VAB Building

Entry Requirement: 350 Gold Tokens Babies: 5 Items: Toast, Unformatted Floppy Disk, Formatted Floppy Disk New Weapons: Plasma Beamer

VAB BuildingAhahaha. I always get lost in this level. So I'll be extra careful when writing this thing so you don't follow in my footsteps. Right. See that computer monitor to your right? We'll be getting all those buttons to light up by the end of this. But be careful - The Dreamcast version is particularly unforgiving, and getting fluffed without saving in a Telepoint might mean you need to repeat certain steps for the rocket. Anyway, let's start. Move straight forward, and when you see a hoard of Bears, take care of them and turn left. Enter the elevator, tap the switch, and when the door opens, run around this floor to receive a whopping 16 Gold Tokens. On your way around, you will see a Duck. Approach him, and he'll inform you that some idiot has left a small child in one of their aircrafts.

VAB Building
Mini Game Alert!
The idea here is to land the aircraft, but without touching anything except the runway. There are many ways to do this, but I recommend turning left around the building (avoid the clouds/other obstacles) and on the other side, take a sharp turn right, lowering the speed only slightly. Position yourself onto the runway as best as you can (it doesn't have to be a perfect straight line, by the way) and lower your landing gears. Slow the engine down, but remember not to push too hard on that button, else you'll land too quickly and have to start again. Once you've landed, hopefully you'll stop to a grinding halt before you reach the grass (or you'll need to start again, I'm afraid).
VAB Building

VAB BuildingPHASE 1 COMPLETE! With that done, get back in the lift and hit the switch. Turn left as you exit (back downstairs) and proceed through the automatic doors. There will be Foxes waiting outside, so take of them and some more Bears too. Turn left, and you'll see 3 large rockets. Get to the farthest one away from you, and climb the ladder around it. At the top you'll find a Tweek Telepoint, so switch and glide over the three rockets. You'll soon see that aircraft you landed with its doors open. Glide in, and climb the ladder inside to rescue Tweek. Now get out, glide back down and take the other doorway just opposite.

General Bristol will soon appear, so feel free to talk to him to get an idea of what we'll be doing in this level. After that, turn right from the door we came through, enter the door here and follow the hallway. VAB BuildingAt the end you'll come across an entrance to your left, with a Bungalow Telepoint at the right. Avoiding Bears, turn left and in this new room take a right into the next room (more Blue Bears are here, by the way). Locate the Chang Telepoint in here, underneath the ramp. Switch, and then head up that ramp and, before you go through to the next room ahead at the top, turn left to collect 6 Gold Tokens. Go back and enter the next room now, and but before collecting the 6 Gold Tokens ahead of you, turn left and rescue Amy at the end of this path. When you turn back, you'll see another entrance leading to a different room. After getting the tokens we skipped to rescue Amy, enter this new area and leap onto the object in the center. Jump down here to get 4 more Gold Tokens and your very first Freeze Gun. Ironically, there are 2 Polar Bears down here, so don't expect to use it on the first enemy you see!Now, climb back up via the ladder and get down to floor level. There's nothing else in this room, so locate the open path and continue forward. You'll be back outside with the Bungalow Telepoint.Switch and proceed through the door ahead.

VAB BuildingIn here, you'll see what looks like a nice, straightforward run. Of course it isn't. In every gap there's a giant fan to your left. When it switches on, you'll be blown back towards a target at the far right. When that happens, you're immediately Fluffed. Luckily, this also counts for the Bears, who often find themselves waltzing straight into the center. The fans aren't too tricky - Just pay attention to their simple pattern, and leap past each one. If you get caught, just desperately try to push forward - Depending on how much time elapsed, you should be able to get back on board. Needless to say, they get more difficult to avoid as you get nearer. Before you actually move past them, check down the first tunnel to see 2 Gold Tokens. Carefully snag them and get back on track. Ignore the path after you pass the first door (but feel free to take care of the 2 Brown Bears guarding the elevator there), and pick up the 10 Gold Tokens along the way. At the end, Joey is waiting to be rescued. Pick up the 2 Gold Tokens in the corners. Now that he's safely out of harms way, carefully make your way back to the elevator that we skipped, which is on your right now. Grab the 5 Gold Tokens on the way, enter the elevator, hit the switch. Once you're up there follow the new pathway, taking care of some unwanted visitors along the way and picking up the 3 Gold Tokens on the path. Once you enter a room with a large yellow structure, locate the Duck in a room nearby. After talking to the Duck, hop on to the nearby switch and you'll soon be in control of the buggy.

VAB Building
Mini Game Alert!
This is a fairly simple game. You control the buggy much like you would your Fur Fighter, except you can't move sideways (of course). If you head into the decontamination area, you'll be told it's closed. Great. But before we leave, GRAB THE 3 GOLD TOKENS BEHIND THIS AREA. Should you miss them and save after completing this game, you will never be able to get them again on this save file (unless you hack the game, obviously). Anyway, turn right and you'll see a grating. Roll over it, and follow the tunnel out to the swamp. For now, feel free to take a dip and follow the linear path into another grating (which breaks off much like the other one). Go through to find yourself in a basketball arena. Turn right to enter the showers. Don't just enter the water - That won't clean you. What you need to do is push that giant pink bar of soap into the water, and then dive in. You'll come out sparkling clean, so exit out of here and back to the swamp. The difference this time? You'll need to climb over the rockets to get back. Fall into the water and you'll be dirty again, so you'll have to dip in the clean shower waters again. Make your way back to the room with the decontamination buggy, drive up the ramp and follow it around. So long as you're clean, the doctor will allow it to enter.
VAB Building

VAB BuildingThat was fun, right? I hope you got those 3 Gold Tokens while you were in there... Well, now that we're finished with the buggy, tap the button in the room's control panel (not the stick - turn around as if you were heading out if you can't see it) to initiate another cutscene. Exit back to the yellow structure room. Now jump down onto the floor and locate the Juliette Telepoint. Switch, and locate the ladder in the center here, on the structure surrounding you. After climbing it, you'll find another ladder just ahead on either side. Take the left one, it's quicker. Once you're up, turn right to find some some claw marks around the side of the pole next to you. Climb up, follow the claw marks left and climb onto the narrowplatform. To your left are more claw marks to climb. More climbing, and just like before, use them to climb across and onto the narrow platform. This time, the final claw marks will be on your right. Use them to climb all the way up and across to the top. Position yourself so that you're facing the way you just climbed up, and turn right to see the next set of claw marks. Jump over the small fence and onto them, climb all the way to the top (don't climb left!), hit the button at the top and watch this clip. Now look to your right. There's a Tweek Telepoint nearby, so jump over and switch. Get to the other end of this platform and hit the next button, which will initiate another clip. Now glide down to the platform where the buggy room is, and smash the switch on the large computer just left of that room. Another cutscene will begin. Once it's finished, move backwards and enter the pathway on your left.

VAB BuildingYou'll now be back in the starting room. Take care of the Polar Bears first, there's 3 of them waiting for you. Ignore the computer for now and keep going straight forward, and glide back down to the floor. Head forward some more (left if you were just entering this room) and enter the door here. At the end you'll see a switch. There aren't any Bears camping out here, so push it to open the door whenever you're ready. A Peacock on your right will start to fire at you, so either take care of it or immediately turn left and go up the winding stairs. Take a super brief right to collect a single Gold Token there, then take care of the Polar Bears nearby and grab the two Gold Tokens in the corner.

VAB BuildingPress the left button on the control panel to start another cutscene. Darn, only one rocket got picked up. No worries, move right and shoot the rocket. Right where it has the huge sign 'TARGET ROCKETS' to unveil a switch, and shoot that as well (not that you needed telling). Watch the cutscene, and press the button to activate the final cutscene for the rockets. Before we do anything else, glide down to the bottom (avoid/teach the enemies a lesson) and snag the 2 Golden Tokens under the stairway leading up there. Now exit this area by going straight forward from where you got those Tokens. Yes, we're heading back. Press the button yada yada and go straight through, heading up the winding stairway. Now you can press the big button. In fact, press it twice just to make sure it's done. PHASE 2 COMPLETE!

VAB BuildingFrom the computer keyboard, glide down left and go through the door. Yes, we're going back here again. This time, take a right and go down the pathway and enter the locked door (via another switch right next to it). Careful - There's a couple of Brown Bears waiting for you, one on each side. Once that's done, turn left and you'll see a ladder. Make your way over, but just before you climb it, grab the 5 Golden Tokens to your right (and be careful of the Armadillo). Continue around to find a button - Hit it and wait for the cutscene to finish. PHASE 3 COMPLETE! Now actually climb the ladder we just saw. Once up, turn right and glide to the large platform in the center.To your left is an open entrance - Go towards it, but be careful of the Peacock guarding this area. Take care of it, and glide in. As you follow this pathway, you'll notice some Polar Bears that need taking care of. At the end is an elevator, so get in, hit the inside switch and off we go!

VAB BuildingYou'll now be in a kitchen. Attempting to enter the room guarded by a Security Bird from New Quack City will result in failure. First, we need to get some Toast. Push the large metallic door on the opposite side (of where you entered) all the way back. Careful - There are several enemies waiting for you here. Ignore the toilet door for now, and keep moving on after they've been taken care of. Sergeant Sternhauser is here with one of his minigames, so go for it! Complete it for 4 Gold Tokens and a couple of Flame Guns. From standing in front of Sternhauser turn right, and proceed through the 'Authorized Ducks Only' door. Before we begin this puzzle, go straight forward and through the doorway, defeat the Brown Bear and find 5 Gold Tokens at the back. Now go out, and continue forward straight past the giant laser to obtain the Plasma Beamer. Some people prefer it to the Blaster, some people don't, that's up for you to decide.

This is a very tricky puzzle to explain exactly how to do in words (or even video footage for some). What you need to do is align the cabinets so that the light bounces off them to the next. VAB BuildingYou'll also have to bounce them into the toilets and all the way into the room with the toaster, so you can toast toast (sorry, couldn't resist). The good news is, it only takes a brief hit on the toaster to actually work. There are multiple ways to do this, but here is the way I line them up: The light hits the first 3 cabinets into the toilets. The toilet door is pushed all the way out so that the light does not hit it. The toilet door at the very end is pushed all the way out, so that the light then moves out the other end. That door is pushed mostly back so that it pushes it into the toaster room, and the door to the toaster room then slowly gets moved open from outside... Yeah, I'll see if I can get an illustration to get that done, but in the meantime, check the image to the left for an example of where the lasers should hit from the toilets. Either way, grab the Toast that pops out and place it onto the dining tray. Push it all the way down and the Bird will let you through. If only Dr. Wak Wak knew his breakfast was never coming...

In this new room, there's a Juliette Telepoint. If you've been following this guide, you're probably itching to change, so do it now! After that, don't take the door to your right - We're not going there just yet. Go to the open area on your left, but don't be too hasty. If you turn left again slightly you'll be able to see some serious firepower burning away. Can't see it just yet? Just wait for it. As soon as it turns off, run down the pathway and turn right at the end. It's okay, you can go forward a bit more. VAB BuildingGo down the end and turn left slightly, you'll be right next to another one. Again, wait until those flames die down and run up the path, turning right. Like last time, you can run down here until you get to the end, where there's a final firepower waiting. Once it's off, run down and turn right. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens down here and climb the claw marks at the end. You might have to move over to the right a bit, as these marks collide with the platform you'll be getting on. You can keep climbing if you'd like, but there's nothing at the top (although the claw marks strangely get bigger). After moving across this platform there's some more exhaust pipes pumping out fire again. Do the exact same thing again, only this time, when you reach the 3rd one, you'll see the gap where our target is. Wait for it to cool down and then save Pascal. Now you can make your way back (or, you can step into the exhaust fumes and fluff yourself). Now back down here, take that other pathway that we skipped last time.

More Bears here, so be careful. Hit the switch at the end, and you'll be in a room filled with computers. Move straight forward and turn left, defeating any enemies you come across. Grab the 3 Gold Tokens at the bottom of the ramp, and head on up there. Follow the metal path, grab 2 more Gold Tokens, take care of the Polar Bear, hit the switch and move on through the door. There's 2 Polar Bears in an alcove on your left as you move forward. Defeat them if you wish and also if you wish you can switch to Roofus via the Telepoint (though not needed).VAB Building Keep moving forward and you'll come out the opposite side of the firepower room. Defeat the Peacocks at the end, hit the switch and keep going. Turn left in this room and walk up the stairs. Enter the rocket to retreive Unformatted Floppy Disk from the drive. Now let's get back to that computer room. Insert the disk into the drive attached to the computer on the left (from when you come down the ramp) and the computer will have an error. A battery will explode. Time to send in Chang! But first, take care of the Foxes around here, and grab an additional 3 Gold Tokens in one corner and 3 around the computers themselves. Now head up the ramp again, and follow the path all the way around until you come across a set of computers with a Chang Telepoint on your left. Switch, and go towards the railing which sticks out a bit in front. Leap over, and make your way to that raised square area in the center. Move around it, and you'll see where Chang is able to get in.

VAB Building Most of this computer is a straight path. Collect the 3 Gold Tokens on the way, and you'll come across a larger room where you can safely descend via some chips sticking out. Turn left and the bottom and keep going forward for 6 more Gold Tokens, and a Crocodile on the way. Soon, you'll find the source of the problem. Move to the side sticking out, and push it to the other side. This in turn will cause the computer to reboot, and, when you approach it, spit out the Formatted Floppy Disk. You can go further ahead and the pathway will split with a Crocodile on each path, but... There's nothing else there besides a couple of rats. Really. So get outta there by going back the way you came (and since we can't take the quicker path implemented in future games - Once you're at the top, try to leap onto the rail of the ramp, and hope it pushes you off for minimum damage during the drop), nab that disk and run back up the ramp because we're going back to the ship.

VAB Building On the way, it might be a good idea to switch to Roofus (whose Telepoint is in a little alcove on the left). Once you've taken the same route (through the entrance, turn left and up the stairs) and made it back to the ship, walk towards the disk drive and you'll have placed it in. Exit the rocket and, after going down the stairs, leap onto the launch pad and use the belts to get down with minimal (or even no) damage. Locate the door out of this room and you'll find yourself back in the rocket room from earlier. Keep going straight to go back into the starting room, and go up the ramp for a final time. Hit the switch, and wait for the cutscene to finish. PHASE 4 COMPLETE!

VAB Building We're practically finished. Run all the way back to the final room (just keep going straight once you reach the rocket room) and go to the front of the area, where the Exit is. The door to the control panel has finally opened, so go in and rescue Bonnie. Get out, turn left a bit and hit the switch at the opposite end of the Roofus Telepoint and the Exit will finally open.

Now we're getting somewhere. Head to the VLF Facility next, where we'll be getting ourselves ready for a cosmic adventure.

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:28 STU
02:04 PHM
01:37 PHL
Baby Location
Hweek In the aircraft you land
Amy On a ramp in a room near the fan room
Joey At the end of the fan room
Pascal Behind the exhaust burners
Bonnie In the control panel (complete all spaceship tasks)
Tokens Location
16 Duck Minigame room
6 Ramp room w/Chang's Telepoint
6 Amy's room
4 Inside area w/ Freeze Gun
2 Inside 1st fan tunnel
5 Leading to elevator in fan room
10 Leading to Joey
2 Corners of Joey's room
3 Pathway to satellite room
3 Behind decontaminator machine in buggy minigame
2 Under stairs in rocket room
1 Top of stairs in rocket room (small corner)
2 Top of stairs in rocket room
5 Room with large ladder
4 Complete Sternhauser's minigame
5 Laser viewing room
4 At the end of the rocket booster room
3 Bottom of computer room ramp
2 On the metal ramp
3 Corner of computer room
3 Around computer room
3 Inside computer
6 Further inside computer

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