Out of Bounds

Now it's one thing to keep a model out of view from the player - They're likely there to save on loading times, especially when they're used within the level. But items? That's another story.
There's a whole load of items that are hidden from the player's view, and unobtainable through normal gameplay. These are all likely put there by mistake. But hidden Telepoints? Hidden models that don't get used anywhere in any cutscene? Well, take a look for yourself. These are primarily from Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, but some of them can also be found in the same location in other versions of the game too (and this will be stated if so).

Fur Fighter Village

Image Item Description
Fur Fighter Village All Key Items Ever wondered what would happen if you had all key items at the same time? Here's your chance! This dev square is just around the corner of Juliette's home. This same area can be seen in Resolute's video in the debug build of the PC game, though there they appear as Blue Bear heads and work in a slightly different way.

New Quack City

Image Item Description
New Quack City Switched off Lamppost It's the lampost for Central Quack and World Quack, hanging in mid-air. But there's a catch - This one is not switched on. All other posts are switched on, since it's nighttime after all in New Quack. Thus making this lampost an unused item floating outside.
New Quack City Lamppost Another lamppost floating behind the copter that takes you to Saving Gwynth. Same design as before. Also facing the wrong way as before. This (and two others just like it) can be found in all versions of the game.
New Quack City Wooden Fence One of the numerous oddities in level design, this backalley, complete with wooden fence, appears behind the hub walls and can never be seen during gameplay. What's behind it? You'll have to find out for yourself... Okay, there's nothing. It just drops.

Lower East Quack

Image Item Description
Lower East Quack Ramp Credit to Resolute for finding the original ramp in the debug PC version! This (unused elsewhere) ramp is placed just behind Rico's Telepoint, but on this version, it's a little hard to see since it the texture is a default one which blends in with the background.
Lower East Quack 2 x Brown Bears These poor unfortunate souls can be found way under the sewer, floating in mid-air. They will fall once they see you (if you can drag a Fur Fighter under there, that is - They're near the cut-off point for auto-fluff).

New Quack Subway

Image Item Description
New Quack Subway Brown Bear Yes, that's right - Even an unused level has something out of bounds. In this case, a stray Brown Bear. Because there weren't already enough of them in this level, apparently.

Beaver Power

Image Item Description
Beaver Power 4 x Grenades There's a lack of Grenades here too, with only two available for the player to grab on their way through Beaver Power. But don't worry! Four of them are just out of the player's reach in a nice little position. They look nice though, right?
Beaver Power 4 x Pet Yums Junior There's no Juliette Telepoint here in Viggo's Revenge, but there are... Pet Yum cans just beneath God Machine Valley's entrance. Yeah. These are also in the original game, though you can actually reach them there, so it was probably just an oversight when converting the game.

Compound Factions

Image Item Description
Compound Factions Large Bullets These Bullets can be found just behind Juliette's wall near the gate. In all versions.
Compound Factions 2 x Pet Yums These two Pet Yums can be found inside a blue container in Compound Factions. In the early demo, the door to this container was slightly ajar. This was likely going to open up like the red containers, spewing out Bears.
Compound Factions Pet Yums Jr. This Pet Yums Junior can can be found underneath the rocky terrain near Richard's area in the Dreamcast version. There's a lot of cans in this area, it's not all that surprising that one slipped beneath the area.

Furry Forest

Image Item Description
Furry Forest 2 x Brown BearsThese two are beneath the level. Like most enemies this far down, they'll fall should they somehow see you.
Furry Forest 1 x Panda BearAnother bear really far under the level, just floating there.

God Machine Valley

Image Item Description
God Machine Valley 2 x PeacocksIt's really hard to get a picture of these two, as they disappear when you get too close and reappear in an awkward place.
God Machine Valley 2 x Peacocks
3 x Crocodiles
2 x Brown Bears
Another shot of the above pair, plus some additional enemies, all too far under the level to see normally. Leftovers from the PC/DC versions probably, since only a single Crocodile spawns above them.
God Machine Valley 2 x PlanesTwo small "planes", far away from the rest of the level. Your guess is as a good as mine.
God Machine Valley 2 x PlanesThe water is duplicated with a different texture far, far below the level. See those tiny red pixels at the bottom waterfall? That's Rico.

Beaver Dam

Image Item Description
Beaver Dam Brown Bear This guy starts so far under the level it's a surprise he doesn't get automatically fluffed. Since he's actually in a water area, he rises up to just beneath the ship's pool. Still out of bounds though, so there's no way to actually meet him unless you get under here somehow.
Beaver Dam Juliette Telepoint One of the most bizarre places to find a Juliette Telepoint, considering there's another one in the level incredibly close by. Stuck between the walls near the cement mixer in Beaver Dam, one can only wonder just why it's even there.
Beaver Dam Pet Yums Jr. x 3 Credit to Childemera for finding these! These 3 cans are placed just underneath the tunnel, so you can't grab 'em.

Saving Juanita

Image Item Description
Saving Juanita 1 x Jr. Pet Yums OF ALL THE PLACES TO HAVE AN OUT OF BOUNDS CAN. Really.

Cape Canardo

Image Item Description
Cape Canardo Chang Telepoint
& 1 Rocket
Chang's Telepoint is placed on the ground just fine in all but Viggo's Revenge, where it has been thrust under the level like so. Fur Fighters can still see it, though, even if you can't. There's also a Rocket nearby, surrounded by invisible barriers.
Cape Canardo 2 x Rocket Box &
1 x Jr. Pet Yums
Just under Jules' Telepoint is a Junior Pet Yums can and a couple of Rocket boxes. But hey! You can reach the Rocket Launcher, at least?
Cape Canardo Brown Bear
& Crocodile
Thanks to Childemera for finding this! When you explore enough of Cape Canardo, these two show up. But these two spawn above you, right in the glass window.

VAB Building

Image Item Description
VAB Building Unused Bottles Discovered originally by Sergeant Viggo, these bottles can be found inside a building in the VAB Building in all versions of the game. You can stand on them, but that's about it.
VAB Building 2 x Crocodiles Yep, even enemies exist outside the level boundaries, standing idly by in thin air outside the computer room in the VAB Building. What happens when you approach them? Well, the same thing that happens when cartoon characters realise they're standing on thin air - They fall.
VAB Building Brown Bear This bear is close to the cut-off point underneath the VAB Building. Shortly after, he will fall to his imminent doom. Meet you in The Bad Place, mate.
VAB Building Armadillo Thanks to Childemera for this one! One of the Armadillos actually spawns inside one of the tanks. You can hear him, though.

VLF Facility

Image Item Description
VLF Facility Shotgun &
2 x Shotgun Cakes
Hidden near Roofus' daughter Jean, this Shotgun & ammo combo can be found inbetween two areas, floating in nothingness.
VLF Facility Button This button can be found in the middle of the swampy area found in the VLF Facility. Shooting it or tapping it does nothing, however, much like the almost hidden button in the World Quack Centre (as seen in trivia).

Space Station Meer

Image Item Description
Space Station Meer Water Crater This can be found floating outside the station in Viggo's Revenge. More info over at unused elements.
Space Station Meer Crocodile Thanks to Childemera for this one! One of the Crocodiles in the rain dome is actually stuck inside one of the trees. I'm sure there's a tree hugger joke somewhere.


Image Item Description
Dinotopolis 3 x Shotgun Cakes These can be found just below the entrance to Saving Esmerelda. Kinda weird, since they're so perfectly placed in between all other areas, directly in the center.

Dinos Downstairs

Image Item Description
Dinos Downstairs Bungalow Telepoint Located just outside the starting point in Dinos Downstairs, near where the stove is. Probably just an easier way to get Bungalow out during the testing process, considering he's needed almost instantly in this level. There's also a default texture clone of the Dinosaur Kid, but developer stuff like that is rampant outside the level boundaries anyway.

Dinos Upstairs

Image Item Description
Dinos Upstairs' Unobtainable Shells 2 x Small Shells These two Shells, can be found underneath the shower in Dinos Upstairs. Along with the rest of the rather large bathroom plug. Maybe when the lava was drained they were meant to pop up? The world may never know.

The Rumpus Room

Image Item Description
The Rumpus Room 1 Rocket Just under the floor near the first cabinet of The Rumpus Room, there's a lone Rocket. That's... Really all that can be said.
The Rumpus Room Rock By far one of the most bizarre items to be found outside the level. A rock. One that can be perched on, that we would see during normal gameplay, far away from the rest of the level. Bizarre Creations certainly like living up to their name.
The Rumpus Room Pet Yums This is at the side of the jukebox. Or, it should have been. It's placed just beside the wall there, so you can't actually get it.
The Rumpus Room Pet Yums Jr.
& Large Bullets
These can be found just underneath the basement floor, no doubt meant to be on that floor.
The Rumpus Room Shotgun Barrel It's hard to actually see this, since it's so close to the floorboards. Even if it was actually there though, it would still be floating in the air. That Pet Yums can be seen better below.
The Rumpus Room Pet Yums Jr. Between the two stairs is a single can of Pet Yums Junior. Just above it is the laundry room (with the Washmeister), but even pushing it up would cause it to be only half in the area.
The Rumpus Room Large Bullets Opposite the Pet Yums can at the back of the jukebox is a large bullet pack. Like the Pet Yums, it was likely going to be obtained by going down the side.
The Rumpus Room 2 x Grenade Boxes Two boxes of Grenades hide under the garage in the Dreamcast game.

20,000 Fluffs B.C.

Image Item Description
20,000 Fluffs B.C. 2 x Small Thermal These two Thermals can be found just underneath the cardboard box in 20,000 Fluffs B.C.. But there's no way to actually get in there. There is, however, a way to get in one of the other boxes, so maybe that was the plan for these too? Also, note the extra image on the side of the box, which is different to the outside.

The Fluff that Time Forgot

Image Item Description
The Fluff that Time Forgot Pet Yums Junior Fluff isn't the only thing time forgot in this level - There's a small can of Pet Yums under the level.

Jungle of Despair

Image Item Description
Jungle of Despair Foliage Present in all versions of the game, a bunch of foliage is placed underneath the 'teleport' temple, likely from an earlier version of the game.

Temple of Gloom

Image Item Description
Temple of Gloom Chameleon Credit to Jum for pointing me in the right direction for this! This Chameleon is under the level in Viggo's Revenge, but much like the trail of Pet Yums cans in Beaver Power, it's in the right place in predecessors.
Temple of Gloom Bungalow Telepoint Your guess is as good as mine. Bungalow's Telepoint is close enough for characters to notice something under the ground near the maze in the Temple of Gloom, even though the player can't see it.
Temple of Gloom Large Bullets In the original games, this lone ammo is underneath the portal room.
Temple of Gloom Brown Bear This guy is far below Bungalow's Telepoint. He's so far down that by the time he sees you, he's usually unaffected by the death pit cut off.

The Bad Place

Image Item Description
The Bad Place Plank Suddenly the Ed, Edd n Eddy theory makes a little more sense. Why Plank? Why are you floating outside the start of The Bad Place?!
The Bad Place Pet Yums You know, this item would be much more helpful if it had actually been placed inside the platform of Bungalow's nightmare.
The Bad Place 6 x Bullets Wow, Bungalow's nightmare really is a nightmare. Whilst Pet Yums are in place, all of these bullets are underneath the level in the Dreamcast version.

Raiders of the Lost Fluff

Image Item Description
Raiders of the Lost Fluff Pet Yums Jr. x 3
Seeker Launcher
Shotgun Cake
Bomb Launcher
Tweek Telepoint
Roofus Telepoint
If you've been to the Comparisons page or just own both versions of the game, you'll know what happened here. They removed this area in Viggo's Revenge, but all the items that were going to be there stayed there. Now, they float endlessly in this area, away from the players. Please note that the Bomb Launcher is just to the left of this image.
Raiders of the Lost Fluff 2 x Thermal These thermals are placed just underneath this area. At least they're not leftovers this time.

HMS Viggolina

Image Item Description
H.M.S. Viggolina Carrier Hood This is placed waaaaay too far under the level. It's likely this is used for cutscene purposes, but you can still stand on it (if you have the debug invincibility on, of course). I know, I said I wouldn't list these, but this was one of the first things listed here, so we'll keep it for now.

The V-100

Image Item Description
The V-100 Iron Plank This thing is randomly hanging out far away from the rest of the level. You can stand on it, too.
The V-100 Treasure Chest One of the strangest things out there. This treasure chest is hidden down the side of The V-100. It even has goodies in it! It's so strange that it gets more coverage on our Unused Elements page.
The V-100 Large Bullets These are kinda in the middle of nowhere in the Dreamcast version.
The V-100 Brown Bear & Pipes Credit to Childemera for finding this! This Bear and a set of pipes are above the ceiling in one of the hallways.

Secret Island

Image Item Description
Secret Island Pet Yums Jr. This can is placed mid-air just outside the vault entrance.


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