Saving Juanita

Entry Requirements: 50 Babies Main Weapon: Bomb Launcher/Cluster Bomber
Saving JuanitaAt the start, dive in the water as Rico (switch if you aren't already playing as him of course) and swim through the hole underwater. Now resurface, jump out of the water and go through the door to watch the cutscene. When the level starts, the water will rise up automatically. Swim around and collect the ammo, making sure you avoid Juanita's piercing screams. She'll keep creeping up to you though, so pay attention to the sound of those screams, and start maneuvering whenever they get closer. When you hear a strange sound you will notice the water coming down. Go to the floor which you first stood on and wait for the water to lower completely. Grab any extra ammo or Pet Yums you need, and whip out either your favorite Grenade Launcher, whichever one you feel most comfortable with.

Saving Juanita Juanita will be swimming around now. Run around the circular space and start attacking Juanita with as many grenades as you can (You must wait for her to recover a little after each hit or it won't hurt her), dodging the pirahna fish she sends out and remembering that any close encounters with her may end up with Rico getting shot by her powerful screech. She can be either on the outer or inner section at any time, so try to pay attention to where she moves.

After a while, the water will come up again, and you have to carry on grabbing ammo. There is a Pet Yums can and a Bomb Launcher beneath the fan at the bottom of the water, though watch the blades. They slow down only when the water has risen. Eventually Juanita will resurface, and this is your cue to continue attacking her again with your grenades. After being attacked so much in the water, she'll leap up and start to attack you on the same floor you're walking on. She will continue walking in the same direction, but since the game will pause to show you her new location, you might end up touching her, which will cause significant damage. Swiftly move away from her, since she'll attack instantly upon arrival, and she'll throw some more piranhas at you too.

The good news is that you're now free to use any weapon against her. Grenades are still the most powerful thing you can throw at her, and the only regenerating ammo in this area, but feel free to use your Heavy Machine Guns and Shotguns, etc.. After a while, she will eventually collapse.

Well done! Juanita is now back to normal. General Bristol believes that, since dying, the stars have lost some of their sparkle, so he'll hand you his Degree in Astrophysics. Head back to Fur Fighter Village, because we're off to Cape Canardo!

Additional Hints

  • Remember - There's no reason for you to be underwater when the water lowers.
  • The fan at the bottom isn't really worth the hassle. By the time you get it, the water will rise or Juanita will catch up to you.
  • If you don't have a grenade weapon upon entry, the game will give you one as you enter. Be warned - Should you get fluffed, you'll lose the weapon but restart with Juanita already swimming. You'll need to return to Beaver Power and re-enter.

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