Quackenheim Museum

Entry Requirement: 120 Gold Tokens Babies: 9 Items: Coat Stub, Exhibition Key MiniBoss: Statue ...Uniqueness In Time
Quackenheim MuseumIt's really easy to get lost here, so be careful. Start out by running forward, grabbing the 2 Gold Tokens behind the counter and the 3 Tokens hidden inside the plants to the right (opposite the Gift Shop). Now head off into the main room. Take note of that large yellow statue - You'll be fighting it later. Take care of the Bears here, grab the 3 Gold Tokens inside the other plants in here, proceed, into the Pop Art section of the museum. For now, ignore the ten pins, and move right of them, down a pathway which eventually leads to an Anatat Tatanatat themed area (or, for those unaware of what that is - An ancient temple themed area).

Quackenheim MuseumYou'll see a large model, and coming closer to it, you'll be presented with a cutscene showing a joey behind the hazards in the model. Go to the left of this structure, and you'll see another temple-structure a little further on. Behind it is a Bungalow Telepoint, so take care of the Bears and switch. Return to that blade-infested temple and leap over the blades, grabbing the 6 Gold Tokens while you're at it. When you see a darker area on the floor, leap over it - It's a trap door. Leap up to save Melinda, then get outta there. Near that second model (where Bungy's Telepoint was) is a path to Dog Art - Go forward here, and grab the 5 Gold Tokens. You'll soon be back out at the main hallway of the museum.

Quackenheim MuseumThis time, take the slope up, defeat any Bears and stop at the first room you see - The Wardrobe Exhibit. Do you like dominoes? Yeah, me too. Shoot the thin wire that's holding up the title sign and we can watch them tumble onto each other, pushing the final one to the ground and breaking open the little podium containing the Coat Stub. Before you rush to get it, snag the single Gold Token that was hidden underneath the first falling wardrobe. Now get down there, grab the stub, and be prepared to battle as soon as you attempt to leave the area...

Statue To Continuous Forms Of Uniqueness In Time
Mini Boss Alert!
Our first Chameleon Bot, the Statue To Continuous Forms Of Uniqueness In Time. I can't even fit that name in at the top! The doors will be blocked off, so you can't run away. Click here for a full guide on how to defeat this miniboss.
Statue To Continuous Forms Of Uniqueness In Time

Quackenheim MuseumRight, now that he's been taken care of, let's proceed through the Cloakroom. Insert the Coat Stub into the Coat Retriever machine, and a cutscene will show a little baby falling to the ground. Run over to save Alexander. If you're collecting Gold Tokens, you'll need to trek back to the Bungalow Telepoint and return here, since there's 2 Gold Tokens hidden inside the now open coat rotator. Once you've got that, get back on the winding path and follow it all the way to the top.

Up here is a large stone bowling ball (you probably know what comes next) and a baby. If you're already playing as Bungalow, use the jagged stones to leap up, push the bowling ball down and, when Quackenheim Museumthe cutscene has finished playing, save Petey by leaping onto his glass cabinet. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens in here. Before you go down, follow the path into the second part of the exhibit, picking up the 3 Gold Tokens in the plants as you go along. Keep moving into the Bear Art room too, and pick up 5 more Tokens here. Careful - There's a hoard of Crocodiles this way, along with the usual Bears. At the end of this hallway you'll find a sign for the Hall of Mineral Wonder. Pick up the single Gold Token in the plant, and move into this room.

Quackenheim MuseumYou'll immediately see a large meteorite on a stand. Ignore this for now, and check between the pillars for 4 Gold Tokens and some hiding Bears. Approach the Security Guard, and watch the cutscene. After he's left the vicinity, go back to the first meteor you saw as you entered, and start pushing it towards the other meteorite. When they get close enough, the Exhibition Key will drop, and you can snatch it up. Use it on the door to the Diamond Room.

In here, you can find 12 more Gold Tokens inside some of the glass cabinets (2 per cabinet), so shoot them open and Quackenheim Museumsteal them, before you switch to Chang whose Telepoint rests in the corner. You'll already have seen the lasers - I'm sure I don't need to tell you not to run into them, unless you want to be shot at by three rapid-firing security guns. See that small model just in front of the lasers? Push that forward, and it will open up a gap in the lasers. Squeeze in to rescue Xuan. A quick cutscene will show the diamonds disappearing down under a trap door, taking one of Tweek's siblings with it. Curse these security measures! Anyway, exit this room, and return to the Asian room. Switch to Tweek, and glide down to the bottom to grab the 4 Gold Tokens that have been exposed, then return to the second floor (with the Wardrobe Exhibit).

Quackenheim MuseumThis time, go straight forward (under the wardrobe we would have pushed over) and enter the Cat Art hall. Grab the 5 Gold Tokens down here, take care of the Bears then move into the room that you'll pass as you collect those Tokens, on the left. In here are some pillars, a couple of Crocodiles and a Brown Bear. Take them out, then approach the smallest block. You'll find that you can push it around, so do so and push it as far North-West as you can manage. Turn around and find the Bungalow Telepoint, then leap onto the small block, then behind to the next smallest block. Leap around, grabbing the 4 Gold Tokens and maybe the Bomb Launcher while you're at it, then exit the room and continue down the hall. Take care of any Bears you come across, and you'll soon be lead out into a room with a large wooden diorama of General Viggo and Roofus.

Take note of the door on your left, but for now, defeat the Bears and make your way down to the bottom. You should still have Bungalow, otherwise switch via the nearby Telepoint, and jump up on the moving waves. Move to a higher wave, and get closer to the General's arm. Wait for the ship dock to Quackenheim Museum pass, and leap onto it, then onto the General's arm (or, if you're feeling courageous, just leap straight onto his arm). Wait for the arm to raise, and leap up on the next platform. There's a Juliette Telepoint here, so switch. You'll be able to see Viggo's jaw from here. Leap onto the side of it (and if you wind up in the jaw, move out to the side quickly, else his model will chomp you as it raises). Now move to the middle part (not inside his mouth!) and you'll see claw marks for Juliette to climb up, so do so, then turn your attention to the model of Roofus. Move across the General's fur that sticks out, and leap onto the copter as it flies past. Be careful, as the propellers keep spinning and may spin you off as you try to land on the green platform beneath Roofus. Once you're on here, save little Brigitte. Now you'll have no choice but to leap down and take a little damage. Before we leave this magnificent work of art, you should notice that there's a small gap near the waves on Roofus' side. Leap down here, and grab the single Golden Token, then climb the ladder back out (but be careful of the ship! You can get caught between it).

Quackenheim MuseumRemember that other corridor? We're going back to that now, so take the stairs back up two flights and take a right. Take care of even more Bears, and when you arrive at the junction, turn right into the Cinema since the other path leads you back to the wardrobes. In the Cinema, the thrilling story 'Things I like' by Juliette's husband, Claude the Cat is playing. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens on the chairs, and switch to Tweek at the front of the Cinema. Now, admittedly, you can skip this part if you'd like, since I'll be giving you the same prize later on. But if you'd prefer to play the full game, then tap the button, and listen to Claude's speech. Turn away from the screen now, because I'm about to give you the exact answer to his conondrum for those who forgot: Ball of wool, cat bowl, Juliette. D'aw. And with that finished, Claude the Cat will share with you the super secret code to the vault - 6 Anti-clockwise, 2 Clockwise, 4 Anti-clockwise, 6 Clockwise.

We're ready to hit the basement now, so get back into the room with the diorama, get to the bottom floor, and underneath the stairs is a pathway leading down to the basement. You'll soon find yourself in a room with some crates, so be careful - This place is littered with hiding Bears. Take care of them, grab the Beetle Shield if you'd like, and head onwards to the warehouse. Polar Bears are on the ground level, Quackenheim Museumso take them out but be warned - Peacocks are firing from the top level. Once the Bears are gone (that's one less nuisance to worry about) find the ladder which is located on the second pallet from the start. There's a total of 13 Gold Tokens here, but before we snag all of them, let's take out the two Peacocks. Leap over the crates, and if you're skilled enough, glide towards the first Peacock in the left corner, firing and maneuvering at the same time. Otherwise, just fire from behind the crates. Either way, once that's done, glide over to the next pallet, and duck behind some more crates. Defeat the second Peacock in the distance, and glide over to save Lweek. Now go back and pick up any remaining Gold Tokens (remember - There's a total of 13 in here). Once you're down, continue down the door that's opposite to where you rescued Lweek to reach the Boiler Room (and yes, you'll be taking care of more Bears here as well).

Quackenheim MuseumSpeak to the Boiler Room Guard, who tells you that he's overheated the boiler. Derp. As soon as he's finished explaining his dilemma, run towards the boiler in the middle, and climb the stairs to reach the first one. The second one will be on the ground. The third will be back up the steps, and the final back on the floor. You can leap down if you'd like, but it won't be damage-free unless you manage to fall as the Boiler Room guard interrupts. Once done, the Guard will thank you, and the fire door will be opened, revealing Pweek. Continue down here to find more Bears and another Peacock. There's also 6 more Gold Tokens to grab here once they're taken care of. Keep moving to the next room, but be careful of even more Bears down here.

Quackenheim MuseumYou'll soon see a ramp lined with Rockets. Collect them if you need them, but be careful - Just behind you is a Peacock firing from above. And at the top of this path is a Polar Bear. Take out the Polar Bear, as well as any other Bears up here and find the Roofus Telepoint. Switch, and go back down the ramp, taking care of the Peacock as you do so. You'll also see a ladder leading up to where the Peacock once stood - Climb it, and follow the shelf around to find Leonard waiting to be rescued. Before you go, snag the 5 Gold Tokens in this area. Now you're going to need to double back on yourself, and switch to Tweek in one of the previous rooms, then hurry back to where you found Roofy's final Telepoint, next to the giant safe.

Grab the 3 Gold Tokens in this area if you haven't already, and then turn your attention to the Vault Quackenheim Museumlock. Approach it, and you'll be in charge of the lock. Remember the combination that Claude (and I) gave you? If not, it's 6 Anti-clockwise, 2 Clockwise, 4 Anti-clockwise, 6 Clockwise. If entered correctly, a cutscene will show the doors swing open. Wahey! Take care of the enemies that approach you, and leap onto the boxes at the top of the stairway. Turn around to face the Diamonds, and glide over there to rescue Bweek. Before you exit, find the final 4 Gold Tokens in the safe, and proceed to the level Exit at the back, where General Viggo's crew have left a large drilling device and an open crevasse.

I hope you're still good, since next we'll be taking on our first boss. We're going to be Saving Gwynth!

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:23 MAT
02:00 ALN
01:16 SPP
Baby Location
Melinda Anatat Model
Alexander Coat Rack
Petey Glass cabinet on top level
Xuan Diamond Room
Brigitte Roofus Vs Viggo Model
Lweek Corner of Basement
Pweek Just outside Boiler Room
Leonard End of ledge in Basement
Bweek Atop Roquefort Diamonds
Tokens Location
2 Behind front counter
3 Plants near front counter
3 Plants in main room
6 Dangerous Anatat model
5 Dog Art hallway
1 Under wardrobe
2 Behind Coat Room machine
4 Top floor Asian room
3 Plants next to Asian room
5 Bear Art hallway
1 Plant at end of Bear Art
4 Hall of Mineral Wonder
12 Diamond room
4 Pop Art display case
5 Cat Art hallway
4 Pillar Models
1 Underneath diorama
4 Cinema Seats
13 Warehouse
6 Warehouse after Boiler Room
5 Shelves near Anger
3 Near final Roofus' Telepoint
4 Vault

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