Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

In 2001, Bizarre Creations released an update version of Fur Fighters. Since Sony wanted something that looked technically more advanced than the Dreamcast version, cel-shading was added. Despite the game's title, it was a remake of the original game, featuring many new additions such as the Flea levels and the new playable character, The Mighty Flea (who was originally a scrapped enemy from the first game), a new level known as Furry Forest, voices, cell-shaded graphics and much more. Here is a list of most changes:

  • Now includes a full voice cast (scroll down!)
  • A new level, Furry Forest, has been added
  • New cell-shaded graphics
  • Includes new Flea Mini Games
  • Close Attack Upgrades have been added
  • More glitches have been fixed
  • Victory Dances are now played
  • Some Gold Tokens and Babies have been moved around
  • Some Babies have been renamed
  • There are more hidden easter eggs
  • There are a few new enemies, such as Cows and Panda Bears
  • A new playable character is introduced - The Mighty Flea
  • Certain parts of some levels have been redesigned, such as the God of Processing
  • A couple of additional cutscenes have been added
  • New cheats have been added
  • When a baby is rescued or a Victory Dance is shown, a new fanfare is played which changes slightly depending on the Fur Fighter
  • Boss Fights now have their own individual themes now
  • Some sound effects were changed
  • Enemies bodies sometimes don't fade away instantly
  • Additional Weapons have been added
  • Some weapon powers have been altered

  • Voice Cast

  • General Bristol - Jonathan Booth
  • General Viggo - Tim Wallers
  • Sergeant Sternhauser - Jay Simon
  • Roofus the Hound - Scott McMurrey
  • Juliette the Cat - Corinne Kempa
  • Chang/Tweek the Dragon - Daniel York
  • Rico the Penguin - Alan Turner
  • Bungalow the Kangaroo - Guy Taylor
  • Gwynth/Juanita/Esmeralda/Winnie/Mai - Sherryl Sheets
  • Bears/Ducks/Meerkats - Rob Williams
  • Bears/Ticks - Nelson Everhart
  • The Mighty Flea/Cows/Nits/Peacocks - Mike Pummell
  • Claude The Cat - John St. John
  • Mice/Lobsters/Chameleons - Lani Minella
  • 31st Century Fox/Beavers - Kai Vilhelmsen

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