Fur Fighters PC

Later in the year, Bizarre Creations released a PC port of Fur Fighters, which was originally due to be the first version of the game after the Playstation version was dropped. Whilst working on the game, the developers even added cel-shading here as a side project, however, this was dropped before the game was released, and instead made it's way to the PlayStation 2 version.
Overall, the PC version of the game was very similar to the Dreamcast version, though several changes exist:

  • Menu screen icons have been changed
  • Certain glitches are fixed, such as some of those found in The Bad Place
  • General corrections (such as Dinotopolis' incorrect spelling)
  • Fluffmatches can be played between up to 16 people
  • Hubworld Gold Tokens now count toward the full Token count
  • Bungalow and Juliette can no longer access the Unused Undermill Area
  • Graphics are slightly altered
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