A crucial part of the games, Fur Fighters offers a variety of weapons for you to choose from. Knowing where and when to use each weapon is almost vital to completing the game.

Bullet Based



The default weapon in the world of Fur Fighters. This basic yet almost crucial weapon is slow firing and not very powerful, but very accurate. Perfect for those far-away enemies or buttons, its accuracy makes up for what it lacks in the other departments.

Submachine Gun

Submachine Gun

One of the first upgrades you'll receive in the game, the Submachine Gun is much faster than the Pistol, but slightly less accurate, particularly with long distance shots. Nevertheless, this weapon is very useful, particularly in early stages when you find yourself being ambushed by many enemies. Enemies are only given a small window of opportunity to fight back, making it easier to escape or defeat them. Some might even argue that the Submachine Gun is the most 'balanced' of the three bullet based weapons available.

Heavy Machine Gun

Heavy Machine Gun

By far the fastest gun using bullets, but also the least accurate. Don't let that put you off though - This bad boy fires so fast that unless you're running low on ammo, you'll want to use it anyway. If an enemy comes under fire with one of these, their only chance of surviving is to hope you lose your focus on them. This is a popular weapon in the game, and one of the most versatile guns the Fur Fighters have at their disposal. If you're playing as The Mighty Flea on Viggo's Revenge, this is your only gun.

Shell Based



The Shotgun is very likely going to be the second weapon you will come across in the game, available from Fur Fighter Village itself. This gun fires a blast of several bullets all at once, but takes a fairly long time between shots. It is very accurate with close range shots, but fairly inaccurate with long range shots, where a Pistol would be better suited. Using it at close range can also cause Bears heads to fall off.

Auto Shotgun

Auto Shotgun

This weapon can fire shells at a much faster speed than the Shotgun, but is also less accurate and slightly less powerful as a result. It's still a powerful weapon when used at close range, and comes in handy when several enemies are clumped together, since this weapon can sometimes overlap and hit more than one foe at a time. However, the bullets are much more spread apart, hence the lower accuracy when fired. Like the regular Shotgun, this gun does the most damage in close range, and also has the ability to blow off Bear heads.

Rocket Based

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a pretty powerful weapon that will also damage nearby enemies as well as the target. However, it takes a while to recharge between shots, and can also damage your Fur Fighter if they happen to be standing too close to the target themselves. This weapon works best at long range, and has a pretty good accuracy. Enemies will often try to run away from this weapon when they see it arriving, since it's not the fastest rocket in the world.

Seeker Launcher

Seeker Launcher

The Seeker Launcher is still fairly slow at recharging and getting a Rocket to its destination, but - it also hones in on the target. However, despite this additional quirk, the power of the weapon is slightly less than the Rocket Launcher. This weapon is perfect for long range attacks, since you can still get hurt from being too close. As a more fun note, a cheat known as the Rocket Camera will allow you to view the Rocket's path from a first person view. Be warned - Nothing stops, so you can still receive damage if enemies are nearby.

Grenade Based

Bomb Launcher

Bomb Launcher

Bomb Launchers are handy little weapons, best suited for long range attacks. They fire one Grenade at a time which will bounce around until it detonates, but be warned - Like the Rocket weapons, you can injure yourself if standing too close when they explode. They cause a lot of damage - Both to enemies and possibly your Fur Fighter. Their power was lowered in Viggo's Revenge by under half, however, so this weapon is best used in the other games only. Also, this is the only weapon capable of defeating Grondas, but only while their mouths are open.
Cluster Bomber

Cluster Bomber

These little beauties have potential to destroy most enemies in just one blast. Unlike the Bomb Launcher, the Cluster Bomber fires three Grenades at once, and, should they all hit, deal massive damage. However, just like the Bomber Launcher, their power was altered dramatically in Viggo's Revenge, so they might not be the best option for players of this version.

Energy Based

Plasma Blaster

Plasma Blaster (Viggo's Revenge)

The Plasma Blaster in Viggo's Revenge is much smaller in appearance, and also had a downgrade in power. This weapon is still pretty handy, acting like a slightly slower pistol but with more power (3x more power in all but Viggo's Revenge, as a matter of fact). As with the Plasma Beamrt, defeating an enemy with the Plasma Blaster will cause their body to be vaporized away into nothing. It's also worth noting that the Plasma Blaster, as well as other Energy based weapons, can will bounce off on reflective surfaces.

Plasma Beamer

Plasma Blaster / Plasma Beamer (Viggo's Revenge)

Confused? The Plasma Blaster model was used as the Plasma Beamer for Viggo's Revenge to accomodate a new weapon upgrade. Since we've covered the Plasma Blaster, the Plasma Beamer fires a constant stream of energy that drains your ammo rapidly. However, despite this, its power is lower than that of the Plasma Blaster. Whilst the weapon is still fairly powerful, many players prefer the Plasma Blaster instead of the Plasma Beamer for these two reasons. On the plus side, it is an incredibly accurate weapon, at both long and short range.


Plasma Beamer / Taser (Viggo's Revenge only)

Again, since we've already covered the Plasma Beamer above, let's get a little insight on the Taser ('Tazer' in some countries) weapon found exclusively in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. Using the Plasma Beamer model from the other games, this weapon is almost identical to the Plasma Beamer, except it fires an additional shot of electricity which also causes additional damage to enemies. When defeated, they do not disappear as they would with the Plasma Blaster or Plasma Beamer, but their body sparks electric waves.

Thermal Based

Freeze Gun

Freeze Gun

Now this is quite the unique gun. Unlike all the other weapons in the game, when an attack hits home with this, no damage will be applied to the target. At all. Instead, it freezes the enemy in place, rendering them unable to move for a short period of time. Should nothing come into contact with them during this time, they will eventually unfreeze, but if anything attacks them - either you or an enemy gun shot by mistake - they will break and automatically be fluffed. The Fur Fighters can also be frozen by a couple of hazards as well (icy water or steam pipes) and the same thing will happen to them, if you're looking to get an idea of how it works. Polar Bears are, however, completely immune to the Freeze Gun (though in earlier versions of the game, their immunity was not present). This weapon is good for both long range and short range attacks, though always remember to shoot with another weapon straight after. A Pistol would be a wise choice if you're quick at switching, since it will help to conserve ammo. And as a random note, shooting the water will create an Ice Cube. Which breaks in a matter of seconds.

Flame Gun

Flame Gun

Unlike the Freeze Gun, the Flame Gun has no particularly interesting traits about it, and blasts out a fireball at the opponent. However, it does have a good range, and can hit enemies standing nearby. This is a pretty powerful weapon, and doesn't take too long to recharge either, making it pretty useful for taking out small hoards of enemies quickly.


Flamethrower (Viggo's Revenge only)

Like the Taser, this weapon is exclusive to Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. It is a much faster version of the Flame Gun, albeit each shot deals less damage than the Flame Gun, whilst also burning up (no pun intended) ammo at a very fast rate. If you need a speedy and powerful weapon, this gun is still a good choice, though if you're low on ammo it is wise to consider another gun or switch to the Flame Gun (depending on your circumstances).

Smart Based

Neutron Gun

Neutron Gun

The most powerful weapon in the entire game by far. This incredible gun will fire out a huge blast of Smart, which will pass straight through nearby enemies and obstacles. They will be marked by a green glow and, after the blast vanishes from view, they will be hit by an intense green coloumn of Smart. This weapon can defeat almost any standard enemy in the game with just one hit. Even bosses such as General Viggo can be taken out with ease after only around 10 hits or so. The catch? You can only store 5 of these at a time (10 in Viggo on Glass) and the weapon takes a very long time to recharge. And to top it all off, finding the weapon and ammo can be a bit of a challenge.


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