As some people may already know (particularly if they've already visited the Boxart page), I managed to get hold of a prototype of Fur Fighters for the Sega Dreamcast. Now, unfortunately, I don't currently possess the right equipment to burn the GDR. If I did, I'd no doubt upload it for everyone else to play too (as well as get it preserved)! But in the meantime, I've run through the game and paid close attention to the differences to the final game.

The prototype is a PAL version, one month earlier than the official PAL release of the game. It is a near final build, with only a few differences. Most of these are minor glitches/oversight differences that were fixed in the final game, but there is a fairly significant difference in The Bad Place. Interestingly, some of these differences are not present in an even earlier build. The two discs can be swapped at any time and the console will recognise them as the same game, thus save files can also be used on either system, though any changes made (ie. the Grenade glitch from the prototype) will be carried onto the final release.

General notes

  • It is much easier to get fluffed immediately by swinging doors and objects that are too close to each other, including some which, in the final, are harmless.
  • Many items appear too far away.
  • Grenade counts are severely glitched:
  • You can pick up small Grenades even when you have the max amount of 50. In the final, you can't pick up ammo unless it's needed.
  • However, getting a Grenade box increases amount by 10 for a max of 100, double the amount allowed in the final. Can also glitch up further to 100+ randomly when collecting other Grenades.
  • Getting either a Grenade weapon or small Grenade pickup automatically reverts the number back to 50 when over that amount.
  • Fur Fighter Village

  • Chang's top window has no transparency. It's pure black.¹
  • Juliette's baby in her home faces out the window. You need to jump on her head to get her attention. Interestingly, she does this in the PC version too, but in the Dreamcast final she's facing the right way.²
  • Tweek's sibling is also facing the wrong way, but only when you speak to him.
  • New Quack City

  • The Basketball counter from the Streetpunk's minigame appears in Lower East Quack, but only when you stand by the lamppost near the taxi cabs in a certain way. Moving away from it causes the counter to vanish. In the final, the counter doesn't even display when playing the minigame, but it does in the PC version.³
  • Beaver Power

  • Beaver Power's cutscene is glitched - It won't progress past the Beaver warning General Viggo. You'll need to skip the rest of it.⁶
  • The Beaver in Compound Factions sometimes refuses to accept your Safety Certificate no matter how many times you approach him, leap on his head and circle around him. To continue, you sometimes have to open the gate on the regular release, save in a Telepoint, and load the prototype up again with the door already open.
  • Cape Canardo

  • The water texture when cleaning the buggy in the VAB Building is absent. The water behaviour is still there, but... It doesn't look like it. The buggy immediately turns pure white when it enters as normal, but the whole process looks a bit strange without that texture.⁴
  • The missing Gold Token is present in Space Station Meer. Whilst not a huge deal, since some final copies of the game actually possess this token, my PAL copy does not have it, meaning the token somehow got lost between this time.
  • Anatat Tatanatat

  • Witch Doctor Beetle is severely glitched. Bring back the 1st Beetle and it will count as 2. Bring back the 2nd and it counts as 3, and the Witch Doctor Beetle 'disappears' into the cauldron, but Ling cannot be saved as the smoke will still block him. Restarting after saving and giving him the 1st Beetle with the 2nd in your inventory will cause the 2nd Beetle to disappear from your inventory. After giving him the 3rd Beetle, he will tell you that you need another Beetle still. Save and restart and he will fall in, whilst still asking for another Beetle. You still can't save Ling at all in this version, for some reason.
  • On the subject of the Witch Doctor Beetle, he sometimes glitches up and tells us that he's looking for a 'Death Skull Beetle', which is himself. Ironically, in the final game, the game skips this dialogue entirely.
  • Part of the tank in The Bad Place still shows even after it's gone.
  • After rescuing Frederick in The Bad Place, you do not leave the level via the portal in front of you. Instead, a portal appears where you started the level and a timer begins when you exit the room, and you have 90 seconds to get back to the portal at the beginning of the level from outside the Door to Nowhere. If you fail, you are fluffed and returned to the start of Roofus' nightmare (which is no longer doable since the second dynamite would have been used already, yet the second tank is still active. The door is also still open, but the warp no longer works, leaving you stuck here). This was likely removed as it doesn't serve much purpose other than to agitate Time Attack runners, since by that point you would already have 100% completion of the level anyway.
  • Viggo A Gogo

  • Juliette's Claw Marks are still in Viggo-A-Gogo. They can also be seen in the strategy guide, but in the final game, they are strangely absent.
  • 0/0 Babies displays itself on Viggo-A-Gogo levels. In the final, this has been removed since it's fairly redundant.⁵
  • The V-100 minigames can be completed as many times as you like if you lose. No penalty. Even though you clearly see the sub go boom.

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