Lower East Quack

Entry Requirement: 60 Gold Tokens Babies: 11 Item: Dime New Enemies: Peacocks, Crocodiles New Weapons: Bomb Launcher, Rocket Launcher
Lower East QuackStart by turning left and following the pathway down to the bottom, picking up the 4 Gold Tokens and taking care of a surprise Bear attack as you pass. Once at the bottom, turn around behind the ramp to find some goodies, then continue moving forward. Don't worry about the car crash. Behind these taxis is a ladder, so climb it and all the others to the top. Switch to Chang and carefully tread along the side of the building, then enter the open window on the other side. Pick up any items that you wish to and enter the main room.

To open a door, tap it. When you do this, Blue Bears will come out, so be prepared. Take care of the Bears, and open another door. Or, just run to each door and get the hoard out immediately. Each door that is opened also has a room inside, filled with various items to help you (including a Bear Disguise - Lower East Quacka brown box with a bear head drawn on. Yes, it really works, up until you shoot them a few times and they finally work it out). After all but one door has been opened, Tam will open the final door, and criticize you for fighting in the hotel room. Save him, get what you want (such as the 3 Gold Tokens), defeat the remaining Bears if you'd like, and exit. You can leap down from here, if you don't mind the large health drop, or you can take the stairs down. Either way, take the left path from the entrance (the pathway you can see below as you exit the hotel).

Defeat more Bears and you'll soon see a large NQPD tank, which will warn you not to shoot. Yeah, we know what's coming soon. But first, lure the tank right, pick up the Beetle Shield which will protect you from a Lower East Quackgood amount of damage, and turn the corner until you find a Target wall. Once the tank has caught up to you, stand in front of this wall, and shoot the tank. Needless to say, they'll fire back. Once this happens, move out of the way and, if done correctly, the wall will be destroyed. There's another wall just a little further, so do this again, and the wall will break to reveal Lu. Save the little guy, get the 3 Gold Tokens in the area and get outta there, back to the main pathway, picking up the 10 Gold Tokens on the way.

Move down the road on 3rd Quack and on your right you'll see a button. Tap it, and wait for the stairs to lower. Head up the two flights of stairs, and turn around. Leap over and snag the 3 Gold Tokens, then continue on your way around. Before you jump over to the ladder, fall down onto the thin ledge on the Lower East Quackbuilding, and move around to snag 3 more Gold Tokens. Now get back up there, and climb the ladder. Turn around and leap over the gap, and continue around, snatching the 3 Golden Tokens before you climb the next ladder. Keep moving up, and continue moving forward, going around the corner to another ladder. Up here is a Tweek Telepoint and some Bears. Take care of them, and grab the 2 Gold Tokens near an air ventilator. Now drop down to the metal platform again, and run back the way you came, this time leaping over the gap. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens, move up the ladder and glide in the direction of the 3 Gold Tokens to reach the other side. Keep following this path, leap over the gap and climb the ladder at the end to find more Bears (some of which will pounce at you too) and Dweek waiting for his brother in the middle. Save him, and glide back down. If you can, glide towards the building when you get close to the bottom, since there are 3 more Gold Tokens waiting at the side of the building.

Lower East QuackOnce down on ground level, keep moving forward (the opposite direction of those Gold Tokens) and keep moving forward, taking care of the Polar Bear as he arrives on a vehicle. You'll soon find a Roofus Telepoint - Enter it, whilst being careful of the rising elevator containing more Bears. Ignore the subway train and snow-covered route for now, since we passed a ladder on our way to the Telepoint. It's on Roofus' left, so trek back and climb. Keep climbing and grab the 6 Golden Tokens along the way, and eventually you can rescue Betty. Get back down, and get close to the square hole containing the subway.

Lower East QuackOnce you see the sparks, get ready to leap down as you see it. With any luck, you'll land on an 'upper' part of the subway train. If not, try to gain enough speed to make it up there, otherwise you'll get pushed back too far and eventually fall off the train. This is pretty straight forward - Leap over the poles (and collect the 3 Gold Tokens while you're at it) and move away from the signs so you don't get pushed off. Soon, you'll see the Upper East Quack platform. Leap down here, and ignore the poor penguin baby since we can't save him just yet. Grab the 3 Gold Tokens if you'd like to, and take the pathway leading up (on the right from where you get off). You can't go straight on since the gate is locked, so when present with two paths, keep going up. You'll find the train here, with Jonathon inside. Rescue him, and the train will leave. Go back to the Upper East Quack platform, and continue down the other pathway. Proceed through the gate, take care of any stray Bears and grab the 7 Gold Tokens in this area.

You'll find yourself back at the Roofus Telepoint. We're going back on the road, but this time, we're Lower East Quackturning right at the junction. Keep on moving, either running away from the elevator or taking care of the Bear within, until you come across two elevators either side. One of these has a button - Take care of the Bears, and tap the button to go down to a warehouse. Snatch the 3 Gold Tokens on top of the boxes, take care of the pouncing Bears, and maybe grab yourself a Bomb Launcher in another room whilst you're here. There's another elevator at the end here, but it leads back to the beginning of the stage, so exit through the same elevator you came through.

Back on the road, keep moving forward but turn right at the W.H.Hoot store to find a Street Punk. He'll offer a minigame for you to play.

Lower East Quack
Mini Game Alert!
Playing Hoops is straightforward. You get six balls, and your job is to get at least three of them in the basketball hoop. You can position your aim, then hold down the shoot button to increase the power of the shot. If you manage to get three in a row, the ball will be set on fire.
Lower East Quack

After winning, you'll get a Dime. So come out of here, grab the nearby 3 Gold Tokens, take care of more Bears and turn left at the giant Pistol to rescue Carlie. Whilst this is optional, I recommend you enter the O'Quackers store right next to Carlie. The Manager will Lower East Quackcongratulate you, and you'll get 60 glorious seconds to pillage as much as you can from the store. This includes Bullet ammo, Shotgun Ammo, Rocket ammo, Pistols, Shotguns, Pet Yums and on the second floor, Submachine Guns and Rocket Launchers. After the timer has finished, you'll be transferred back to the floor, so exit and continue forward. You'll see a taxi, but the bridge is down, so switch to Tweek whose Telepoint is nearby. Follow the cans of Pet Yums just in front and you'll see that there's a ladder going down, and a familiar cry for help. Glide down to this small ledge, and just around the corner is Qweek. Save him, and leg it back up the stairs before the Peacock catches you.

Go to the opposite side, where you can see an extended ledge which will allow you to glide over to that control panel. Be careful of the Peacock! Enter the control panel, tap the button and wait for the cutscene to play. Glide back over (there's a lower ledge for you to reach), and climb back up. One of the cabs will open their door as you approach, but the miserable git won't accept furry creatures. Lower East QuackBut if you're following this guide, that's no problem, since Tweek's not furry. Hop in, and give the driver your Dime. He'll drive you to the other side of the bridge, and the bridge will now remain open for others to cross. Return across the bridge to find 2 Gold Tokens that were hidden under the taxi, then come back to the new area. Defeat the Bears and grab the 3 Gold Tokens on the other side of the metal door that's clamped shut for now, and turn left at the end of that trail to find a hole that's been slightly blocked like the shut door we just saw. Leap down here, and you'll arrive in the sewers.

Lower East QuackCareful - As soon as you arrive, Crocodiles will start to spot you. Swim around until you can find some ground, then take care of them before you continue. Alternatively, find the Rico Telepoint and take of them then instead. Either way, after you've switched, dive down below and explore the sewers, grabbing the 8 Gold Tokens in this area. You'll soon come across a button underwater, so dive down and tap it to raise the water. Rise to the surface and swim around until you find the ladder. Climb up to find Virginia waiting for her daddy to rescue her. Then press the switch to open the exit. Turn around, and climb up the second ladder to exit this area.

Now turn around and move forward, towards the bridge. Get in the small gap and switch to Bungalow, whose Telepoint will be facing you upon entry. Bounce up the new pathway, take care of the Peacock and grab the 5 Gold Tokens here. Ignore the gap near the Gold Tokens, since towards the other end of the bridge is a small gap in the fencing, Lower East Quackopposite to where the joey is. Pet Yum Trucks will be passing, so leap onto one and you'll be driven to the joey. When you get close enough, leap off and rescue Todd. Turn to the other side, and leap across the gap (don't slip off!) to reach the 2 Gold Tokens. You should be able to see the other gap in the fencing, so leap down, get back on the main path, and follow it down to the other side. There's a few Bears here too, but you might have already found that out the hard way if you had to wait too long for the trucks.

We're nearly finished. Take care of some more Bears, but before you do anything else, as soon as you move out make a sharp 180% turn and you'll see a stray Golden Token in an alleyway right next to yours, so grab it. Now get back out and move towards the cinema/theatre on your right to switch to Lower East QuackRoofus. Grab the 2 nearby Gold Tokens, and look up - You should be able to see a huge tub of water, with a completely 'inconspicuous' sign labelled 'WATER TARGET' and a target symbol. Yeah, so shoot this, and it will fall onto the ground, spilling out the water into the gap nearby. The water will freeze over, so Roofus can jump over here and rescue Kathrine. Use the snow to crawl back up, and locate the Rico Telepoint near Roofus' Telepoint (just left of the left side of the cinema). Nearby is the Exit, but just to the left of the Exit is an arrow of 5 Gold Tokens, as well as a gate. Enter through the door (which will now remain open) and follow the path back to the Upper East Quack, where you can finally rescue little Carlos. Backtrack to the Level Exit, because we're done here.

Now it's time for some art seeing. We're off to the Quackenheim Museum!

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:04 PHL
01:51 MAT
01:34 ALN
Baby Location
Tam Hotel Room
Lu Behind Target Fence
Dweek Roof
Betty Fire Escape near Subway
Jonathon Train
Carlie Near O'Quackers
Qweek Down Side of 1st Bridge
Virginia Sewers
Todd Side of 2nd Bridge
Kathrine Near Cinema
Carlos Upper East Quack platform
Tokens Location
4 Starting Ramp
6 Route to Chang's Telepoint
3 Hotel Room
3 Target Fence Area
10 2 Alleys below Hotel
3 Side of wall near start
3 Route to 1st Tweek Telepoint
2 Near 1st Tweek Telepoint
7 Route to Dweek
3 Dweek's area
3 Side of wall below Dweek
6 Route to Betty
3 Subway ride
3 Next to Carlos
7 Near Subway exit
3 Boxes in warehouse
3 Near Street Punk
2 Under the taxi
3 Near sewer exit
8 Sewers
5 Bridge
2 Next to Todd
1 Alleyway near bridge exit
2 Near final Roofus' Telepoint
5 Gateway to Upper East Quack

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