VLF Facility

Entry Requirement: 400 Gold Tokens Babies: 10 Items: Lucky Rabbit's Foot, Lucky Elastic Band, Four Leafed Clover

VLF FacilityAh, the VLF Facility. The largest amount of babies in this hubworld reside here. Let's move forward! Take care of the two snooping Brown Bears and turn right. You'll end up in the pipe room. A word of caution here - Shooting the blue pipes causes icy steam to flow out, and touching it turns you to ice. One hit (falling or shooting) fluffs you. The orange pipes allow fire to escape, which causes quick damage the longer you stay there. Your enemies can also be hit by these, so use them to your advantage if you can. They'll eventually disappear on their own.

Anyhow. There's a lot of Bears here, so take them out first, and go all the way right. There's a Chang Telepoint here, so switch. Come out and go all the way to the left now, and enter the gap (there are more Bears here though which might not have come out previously, so be warned). VLF FacilityTake the path with the 2 Gold Tokens you'll see, turn right at the pipe in the middle here and turn around for 2 more Gold Tokens and a Pet Yums Jr. if you need it. Come outta there, take the other path (which was on your right as you first entered this area). Keep following it around and snatch the 3 Gold Tokens on the way, as well as another 2 Gold Tokens just a bit further on. Just before we go down this route, turn around completely and follow the Grenades to find another 3 Gold Tokens (and 2 Foxes). Now go down the route we saw just now (or in other words, go straight forward). Follow the pathway around and take care of some more Bears, and you'll soon come across a pair of Crocodiles. Take them out, and enter the small gap on the right. At the very end are 3 more Gold Tokens, and to your right another small gap. Get under there and rescue Zhang. You can also squeeze inbetween the side to get a Heavy Machine Gun and some ammo if you wish. Now come out of the pipe room, we're done here (for now).

Once you're out, turn right and keep going, ignoring the door blocked by an Armadillo for now. Take out the Bears and touch the switch to open the door as usual. More Bears and Foxes, so take them out. On the far right from where you entered is a Bungalow Telepoint. Switch over and climb the nearby ladder. Up here are 3 switches - Press them in any order you like. VLF FacilityThis will start each satellite dish off. You'll have to leap on each of them (in order, since not even Bungy can leap that far) to reach the other side. They move at different speeds, so don't feel that you need to jump each one immediately - Wait a bit if a jump seems too difficult. On the third one, leap over to the platform next to you to rescue Rolf. After he's been rescued, climb up the ramp for 6 Gold Tokens. Keep going further if you're in need of a Heavy Machine Gun and/or some bullets. Now gently leap down and exit this area. Before we continue, go back to the pipe room - Remember those tokens we missed? Grab all 4 of them by leaping onto the pipes (and maybe some shotgun cakes if you need them too) and exit the pipe room for the last time.

VLF FacilityNow we can finally go through the door with the Armadillo is/was blocking it. There's a Polar Bear literally just inside, so be careful! Once in, turn right at the bottom to hit the switch. The door on your far left will have opened, allowing you access to a window. This puzzle is very similar to what we did back in the VAB Building, only much easier. Using the controls as stated by the accompanying in-game text, align the first 2 windows so that they face each other. The 3rd should be lined up with the target (but it doesn't need to stay there, just one of those blasts need to hit). Once this has been done, the door will open, allowing you to continue. But first, you probably saw something more important - Run up that ramp and turn right to save Humbert, whose area is now open.

Now go through the doorway we just blasted open. Follow the path for 3 Gold Tokens, take care of the Brown Bear and Polar Bear guarding the switch and press said switch to open the door down there. VLF FacilityWhen you get down, be warned - Bears are waiting (not that you can't already hear them by this time, no doubt) and the Foxes can easily spot you. At the side of each of the grey structures here there are 3 Gold Tokens, for a total of 6 down in this area. Collect them and continue through the new doorway. Out here are some more Bears, but before you throw your ammo away, leap over the tree root on your right and you'll find a Bear Disguise nearby. Grab it, it'll make it so much easier to get those Bears. So, onward we go, 4 Gold Tokens on the way. You'll see some more just in front, but before that, turn right and enter the swamp. For now, we can just swim in here, since on the way back we'll have to cross that way. Just keep swimming (...) until you see a large red dome. Turn left for now and locate the Rico Telepoint on the nearby land. Oh, and be warned - There are some Shrimps in this area too.

VLF FacilityOnce they're out of the way, head to the dome first. The entrance is at the front, so go on in and walk onto the tree root. You'll come across a new enemy, known as Grondas. These snappy plants will attack you when you come too close by attempting to chomp your Fur Fighter. Unlike other enemies, these guys do damage based on how long you're in contact with them. You can defeat them only one way - Waiting for one to snap at you and throwing a grenade in their gob. After a few successful hits, they will fall. Avoiding the Grondas, make your way around here and leap onto the upside down table to collect the Four Leafed Clover. Now get back out, we've got tokens and a baby to save. We'll get the tokens out of the way first, so swim under the dome and in the center here there will be a small open cave. Swim into it to obtain the 3 Gold Tokens. There's a Seeker Launcher here if you still need one, as well as some rockets. Once you're done here, swim out and make your way towards the broken shuttle.

VLF FacilityNear the exhaust pipes you'll see two Gold Tokens. Grab them and follow the path inside, and you'll soon need to swim up to go any further. Use the chairs here to hop across, and shoot the window (with any weapon of your choosing).Leap onto the flat tree root, and turn around so that you're facing the ship. You'll see what we're after here. So, leap on the top to save Conchita. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens at the end, as well as the single Gold Token at the other end, and leap down into the water outside the ship, because we're heading back. But first, swim underneath the bobbing rocket and swim down to the bottom part (past the 'K' of 'Quack' imprinted on it). On your right you should be able to see something glowing. Pick up these 2 Gold Tokens, then, as the rocket dips in the water, climb aboard, snagging a Gold Token on it. Before you go back, turn around and grab the single Gold Token on the tree root behind you (in the direction of the dome). Now get back on that bobbing part. In case you're wondering, the only other thing under the water left for you is a Plasma Beamer and some ammo for it, so unless you're in need of those, use this ship part to leap onto the nearby tree root. Grab the Gold Token, and hop to the next, grabbing another Gold Token here. Move a little bit forward and hop to the next and grab this lone Gold Token too. Now just hop across the next two roots (grabbing another Gold Token along the way) and you'll be on dry land once again. But be careful - Fall off and you'll need to get back to that ship part.

VLF FacilityGrab the 3 Gold Tokens just ahead of you and keep going until you find a building. Take care of any enemies as usual, but before you run up those stairs, snag the 3 Gold Tokens in the upper right corner of the swamp. Now go for the stairs, and enter the building, where you're presented with even more stairs. Go up these winding stairs, and at the top is a Duck waiting for you. He explains that you're going to need that launch space. Minigame ahoy!

VLF Facility
Mini Game Alert!
The objective is simple - Beat the bears to the launch space. Despite the bears having no objects in the way, they're still slower than you. Hitting any object in your path will cause a short delay as it gets destroyed, so keep moving forward at all times, unless you really need to stop. The first two buildings have to be destroyed, you can't avoid them. You can avoid the white tanks by going as far right as you can. After that, you'll have to hit a small building, probably two. Move up the ramp and turn left. You should be able to avoid the boats by steering around the first one, and turning right straight after. The third boat can be avoided by going either side. Go up the ramp. Lastly, these upright tanks will cause a massive explosion, and delay you considerably. Still, weave inbetween them and you'll be able to miss them and get there first. If you do lose, just hit the switch in front of you to try again. Objects that you destroyed will also be gone from the field, making it easier than before.
VLF Facility

VLF FacilityThe exit door is now open. With that out of the way, turn around and grab the 3 Gold Tokens at the opposite end of the room. Now go all the way downstairs past the door we came in. You'll see a Roofus Telepoint. Switch, because one of his babies is going to be saved next. Just outside the door is an Armadillo and a Brown Bear. Take them out, and keep going forward. Careful - Another Brown Bear will ambush you as you make your first turn. When you have to turn left, choose to go straight forward instead, and enter the door here to come across 'Duck Brown' (sorry). He'll show his new form of energy that he created. Move behind the floating device, and shoot the yellow/black door open. Needless to say, he won't be happy, and he'll leave. But... You can now collect the Lucky Elastic Band. Two down, one to go!

VLF FacilityFrom behind the device, take the door on your right. After hitting the switch you'll find yourself in a room with two structures, along with a Polar Bear and 2 Brown Bears. Take them out, but don't bother using the nearby Bungalow Telepoint since you can probably hear the reason for being in this room in the first place. Locate the ladder on the nearest structure (to where you came in). Once you've climbed it, grab the 4 Gold Tokens. You can jump from this structure to the next one. From here, leap onto the platform and rescue Jean. Snag the 2 Gold Tokens, and move on. Follow the passage and fall down the hole.

Here, you'll see a Chang Telepoint. Switch, and go forward. Keep going forward and after you run underneath a block, you'll soon see a quick 'warning' cutscene of what you'll be getting through. Like with VAB Building, you need to wait until the thrusters have stopped, and run to the next part. VLF FacilityIf you want to play it safe, run forward after that halt and stop inbetween the two sloped areas (collecting the 2 Gold Tokens as you do so). Do the same again (this time collecting 3 Gold Tokens) and on the final part collect the 2 Gold Tokens and follow them around the corner. Now that you're safe, follow the path and pick up 4 more Gold Tokens... But stop after that 4th Token, because we're at another thruster area. You do have the time to collect all 3 Gold Tokens along the way, so do so by weaving across and, once on the other side, collect 2 more Gold Tokens and move forward again, climbing the ladder to the top. Once up here, it doesn't really matter what way you go - There's a Brown Bear waiting both left and right. You can get away with just taking out one and the other won't notice you (unless you want him to, of course...). You'll find a door just a bit further, so hit the switch. You'll see an upset kitten at first, but turn right a little and you'll spot the Juliette Telepoint. Switch and save Sophie.

VLF FacilityAnother warning cutscene will play, and General Bristol will warn you of what's going to happen. And yes, this shaking screen will likely stay with you until you're safely outta here. And don't you dare think about skipping this part just because there aren't anymore Gold Tokens or babies to save - You need what's at the end if you're trying for 100% completion. So, with 40 seconds ticking down, turn to the red wall (the direction you came in) and locate the claw marks at the far right hand side. Climb climb climb! When you see the next platform, you'll need to climb right a little, then continue climbing up. Either leap off left or climb a little left and leap onto this new platform, and continue running around this platform. You'll see more claw marks at this side of the platform leading up again. Once you've climbed this, you'll see a couple of Brown Bears, but honestly, unless you've got a reason to, skip them and run through the door, turn right and run (or leap) into the emergency slide basket, where a cutscene will show Juliette reaching safety. After you get down here, a kind Duck will give Juliette a Lucky Rabbit's Foot.

VLF FacilityNow we're nearly done. Go forward, hit the switch, go through the door and collect the 3 Gold Tokens along the way. Climb the ladder (from the opposite side) and locate the passageway out. Follow it, grab the 3 Gold Tokens here, and after a while, you'll end up back in the room with the failed energy device. Take the right door, hit the switch and turn left at the junction point. You'll find yourself back in the room with the Roofus Telepoint. Yep, we need to switch again. Now we're going back into the building, but instead of moving straight ahead, we're going all the way left at the junction point. After the door has opened at the end of this path, you'll be in a large room with many different computers. At one end of the room is a large glass cabinet. Approach it, and you'll be told what to do - Hit the 10 buttons in the opposite order (or in other words, a countdown) in 2 minutes. There are two floors, and the buttons appear in the same location each time. For the people who just can't be bothered, here is a map and the order:

VLF Facility

VLF FacilityAfter that, the door will open and you can finally save Moira. Now we need to backtrack, since the Dreamcast version of the game lacks a Bungalow Telepoint where we need it. Go back through the door on the left side (if you were looking at Moira's cabinet) and keep going. When you get to the junction, move left, hit the switches to open doors as you go along, go through the door and from the failed experiment room go straight forward. You'll be back in Jean's room. Turn left to find a Bungalow Telepoint in the corner. Now go back through the door we just came through, hit switches to open doors yadda yadda, move straight forward, at the junction turn right, keep going forward through Moira's room and enter the door on the opposite side and we're now back on track.

VLF Facility Here, turn right and hop on board the bus. These three lads won't go anywhere without their lucky items, so walk over to them and hand over all three of their charms. The bus will finally move, and the gate will open too. There's a Brown Bear waiting at your stop, so get off the bus and take care of him. A Peacock might also hear you're impending presence and decide to join in. So take care of him too. Before we do anything else, head back through the gate we just passed and snag the 3 Gold Tokens that were hidden underneath the bus. Now go back, hop on the bus and, from here, leap onto the square bus sign. Needless to say, turn around and leap onto the bus roof to save Ailsa.

VLF Facility Now turn around as though you were leaving again, but turn right and walk up the slope. Follow the path around and head straight for the Chang Telepoint so that you can switch. You no doubt saw that path nearby on your right on the lead up there, so go through this area with the red railing, following it down and collecting the 2 Gold Tokens along the way. Down here, approach the Scientist Duck and he'll tell you that you need to fuel your shuttle to save the little baby. Minigame time!

VLF Facility
Mini Game Alert!
This is so simple that I won't even need to write much for it. Just tap A as much as you can. Literally. You'll have to do it fast, though - This one isn't quite as generous as a lot of these games, and you really will have to tap fast. It shouldn't be too difficult though.
VLF Facility

VLF FacilityAfter this, you'll be able to rescue Xian. You could also rescue him another way, but this is meant to be a proper walkthrough that doesn't use exploits, so... Anyway, with that done, walk back up the railing and turn right. You'll see the Chang Telepoint and another path next to it, so take that and, assuming you're following this guide completely, grab the 4 Gold Tokens along the way. Before going left, switch to Roofus whose Telepoint is right in front of you. Now go through. Hit the switch to open the elevator, and hit the switch inside. Once the elevator has stopped, go out the door and follow the path around to find Gail. After saving her, carry on through the exit.

And now... To space! Or Space Station Meer to be precise.

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:28 PHM
01:56 PHL
01:29 MAT
Baby Location
Zhang At the end of the pipe room maze
Rolf Railing near the satellite dishes
Humbert Small glass case in the plasma room
Conchita On top of the shuttle in the swamp
Sophie First floor where the escape pod is
Jean On a platform near some yellow structures
Moira In a glass cabinet in the launch control room
Ailsa On the bus station roof
Xian On the pressure valve
Gail Behind the Exit door
Tokens Location
15 Pipe maze
6 Rolf's railing
4 On top of pipe maze
3 Railing in mirror room
3 Behind yellow structure in mirror room
3 Behind other yellow structure
4 Route to swamp
3 Cave underneath the swamp dome
2 Shuttle exhaust pipe
2 Top of shuttle in swamp
1 Top of shuttle in swamp (back)
2 Behind tree underwater in swamp
1 Bobbing rocket part
1 Tree root behind bobbing part
4 Tree roots leading back to land
3 Swamp to next area
3 Corner of swamp (near stairs)
3 Opposite end of Shuttle Race room
4 Yellow structure in Jean's room
2 Next to Jean
7 Thruster area
4 Inbetween thruster areas
3 Thruster area part 2
2 End of thruster area part 2
3 Safety shaft end route
3 Route to energy room
3 Under the bus
2 Railing leading to Xian
4 Path leading to exit elevator

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