both up. Dive underwater, and insert them into two of World Quack Centrethe four sides of the swimming pool (doesn't matter which). The water will raise both times, so head back upand swipe the next Plug, which is found on a diving board. Head back down, and place it in one of the open Plugholes. More water rising, so head up again and get the final Plug, which is on another diving board, and enter that one in too. Now the water has risen enough for you to enter that shaft at the top, so swim up and proceed, grabbing 2 Gold Tokens along the way.

World Quack CentreNow that you're out the other side, grab the final 3 Gold Tokens and push the small anvil forward until it falls off the side. You'll be treated to a quick cutscene. After, leap out of the elevator shafts and into the main room again, and find the Bungalow Telepoint in the corner near Total Quackers. Now we can enter the 'secret' elevator. Leap over, hit the switch and let the cutscene play. When you're back in control, take care of the Bears and locate Angel, who's waiting on General Viggo's table. Save him, and get outta there.

And we're back in this room again. Find the other elevator on the same side as the secret elevator, and tap the buttons - We're going all the way up now. After a brief cutscene, as soon as you step out, General Bristol will alert you to Roofus' baby on the other side of the roof. Keep moving around the path and get yourself into the center, clearing out Bears as always. Here, you'll see the Anti-Sway Counterweight Manual Over-Ride buttons. Hit one, and you'll see a quick scene of the building World Quack Centreswaying. Hit the other, and you'll see another scene showing it moving the other way. As tedious as it may seem, keep hitting the buttons one after the other, until eventually the scene shows the building leaning on the other, and the baby hopping over. Now, we need to switch. There's a small entrance here which leads to a Bungalow and Roofus Telepoint, so find it and switch to Roofus, ignoring the stairs for now. Go around the outside of the building, where Fulton awaits. Now go back to where the Roofus Telepoint was, switch to Bungalow and walk up those stairs.

Once you're up here, you'll be treated to a quick cutscene. Defeat the Bears. Now, get to the corner where there the mast is, and leap up on the platform and then to the side of the building. Carefully hop around the four corners, tapping the button to set them all off, taking care of any World Quack CentreBears that haven't fallen to the ground yet. After this, the copter will land. Enter the copter from the back and use the yellow box inside to leap up to the top and rescue Wombat. Fall back, and push that same box all the way out. Once you've pushed it as far as it will go, another cutscene will play. You can now use that aerial you saw earlier to climb over to the other side. So hop over, and at the end you'll find Clive waiting to be rescued. The Exit is also here.

And that's it for the World Quack Centre. Next up - Lower East Quack!

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:41 PHM
01:46 PHL
01:52 MAT
Baby Location
Sonia Water tank in kitchen
Lien Corner in kitchen
Agnes Garden outside building
Phillipe Treadmill
Justine Shower Room
Angel Table in Secret Room
Fulton On other Building
Wombat Copter on Roof
Clive Exit
Tokens Location
4 Behind table at start
2 Rico's water tank
2 Next water tank
2 Third water tank
2 Fourth water tank
4 Sinks
3 Washing Machines
4 Tweet-11
3 Near Gates
3 Bearber
3 Roofus' 'Garden'
2 Agnes' Garden
4 Near Hedge Gates
7 Outer Hedge Maze
6 Beyond Bench
7 Inner Hedge Maze
1 On top of Hedge Maze
2 Bears club entrance
2 Inside club
4 Sergeant Sternhauser's prize
3 Plants near elevator
2 Plants outside Total Quackers
5 Near Pierre
5 Opposite end
3 Shower with Justine
3 Other shower
1 Under Bridge model
6 Guarded Room
2 Air Shaft
3 Above secret elevator (weight room)

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