Space Station Meer

Entry Requirement: 450 Gold Tokens Babies: 4 Items: Oxygen Bottle x 4

Space Station MeerWelcome to one of the most frustrating levels in the whole game! Why? Because of one. Single. Mini game. You can't rescue any babies until it's done, either. Also, word of advice (or caution) - since we're in space now, our leaps are higher and much slower. Descent is equally slow. Now let's start, by running forward and picking up the single Gold Token here. Don't worry about the kangaroo in front, we won't be getting to him until a lot later. Turn left and go through the two doors (which will open automatically as you move towards them). You'll find yourself in a rotating room. Take the left door, and continue moving forward until you reach a room with a Meerkat and a Chang Telepoint. I'd recommending switching if you're Roofus. The Meerkat will explain that he left the Gyroscopic co-ordinates on his desk back in Cape Canardo and, as such, needs the baby and Bears in the room next to him to balance the station. We'll come back to him later, so for now, move through the other door in the room. There are two Brown Bears here, so take them both out and grab the 2 Gold Tokens at the side of the door. Another two Brown Bears will enter through the door in front. Take them out too (grab the Pet Yums if you need to beforehand), and proceed. Snag the 2 Gold Tokens here, and enter the room on your left. There's a Roofus Telepoint here, so switch. You'll want this to save here. Speak to the Meerkat next to the red vault, and he'll tell you how boring it is around here. Follow him. When you attempt to enter, the door is slammed shut and a warning signal occurs, along with a generous timer. Just run back to that red vault you saw. Once it opens, run inside.

Space Station Meer
Mini Game Alert!
This is it. The game which, for some people, makes this level incredibly difficult. For others, this is no problem. Your aim is to destroy all the asteroids that approach. All of them. One mistake, and it's back to the last Telepoint you used (or back to the beginning of the level, but hopefully you've switched nearby). Hold down the button for continuous fire if it helps, and remember - None of these shots are instantaneous. Always aim just in front of the asteroids. Oh, and to make matters more difficult, the teal asteroids, once hit, become two smaller ones.
Space Station Meer

Space Station MeerDone it? Nice work. The rest of this level is relatively easy, you'll be glad to hear. Now that the doors have been opened again, head through that door. There are 3 Gold Tokens here (two at the side of the door you enter, and one on the left). Take the right door first, and grab the 4 Gold Tokens in this room. Now exit it, and proceed forward through the only door you haven't been through yet, take out a Brown Bear from the right and snatch another 2 Gold Tokens before turning left to enter the next room. There may or may not be Blue Bears here, so be warned. Take the only other door in this room (on the right), and be careful of the Brown Bear just outside.

This first dome has a baby, but we can't rescue him just yet. Before you go anywhere, grab the 2 Gold Tokens next to the door entrance. Now, drop down and be careful - There's a Chameleon and a Crocodile waiting on the ground. Get rid of them, then snag the 10 Gold Tokens on the floor. Now climb up the ladder at the side and move along the path. Enter the large yellow door on the other side. Grab the single Gold Token on the path, and drop down to the floor. Space Station MeerThere are three Crocodiles down here, and 2 Grondas. You don't have to take the Grondas out if you don't want to, but if you do, remember that they require Grenades when their mouths are open. Snag the 10 Gold Tokens on the ground. You can switch to either Tweek or Bungalow (who can leap straight onto the platform without needing to climb the ladder) if you'd like, but be warned - We'll be needing Roofus soon. Either way, climb the ladder and follow the path to the next dome and, like last time, snag the single Gold Token on this pathway. Drop down, and take out the Chameleon and two Crocodiles (which may wind up being three, since one of them is guarding the dome exit on the other side). Grab the 8 Gold Tokens on the floor in here. Also, in front of one of the center trees is an Blue Oxygen Bottle. Pick it up, and proceed up the ladder and across the path to the other door.

Space Station MeerPick up the lone Gold Token to your left in this room, and hit the button. The Hydroponic Domes will now open, and the Gherkin in the room will grow big. Now, hopefully you still have Roofus. If not, no worries, you'll just need to do a bit more backtracking. Alternatively, you can leave this until later (I'll give you a reminder when). Return to the first Dome room and leap onto the large Gherkin. You can now get up to the ledge to rescue Oliver, and grab 2 more Gold Tokens. If you haven't got Roofy, follow the path allll the way back until you find his Telepoint. Now you need to go all the way back to the room we were just in (where we opened the Hydroponic Domes in the first place), so just follow the path straight. On the way back there though, switch to Bungalow, whose Telepoint is in the rain Dome.

Space Station MeerBack in this room (you should still switch to Bungalow as per the last paragraph), take the right door and grab the single Gold Token in here. You'll hear Bears - There are three Brown Bears behind the door, one of which will ambush you. Once they've been taken care of, grab the 2 Gold Tokens at the side of the door you just entered, and another 2 Gold Tokens at the side of the door on the opposite side. Now with the extra jump, you can leap onto the top of these computers. On one of them (the lowest one), there's another Oxygen Bottle, a yellow one. Don't bother switching, we're gonna be needing Bungalow. Proceed through the other door. Take the left door from here.

Space Station MeerIn here, grab the 2 Gold Tokens at either end of the room (hidden behind the computers), and push the button. On this screen, you'll see a huge map. When the blue box turns red, it means you can hit fire to zoom in. You can look around if you want, there are some neat little things in here (including a preview of a baby that we'll be saving soon). When you've located the Gyro Co-ordinates (towards the south-west) you can safely hit jump to exit, and they'll magically appear next to one of the computers. Pick up the Print Out, and exit this room, going straight ahead through the next door.

In the reactor room, you'll see a whole load of buttons. But first, pick up the 8 Gold Tokens and, before you press any buttons, fall down to the buttom (you'll lose some HP this way, but hey - If you wanna climb down the ladder at the opposite side, be my guest. I'm impatient). Space Station MeerDown here, there are 2 more Gold Tokens and another Oxygen Bottle, the green one. Climb up the ladder. Now we can press some buttons! The reactor needs to be set at just the right level. There's no easy way to describe it, but press a button. If you receive a message about it being too hot/cold, press another button (and quick). Eventually, the reactor will be 'just right'. Move through the door that's now open. In this new room, take out the Polar Bear and grab the 2 Gold Tokens near your door, and the other Gold Token on the right hand side. You'll see a tube nearby with 4 Gold Tokens in it. Go through it, but be warned - There are two Armadillo waiting on the other side. Get rid of them and snag the single Gold Token on the left side, before entering the door.

Space Station MeerPlease note: Different revisions of this game treat this area differently, Gold token-wise. Some games are missing a Token, so be warned! Grab the 2 Gold Tokens outside the door as you enter, and take out the Brown Bear who no doubt has spotted you by now. Leave the Beetle Shield for now. There are 3 more Gold Tokens on the other side, along with a single Gold Token behind a computer on the right (from where you entered). There's also another Brown Bear, so take care of him, then locate the lever. Jump on it, and a computer will come out to fix the problem. Leap on the computer's head, and leap onto the computers above. Grab the 6 Gold Tokens on here, and at the very end, snag the final Oxygen Bottle, the orange one. Now snatch that Beetle Shield, and head through the other door.

Space Station MeerGrab the 2 Gold Tokens just outside the door you just entered through, and proceed forward to snag the single Gold Token in the upper left area. ALIEN ATTACK! Oh no, wait, nevermind.

31st Century Fox
Mini Boss Alert!
How frustrating. These darn copyrights, 'ey? I'll warn you in advance: This guy has a whole lotta HP. Click here for a full guide on how to defeat this miniboss.
31st Century Fox

Space Station MeerWith him out of the way, go forward through the door and turn right to snag the 2 Gold Tokens here. There's a Polar Bear just opposite though, so be careful. You're going his way anyway though, so take care of him and snag the lone Gold Token in this room too. Turn right through the other door, and take care of the four (!) Polar Bears here. Snag the 2 Gold Tokens placed beside the door you entered from, and continue forward through to an area which looks similar to another. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens at the side, and keep going. We're back at the revolving doorway. You'll have to turn right, then head all the way down to the end and take the final entrance on your right. You'll be back near the beginning, and that's okay - Show the Meerkat your Print Out, and he'll let you in. Take out the four (or two, it varies) Brown Bears and rescue Josie. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens at the side, and head back out to the revolving doorway. If you decided against saving him, now would be a good time to rescue Roofus' son Oliver before you go back to the revolving room though.

Space Station MeerMove left, and enter the second room on your right. If you've done that correctly, you'll be in front of a door with a red bracket around it (much like in the reactor room). You'll see a panel on your right. Move over to it, and you'll add an Oxygen Bottle to it. Do it another three times so that they're all in. The brackets will turn green, and you can enter. If you're using Roofus, don't worry - There's a Bungalow Telepoint for you to us. So save Kylie and grab the 2 Gold Tokens! But don't enter the next room. Instead, go back through the game (the Dreamcast version really does have a major lack of Telepoints in the right place) and locate Roofus' Telepoint. Switch, and move through that area to set off a minigame which you're hopefully familiar with.

Space Station Meer
Mini Game Alert!
If you've already completed the mini game in the VAB Building, you'll have no trouble doing this. It runs exactly the same, just with a different background. For those who can't remember, this is what you do: You need to land the aircraft, but without touching anything except the runway. There are many ways to do this, but I recommend turning left around the building (avoid the clouds/other obstacles) and on the other side, take a sharp turn right, lowering the speed only slightly. Position yourself onto the runway as best as you can (it doesn't have to be a perfect straight line, by the way) and lower your landing gears. Slow the engine down, but remember not to push too hard on that button, else you'll land too quickly and have to start again. Once you've landed, hopefully you'll stop to a grinding halt before you reach the grass (or you'll need to start again, I'm afraid).
Space Station Meer

Space Station MeerFinally! Run forward to save Edward. Taking the other path will just lead you straight back to the start of the level, and, if you've been following this guide, you don't need to go back. So unless you missed something, you can finally walk through that Exit right ahead of you to finally complete this level.

We're almost done with this hubworld. Next, we'll be Saving Claude.

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:18 PHL
01:30 MAT
01:10 ALN
Baby Location
Oliver On a ledge in the Sun Dome
Josie In a room requiring the Print Out
Kylie Behind Oxygen Bottle door
Edward Back on Earth
Tokens Location
1 First room
2 Room past Co-ordinate Meerkat room
2 Next room from that
3 Room past Asteroid minigame room
4 Room on the right from that
2 Route to Sun Dome
2 Behind entrance door to Sun Dome
10 Sun Dome floor
1 Rain Dome path
10 Rain Dome floor
1 Snow Dome path
8 Snow Dome floor
1 Hydroponic Panel control room
2 Sun Dome ledge
1 Room before first computer room
2 First computer room
2 First computer room (opposite side)
2 Telescope room (behind computers)
8 Reactor room top floor
2 Reactor room bottom floor
3 Room past the Reactor room
4 Tube
4 Room past tube
6 Computer room floor
6 Computer room computers (see guide)
3 31st Century Fox room
7 Route from Fox room back to revolving doorway
2 Co-ordinate room
2 Leading to escape shuttle

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