Things you'll never hear

Back when the site first opened, fans used to submit funny quotes that you'd never hear the cast say. It was pretty popular back in the day with many fandoms, and Fur Fighters was no exception.

Fur Fighter Dexter

Juliette: Oh Claude, oh Claude, where for art thou Claude?
Claude: Art? What art?

Bungalow: Now, if you divide 4 by 849, then times it by 591, then minus 635, then add 3949, then the answer is -1267.21554770318021201413427561837! Simple!

Sergeant Viggo

Roofus: Forget it, Winnie can stay with Viggo. Anyone want a pint?

Chang: Erm... Sorry, I can't fix the telelpoint.

Juliette: Claude, Viggo's a lot better looking than you!


Beavers: So, you bears want to work with us? Ok, just plug in that gyroscopic magnetic cooling disk and re-calibrate the condensor plugs.
Bear: Oh, I got it. The magnetic power lockers are now set to 45 amps.

Viggo: Well, since you've beaten my hordes of bears and assorted lackeys and I can't defeat you, how about I just give up and we can have a cup of tea?
Roofus: Ok, but lemme get Winnie over first.

Furry Fighter

Tweek: Your incomprehensible muttering frustrates me.