Unused Models & Behaviors

Hidden within the Fur Fighters game files are unused models, and sometimes even unused behaviors (movements not seen during normal gameplay). Enemies and items, they're both here. More information on many of these can be found at our Unused Elements page.

Please note: None of these models are in their original location. I spawn them whereever they come out clear enough, which is mostly in place of the Flourbag in the Undermill or for behaviors, in place of Gwynth in her home. Click to enlarge.

Enemies & NPCs

Model Name Description
The Bad Place Peacock Peacock (The Bad Place) Here, they are missing their head entirely, and their tail fan shows a pair of eerie eyes staring back at you, as seen below.
The Bad Place Peacock Peacock (The Bad Place) (alternate image) The Bad Place Peacock, with tail fan fully spread out. Sleep well tonight!
The Bad Place Peacock (Viggo's Revenge) Peacock (The Bad Place) - Viggo's Revenge Interestingly, The Bad Place Peacock's model is still here in Viggo's Revenge, with updated textures too.
Beaver Power Cow (Viggo's Revenge) Cow (Beaver Power) The Cow is first seen in Cape Canardo. However, it appears as though he was to appear in Beaver Power first at one stage.
Viggo-A-Gogo Cow (Viggo's Revenge) Cow (Viggo-A-Gogo) The Cow is the only enemy that doesn't appear in Viggo-A-Gogo at all. But there's still a model for him.
Bears Look Space Bears Look This isn't necessarily an enemy, since the file is placed in 'NPCs'. Keep reading this page to see what he does.
Bear Throw Space Bear Throw Like above, this seems to be a test model. It also has a single behavior.
Elder Beaver Elder Beaver Whilst the Elder Beaver is present in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, Furry Forest was infamously cut from the other games. As such, this model goes completely unused in the original games.
Pigeon Pigeon This little (?) guy is in the files for Viggo's Revenge, but he doesn't seem to spawn anywhere. Given how large the model is, I'm willing to bet that these were possibly meant for Dinotopolis' worlds.
Space Croc Space Croc 1 SP_C1~ contains an early version of the Space Crocodile for Viggo's Revenge. The difference lies in his shirt. In the final version, his tie is straightened. But in this version, whilst using a new texture to match the new toon style in VR, his tie is still wavy. Here's a comparison of the original and the early VR shirt.

Key Items (Fur Fighters)

Model Name Description
Builder's Hat Builder's Hat A fairly infamous item that a Beaver was originally going to give you in order for you to progress. This was later replaced with Roofus' baby, Agnes. See the demo page for more info.
Widget Widget A mysterious item which we can only presume was linked to New Quack City at one stage.
Detonator Handle Detonator Handle Used in Furry Forest, this item goes unused in all but Viggo's Revenge, but it still exists in all other versions too.
Engine Part Engine Part Like above - used in Furry Forest, this item also goes unused in all but Viggo's Revenge, but it also still exists in all other versions too.

Key Items (Viggo's Revenge)

Model Name Description
Stop Watch Stopwatch~1 Interestingly, despite not actually using the Stopwatch (since Time Attack has been cut in VR), an early version of the Stop Watch model can be found in the game. Or maybe it was a newer model. Either way, the model itself is partially broken.
Stop Watch Stop Watch And the regular Stop Watch is also in the game, but goes unused. This also lacks a 'newer' texture.
In addition to these, early versions of several Key Items can also be found. Most of these are the models and textures from Fur Fighters imported into Viggo's Revenge. Here are the items with duplicates with a comparison of the final model next to it.
Comparison Name
Entry Permit Entry Permit


Model Name Description
Test Level Model Test This strange thing is labelled only as 'Test', so that's presumably what it is. It lacks any collision data. It's pretty large, too.
Furballs Logo Furballs Logo This giant logo is hard to spawn anywhere. An early logo, from when the game was known as Furballs, likely used in the intro screen.
Exit Machine Exit Machine The earliest method of leaving a level. An image on the Unused Elements page also shows it in place of a Telepoint.
Barrel Barrel This Barrel can be seen in this very early video. It's unknown why it was removed - Perhaps because you can't stand on it?
Dreamcast VMS Dreamcast VMS Sure, it's used in the Dreamcast version. But this one is from Viggo's Revenge on the PS2. Needless to say, a leftover.
5 Gold Token Nugget 5 Token Nugget Yes, even more ways to get multiple tokens! This here would have given you 5 Gold Tokens on pickup.
10 Gold Token Nugget 10 Token Nugget This would grant you 10 Gold Tokens... If they had actually been used.

Unused Behaviors

Behavior Model Description
Janitor Duck Attack Janitor Duck The Janitor Duck, seen in the VAB Building in Cape Canardo, has always been a strange one. He uses a completely unique model, yet he does nothing but clean the floor just in front of the computers. He doesn't talk (unless attacked, at which point he utters the same phrase as all the other ducks), never changes his movement... And yet, he has this strange, unused behavior, which appears to be an attack. Many of the similar characters in Fur Fighters all share the same behavior (for example, the Hippie Beavers can perform the 'waving hands' motion just like the Bad Beaver in The Bad Place), yet this guy has one all to himself. It looks as though there was more to him that meets the eye at one stage...
Bears Look Bears_Look Unfortunately, it's difficult to get the textures for these to show up and find somewhere where they'll repeat their movement for the camera. Ignore the leftover mess from the transition to GIF, too. These two Space Bears merely glance up at the sky. Leftovers from an early Cape Canardo scene, perhaps?
Bear Throw Bear_Throw The stuff above applies to this one, too. Again, the gun's texture doesn't show up. Not sure what he could be throwing his gun at, but oh well. There's also a third model, titled Bears Run, but any attempt to load it results in an error about there being too many vertices.
Beaver Run Beaver We see them walk, sure, but apparently Beavers can also run, too. There's a couple of places this could have been used, but the walking animation seems to work there too. Since these little fellas seem to be the earliest NPCs, it makes sense that they probably have had more work done on them than the others.

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