iOS Achievements

Well, sure, I know I listed it as cheats. Sorry to be misleading, but everything you do to get cheats in the other versions is used to get Achievements instead in Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass.

Level Up

Get all the Gold Tokens in a level. (50Pts)

House Trained

Complete the Undermill. (10Pts)

Only Child

Rescue a Baby. (10Pts)

Good Shepard

Rescue all the babies in a level. (20Pts)

Dragon Drop

Defeat Gwynth. (80Pts)

Juan in a Million

Defeat Juanita. (80Pts)

Kangaroo Caught

Defeat Esmerelda. (80Pts)

Cats in Space

Defeat Claude. (80Pts)

Winnie the Who?

Defeat Winnie and Mai. (80Pts)

Put the Cat Out

Defeat General Viggo. (100Pts)

Full House

Find all the Babies. (100Pts)

Token Gesture

Collect 100 Tokens. (10Pts)

Token of Affection

Collect 500 Tokens. (20Pts)

Token of Appreciation

Collect 1000 Tokens. (50Pts)

Golden Ticket

Collect 2000 Tokens. (100Pts)

Snake Master

Get the highscore on Classic Snake. (10Pts)

Super Snake Master

Get the highscore on Super Snake. (10Pts)

Bomber Master

Get the highscore on Bomber Bear. (10Pts)

Bear Master

Get the highscore on Bear Attack. (10Pts)

Super Slider Master

Complete Sliding Block. (10Pts)

Lander Master

Get the highscore on Lander. (10Pts)

Happy Landings

Land the jumbo in VAB Building. (5Pts)

Roid Rage

Complete the Asteroid Defence game in Space Station Meer. (5Pts)

Slam Dunk

Win Basketball. (5Pts)

Engage the Silent Drive

Complete the Sonar Steering game in The V-100. (5Pts)  

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