Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge Cheats

Land of the Happy Moles

In the World Quack Center, go to the area with the computers. Shoot the one with the Bizarre Creations logo.


Get 15,000 points or more on Bomber Bear.


PAL ONLY! You can unlock this in an NTSC game too, but nothing happens. Shoot all of the rabbits in Fur Fighter Village. For a video, please click here.

Flea Death Match

Beat the game.

Big Head Mode

Get 3,100 points or more on Snake.


Get 20,100 points or more on Bear Attack

Rocket Camera

In The Bad Place, go through the Door to Nowhere. Find the door with a rocket on it, and open it.

Rotation Camera

Complete Block Puzzle in less than 60 seconds.

Tiny Characters

In The Rumpus Room, using Tweek, fly over to the large arcade machine. Beat level 1 to unlock.

Time Slice Camera

Get a perfect score on Basketball in Lower East Quack.

Ammo Boost

Get a score of 50,000 or more on Bomber Bear

100% Health

Revisit 'Saving Juanita' after her defeat.


Collect all the tokens.


Collect all the babies.

Hard Mode

Revisit 'Saving Winnie and Mai' after their defeat. Bears are now 2x harder to defeat.


In the VAB Building, go straight to the Buggy. Go through the short tunnel to the tube. Turn left, and you will see another tube heading up. This is difficult, but it does work. Go forward, and press the forward button as hard as possible. It may help if you turn around and around. Eventually, you will be at the top of the tube in a yellow area. The "Cheat Discovered" message will appear. When activated, it turns the bear's heads into human heads.