Saving Gwynth

Entry Requirements: 25 Babies Main Weapon: Pistol/Submachine Gun
Saving Gwynth When the level starts, change into Tweek if you haven't already done so, via the Telepoint placed directly behind you. Now move towards the front of the copter, and leap out once it's opened. You'll have to watch the cutscene. To start off, let me explain Gwynth's general pattern - She'll walk around the roof in steady rotation, before throwing her head back and unleashing a nasty flamethrower attack on Tweek. Occasionally, if you fail to cause enough damage to her she'll also leap off the building and start to fly around, and getting her down can be a real pain. With that in mind, let's start. Once you're back in control, dodge the flames that Gwynth will blow at you by running around the area, as far away from her as you can manage. Grab any Pet Yums you think you may need, and remember that they will regenerate after a while. While Gwynth's mouth is open (it doesn't matter if she is still breathing fire) shoot into her mouth as many times as you can. Contrary to popular belief, you can still attack her whilst her mouth is shut, though this does a minimal amount of damage to her and is not really worth it unless you're feeling super trigger happy. Anyway, after a while she will get annoyed, roar and close her mouth again. She'll start walking around again, and soon she will then start all over again, and it will take longer to make her close her mouth, though at this stage, not really that long. Careful - Leave her alone for too long and she will start to fly above you, and you have to wait for her to come down. You can shoot at her in the air and try to help bring her down that way, but it doesn't always work and firing at her in the air can be tricky.

Saving GwynthAfter three turns of closing her mouth, she will jump off and fly to another building, and burn the old one (don't worry - Tweek will follow her automatically). Fly back to the original building and you will get burnt really quickly, so don't try it unless you want to start over. When you are on the other building, walk around until you find a lift. When you get on the lift and hit the switch it will take you to the roof of this building. Now continue to attack in the same way you did on the other building- it will take longer this time though, and Gwynth can take more hits. Remember to constantly stock up on ammo and take advantage of the Pet Yums cans here.

Gwynth will then fly to a third roof. Once again, Tweek will follow her, so walk around the building, locate the lift and get back up there. Needless to say, the same tricks apply here, and Gwynth will be stronger. Cause her to cry out in pain three more times (not as bad as it sounds) and Gwynth will torch that roof too, and lead Tweek to a fourth and final roof. There are also On this occasion, Gwynth will be flying overhead as soon as you arrive at the top, so you'll have to dodge her aerial flames, shooting back (but don't go crazy on that, since I've seen no evidence to suggest it makes that much of a difference) and running to the center (since that sometimes brings her down). This can sometimes be really quick, whilst other times she stays airbourne for a pretty long time. There are also no safety bricks to stop you from falling off, though this shouldn't be a problem since you can just glide back down and use the lift again.

Well done! You've successfuly saved an ex-Fur Fighter. Now that Gwynth is safe, General Bristol will present us with an Entry Permit, since he was never able to actually use it. So it's back to Fur Fighter Village and onto Beaver Power!

Additional Hints

  • There's a Rocket Launcher and some Rockets down the side of the first roof. Glide down to get them.
  • Be careful of Gwynth's swinging tail - Getting hit by it can cause serious damage!
  • If at any time you struggle, always glide down the side of the building. There's more goodies down there.
  • Don't glide to another building/roof - Gwynth will follow you in the air, but she'll never land on it until you take care of her on the roof that you leapt off.
  • Gwynth can still fly down to the side of the building, but her aim isn't quite as good down there.

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