A walk down Memory Lane

Just a random part of the site dedicated to what used to be. Remember the original logo, when it was 'Furballs'? Or when the original site still stood? Were you around when Total Fur Fighters first started out, back in 2001? Here are some pics to help you remember, or for those who weren't around, to check out.

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Fur Fighters

Back then...
Furballs logo, what could have been.

Back then...
The original site splash.

Back then...
The original site (non-Flash).

Back then...
Viggo's Revenge site.

Back then...
You have no idea how much I wanted those costumes. Alas, they are no longer with us. Back then... Back then... Back then... Back then... Back then...
More costume images, though I only have the thumbnails to these ones.

Total Fur Fighters

Back then...
...Older layout of TFF. Half of it, at least.

Back then...
Oh gosh. This brings back memories. Ladies and gents, TFF - Version 2001. I can't even remember a lot of what was on it. Just a shame a lot of it was never captured...

Back then...
The very first TFF logo!

Back then...
An old TFF logo, to celebrate the release of Viggo's Revenge. Guess who got their first digital camera around the time?  

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