New Quack City

Entry Item: Dime New Enemy: Blue Bears Gold Tokens: 10
New Quack CityWelcome to New Quack City, a bustling snowbound hubworld that will introduce you to your first enemy - The Blue Bears. Start by approaching the General Bristol statue, and he'll appear next to it to explain your recommended route. Once he's finished, you're free to explore. Nearby is a frozen lake with some goodies on top, but beware of the Blue Bears. They attack with a Pistol much like your own, which will deal 4 points of damage with each hit. Get too close and they can cause up to 30 points of damage with their close attack! So take them out whenever you see them. Should you decide to run, you might end up with too many at the same time, so be warned.

Besides that though, New Quack City is very straight forward. There are signposts everywhere, which will guide you in the right direction. For the 10 Gold Tokens in this area, there are 2 outside each level's path - Including Fur Fighter Village. So pick them up, and head for one of the levels below. And just so you know - Saving Gwynth can be located in Quackerfella Plaza.


Level Statistics
New Quack City World Quack Centre

Entry Requirement: 10 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 9

Items: Plug x 4

New Enemies: Brown Bears, Polar Bears
New Quack City Lower East Quack

Entry Requirement: 120 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 11

Item: Dime

New Enemies: Peacocks, Crocodiles

New Weapons: Bomb Launcher, Rocket Launcher
New Quack City Quackenheim Museum

Entry Requirement: 120 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 9

Item: Coat Stub, Exhibition Key

Mini Boss: Statue to Continuous Forms of Uniqueness in Time

New Quack City
Saving Gwynth

Entry Requirement: 25 Babies

Primary Weapon Needed: Pistol/Submachine Gun

Quick Lists

Tokens Locations
2 Near Subway Exit
2 Path to World Quack Centre
2 Path to Lower East Quack
2 Path to Quackenheim Museum
2 Path to Saving Gwynth

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