One of the most common questions I get asked regarding this game as of late is 'Do you have any speedrunning tips?'.

Now, personally, I'm not all that fond of speedrunning, if only because I get easily distracted in this game. That said, I do have a few tips that might help people out.

Please also consider helping others with your own tips! Contact me here, and I'll be sure to add them (with credit to you, unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Basic Tips

  • Emulators run the game faster than a real console.
  • It is quicker to complete the Dreamcast or PC versions 100% than it is to complete Viggo's Revenge 100%. Although Viggo's Revenge has many improved shortcuts, it has additional babies to save and an entire extra level (more if you include the Mighty Flea levels).
  • Dreamcast runners - Check that the version you're speedrunning has the final token in Space Station Meer before you run through it, else no 100% completion for you.
  • PC runners - Check that you can rescue Pierre in the World Quack Centre. This will also determine whether or not you can open the doors fast enough to get a good time.

  • Level Tips


  • You can skip Tweek's training session entirely by leaping from Sgt. Sternhauser's alcove to Chang's Telepoint.

  • World Quack Centre

  • It is possible to skip the cutscene with Wombat and the Polar Bear in Viggo's Revenge. Leap up the stairs as Bungalow and avoid the specific area that triggers it. The helicopter can still land, though caution must be taken.
  • On the Dreamcast version, it is possible to cancel out the bird's speech on your way to the offices by pushing the statue and moving into the room at the same time.

  • Furry Forest

  • You don't need the second engine part. Just leap to Kitty from the alcove just before hers.

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