God Machine Valley

Entry Requirement: 250 Gold Tokens Babies: 10 Item: Union Pass New Weapon: Cluster Bomber

God Machine ValleyI hope you like giant machines, because this place is full of 'em. Let's start off by going straight forward as usual. You can interact with General Bristol if you want, otherwise, proceed forward, grabbing any ammo you need along the way. Take care of the Polar Bear, but whatever you do - Be wary of the massive excavating machinery that will pass! It's a OHF should it touch you. Once the danger has passed, move left and locate a small cave, where a Brown Bear will leap out at you. Take care of him, and hide out here until the rotating claw comes past again, and continue. You'll soon come across another cave, so enter here. Take care of the Crocodiles in here, grab the 3 Gold Tokens and switch to Bungalow, whose Telepoint is also in here. Now you want to come back out and make your way along this path in the same direction. You'll soon see a Beaver in his control room. He won't let you play yet though, so ignore him for now and leap over the rocks that are in your way.

God Machine ValleyIn this area, feel free to turn behind the excavator here and grab the Bear Disguise. Since they won't recognise you for a short while, feel free to take out the Polar Bear and Brown Bear nearby. But don't stray too far, because we need to get up on a ledge here. Wait for the machine to lower the shovel, and leap onto it as it begins to rise or walk over it as it digs under. You'll be picked up and, at the machine's full height, you'll see a ledge with a baby on. Leap over to save Wayne. Grab the 5 Gold Tokens and either hop down (at the expense of a large chunk of HP) or wait for the shovel to rise back again, and hitch a ride down.

Keep moving forward, ignoring the two openings for the time being. You'll soon see an office, so leap up the first platform and onto the office platform. Before you enter, check around the side to find Bronwyn. After saving him, enter the office and speak to the Beaver.

God Machine Valley
Mini Game Alert!
Arm Wrestling here is very straightforward. Just keep tapping the red 'A' button, and try not to pause. Needless to say, as you get closer to pushing his arm down, it will become increasingly hard to raise the bar. Tap as quick as you can, and you'll have this one in no time.
God Machine Valley

The Beaver will be disappointed that you beat his friend, but thankfully, he's an honest guy, so he'll hand you the Union Pass. Now we're going back the way we came, to the first God Machine, the God of Crushers. Present the Union Pass to the Beaver in charge, and he'll begrudgingly let you tamper with the machine. Tap the button, and wait for the machine to slow down. You'll notice that it slows down nearby in front of you, so hop around to it and leap onto one of the slowly rotating 'claws'. God Machine ValleyAt the top, leap down onto the conveyor belt, and avoid the mini steamrollers as they move back and forth. After leaping ahead of them continue forward, avoiding getting squashed by the compressor. Just past this is Barrie. Now you can leap (hopefully) onto the little machine near the bottom, and safely move onto the floor from here. Pick up the 6 Gold Tokens scattered here (2 sets of 3) and locate Juliette's Telepoint. Don't actually switch, but press the button next to the Telepoint and call the elevator if necessary, then hitch a ride back up, and once again leap over the rocks. This time, as you move forward, enter the first little alcove with the sign that reads 'DANGER BLASTING AHEAD'.

In here, you'll soon come to an area with several paths to choose from. Most lead to crates of explosives, some to Bears and some of these also contain Gold Tokens. In total, there are 6 Gold Tokens in this area (at the moment). Once you've got them, locate Roofus' baby who can be found by God Machine Valleyfollowing the dynamite lead. Before you approach her, pay attention to the way out - You'll be making a run for it soon. After you approach the baby, she'll step on the button in her excitement, regardless of who you are. She'll tell you to run, and rightly so - The dynamite wire is on fire. So, leg it out of the area, and you'll hear the dynamite explode as you exit. Before you go back in, locate the Roofus Telepoint near the nearby Beaver Office (where you arm wrestled) and switch (alternatively, wait until we re-visit Roofus' Telepoint later). Now you can re-enter the area, where the dynamite has caused many of the rocks to be blown to smithereens. There's also 1 new Gold Token to get here, so find it, grab it, take care of any surviving Bears (not sure how they managed that) and make your way back to Morag. After rescuing her, exit this area.

Back outside, we're gonna need to switch to Juliette. Turn left near the front of the Beaver's office to find a set of three machines. Run past them, take care of any enemies and continue along this pathway until you see a construction doorway. Just past this is a machine, and to the side of it (straight forward)is a noticeable blue cave (this is not the laser cave, by the way). Enter it, and grab the 6 Gold Tokens in the pool here. A little bit further in, and there will be some enemies to take care of, since they're guarding the Juliette Telepoint. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens nearby and switch. God Machine ValleyNow exit, and turn right. A quick cutscene will play as the Hippy Beavers explain what they're doing here. You've gotta feel a little sorry for them, because we're going to destroy that ancient monument that love so dearly. Move past them and look up at the ledge to the right of their sign - There's a large boulder here. Along with a little rock holding it in place. Shoot it (possibly a couple of times) and the boulder will roll down and destroy it. The Hippy Beavers will take their leave, and the machines will enter. Go down to where the pipes are, and grab 2 Gold Tokens here. Also make sure to grab another 2 Gold Tokens near the shrine. Now, leap onto a ledge on the front of the broken monument, right where a pipe will soon lower to. As it does so, enter it. Wait a while, and it will move around, and eventually position itself next to another one. Run straight through to the second pipe, and wait again. This new pipe will move, and eventually position itself just under a cliff. Carefully leap onto the cliff, and run down it to rescue Jean-Luc.

God Machine ValleyLeap down, and this time, make your way back to those three loader machines you saw on your way over here. Leap on the tray of the bottom one and wait for it to raise. When the second machine's tray lowers, leap onto that one. And of course, do the same for the third. But be warned - Each one has a faster speed the higher they are, and you may need to wait a while for them to be 'in-sync' enough for you to get up there. Once you're at the top, leap onto the cliff and you'll see a kitten on the other side. Leap over and rescue Jean-Claude. Before you leap down, follow the path to find a Roofus Telepoint (don't switch!) and 4 more Gold Tokens. Now we need to double back to where the Beaver's office is.

Back here, turn into the other alcove that reads 'CAUTION! DRILLING AHEAD'. In this area, there's another God Machine - The God of Drilling. There are some Bears that need to God Machine Valleybe taken care of as usual, so do so, but be aware that more will respawn in the storage container just above you. Turn left and avoid the pitchfork diggers. Opposite the machine is the drill - Get close to it, and wait for the drill to spin around so that part of the drill can be leapt on. You'll now need to move forward with the drill, but only slightly, until you make it all the way to the top. When you're high enough, leap over to the railing. Move all the way down here, and you should notice that you can jump onto part of the machine here. Do so, and move carefully to the edge near the drill. There's a small gap in the railing on the other side, so leap over, and at the end of the path here lies Jean-Paul. Save him, and use the machine's parts to climb down.

Now before we leave this area, head up the other side (where the storage container is) and head over to the control panel. After pressing the button, a cutscene will show the God of Drilling changing its course. Soon, a large opening will appear just underneath the dinosaur skeleton image.
God Machine Valley
Special Event!
With this new hole open, you'll can now enter a new hubworld - Dinotopolis. However, this hubworld is the 4th hubworld overall so expect tougher times here, and with higher entry requirements. Even if you've been following this guide, you still won't have rescued enough babies to enter the boss. You can enter now if you'd like, but I would personally recommend coming back here later.
God Machine Valley

Should you choose to continue with this level, you can now exit this area for the time being. Either way, approach the hole and locate the Chang Telepoint. Again, don't slide down here unless you're looking to exit this level early. Now, exit this area, and go past the Beaver's office again, and past the elevator-like digging machines. This time, when we get to the construction area, turn right - There's a cave here with some yellow lasers - One big laser and one smaller one. Wait for the big God Machine Valleylaser to pass, and run the opposite direction, into a little gap before the smaller one comes around (in other words, the lasers should be coming towards you as you run). If you attempt this with the larger laser, you're likely to get hit, and these things do a lotta damage. After it passes, run to the next area, and wait again for the big laser to pass. Run to the next alcove, grabbing the 4 Gold Tokens as you do so, and when you can, run back out. The third area has the exact same routine going for it, so grab another 4 Gold Tokens and run out. At the end of this path are some more Bears, and little So-Mai. After saving her, slide down and turn left, return to the Beaver's office for a final time and switch to Roofus.

I hate to tell you this, but you're going to have to double back to where you just rescued So-Mai. Did you see that place to your right? Get there. So go past the loader machines, past the laser cave entrance and opposite where the machines were waiting to get into the Hippy Beavers area. Take God Machine Valleycare of the Peacocks, Bears and Crocodiles, but don't leap on the conveyor belts just yet - Instead, slide down the slope here, take care of some more Crocodiles and grab the 4 Gold Tokens down here. Now approach the bottom of the conveyor belt machines, and on one side there will be a switch - Tap it, and do the same for the other one too. The machines will turn around and lead to a cave - So get back up there and leap onto the conveyor belt now, and leap between the pair and onto the cave cliff. Follow the path around here, taking care of any Crocodiles you come across. Grab the 12 Gold Tokens along the way, and as you come to the clearing, get ready to blast some Peacocks and collect 5 more Gold Tokens in this area. After doing that, save Anthony, then backtrack to the to the base of the conveyor belt machines.

Once again, tap the conveyor machine buttons at the bottom, and the machines will move back to their former positioning. There's a Bungalow Telepoint nearby - You don't have to switch, but I'd recommend it anyway. Get back up the path and leap onto the conveyor belts, which will lead you into the God of Processing. As soon as you enter, you'll be instantly switched to Chang. The God Machine Valleyconveyor belt will constantly push you forward, so be careful. As you turn around the corner, you'll need to avoid being squashed by a compressor. Around the next corner, you'll need to squeeze in between the gear as it turns. Around a couple more corners are three more compressors, which smash down one after the other. Wait until the first one has plunged down, then run forward, but be careful not to run too fast right into one of the other two. Around the next corner is a pool of water. Approach the gears and climb on as they rotate. Turn right and you'll see a vent. Shoot open the gate, and enter. After you make your way through, shoot open the exit gate and either plunge into the water, or attempt to shoot the lurking Crocodiles (preferably with a Grenade weapon). Once you've done that, dive into the water anyway, climb the ladder opposite and make your way up the stairs. If you're not collecting the Gold Tokens or have no interest in a new weapon, skip the next two paragraphs entirely.

If you look behind you, at the same level as you are you'll see another vent. Proceed up the second stairs, and leap over the railings, onto the platform behind them. Carefully fall down, but push againsr the wall where the vent is. Shoot it and enter, grabbing the 5 Gold Tokens along the way. You'll also God Machine Valleyencounter a Pet Yums Plus, which you'll grab even if at full health. This is a rare type of Pet Yums, which pushes your health to 200, before slowly dropping back down to 100. You can take advantage of this soon enough. Shoot the exit vent, and follow the pipes around to another small ledge. Carefully follow this ledge around and you'll see another vent. Shoot it, enter and grab the 5 Gold Tokens. You can either exit here, and start from the beginning of the God of Processing (where you were transformed into Chang) or you can hightail it back the way you came from, and drop down. Hopefully you'll still have the Pet Yums Plus in effect, so you'll lose little to no health points when doing so. Climb both flights of stairs.

Turn right, and immediately turn around. There's a vent down this path, so enter and claim the 4 Gold Tokens. Be careful of the Brown Bear guarding this area outside. Go back in, and follow the path all the way down to the other end. There will be another Brown Bear guarding a vent, so take care of him and go down here. You'll see a Polar Bear at the end, so deal with him, and take the 4 Gold Tokens in God Machine Valleyhere. Get back in, and follow the path around to see another vent being guarded by even more Bears. Take them out and get in, grabbing the 5 Gold Tokens as you arrive outside. Take care of the Polar Bear, and follow a little pathway around to a ladder. Climb up here for more Polar Bears, 5 more Gold Tokens and another high platform. Get up here, and you'll find a new weapon - The Cluster Bomber. Climb back down and enter the vent again, and follow the path around again and at the very end of this path will be a Brown Bear guarding the final vent of this floor. Take him out, then move through here for a Blue Bear and 4 more Gold Tokens. Now, go back in there, and get back to that area with the two flights of stairs, and go down one of them.

Turn all the way down here for a vent that only Chang can access. Get in there, and you'll be shown God Machine Valleyby a Beaver how to operate the claw (no, not that type of claw, Pizza Planet alien friends). Using the usual buttons and the fire key to grab, you need to grab the pipe using the claw (not as hard as it seems), and the game will automatically do the rest. Leap down this pipe, and at the other end you'll find Jet waiting for his father. The level exit is also here, so avoid (or, if you're feeling brave, take care of) the 5 Polar Bears, and get outta there.

Well, provided you're still with us and haven't skipped half of this level, let's proceed to Beaver Dam, since the Beavers there need our help.

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:30- MRC
02:14 JEF
01:31 GED
Baby Location
Barrie Back of God of Crushers
Wayne Top of ledge w/ excavator
Bronwyn Back of Beaver's office
Morag Explosives area
Jean-Claude Ledge opposite top of loader machines
Jean-Luc Cliff near Hippy Beavers
Jean-Paul Railing on God of Drilling
So-Mai End of laser cave
Anthony Cave near conveyor machines
Jet Near end of level (reached w/ pipe)
Tokens Location
3 Bungalow's Telepoint cave
5 Near Wayne
6 Base of God of Crushers
6 Explosives/blasting area
1 Explosives/blasting area (after explosion)
6 Pool in cave near Hippy Beaver area
4 Near Juliette's Telepoint
4 Near Roofus' Telepoint reached via Loaders
2 Near ancient monument
2 In Pipes near ancient monument
12 Cave leading to Angus
5 Angus' area
4 Laser cave 2nd Area
4 Laser cave 3rd Area
4 Base of conveyor belt machines
5 1st Vent in God of Processing
5 2nd Vent in God of Processing
4 God of Processing - 1st Exit
4 God of Processing - 2nd Exit
5 God of Processing - 3rd Exit (1st floor)
5 God of Processing - 3rd Exit (2nd floor)
4 God of Processing - 4th Exit

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