Glitches and Errors

All games have them. Most are harmless, sometimes even fun to find. But, there are a couple that can leave you fuming, and your game corrupt. Some are version exclusive, others are present in all versions If you have anything to add, remember you can contact me over here!

Crazy Taxi (PS2)

This is really neat. First, here's a video:

And here's how a contributor describes it:
Go to lower East Quack, I think it's where you save Roofus' puppy inside a train. Take Tweek and hop onto the train rails. It might seem like it's hurting you, but it's not as long as you stay on the rails and don't slip off. Otherwise you die. Walk left until you face the corner. Start climbing from rail to rail and fly into the corner. While other walls block you in the game, that corner should allow you to pass through. Land on the road and walk around a few buildings and then you'll see it.
I call it Wonky Taxi. It's a random Taxi model driving around one of the many buildings. As if that isn't enough, the wheels are way off and make it look like it's actually walking on it's wheels.
You can climb on it, drive on it, etc and you can continue to explore the glitchy world. You're free to kill yourself by jumping into the snowy abbyss anytime to return to your spawn point.
Thanks to: Sariinijinoka

Missing Crosshair (PS2)

Many thanks to Anders for bringing this strange glitch to my attention! In Viggo's Revenge, the game may sometimes glitch up a save file so badly that it loses the crosshair (the little target). It is currently unknown what causes this to happen, but the only known way to rectify the problem is by restarting the save file.

Track Walking (PC)

A similar trick can be performed on the DC/PC versions of the game. However, unless you're lightning quick, you'll need to use Roofus. When the train containing Roofus' puppy has left (after you've rescued him), turn around to the corner of the area. On one corner, you'll be able to jump down and maneuver yourself to stand just underneath the tracks. You can walk around the area, and choose to jump back into the level or go into the outskirts of the level. Though beware - Collision detection is poor in this area!

Brick Stick (PC/DC)

In the Temple of Gloom, when trying to get the Gold Mold you can sometimes get stuck between the bricks in the area.

River Trek (All Versions)

Using Tweek, enter the Anatat Tatatanat hub. Go near the portal, and go straight behind it, and find the ledge which overlooks the river. Jump as high as you can, and start gliding. If you fall into the water, start gliding immediately after the waterfall tries to drop you down. Continue gliding forward and, if done successfuly, you will glide over the game's 'Instant KO' perimeter and glide into the water at the end. Continue going forward and you will fall underneath the water, and eventually underneath the level.

Talking Tweek(PC/DC)

Assuming you haven't already beaten the level, enter the World Quack Center. As Tweek, find the Secret Elevator. Even though you are playing as Tweek who can't normally speak, you will still get the same message the other Fur Fighters normally say.

...A Warning? (DC)

Major Glitch! This happens in The Bad Place. If you collect 100 tokens you will cause this glitch to activate. When you re-enter, any Fur Fighter will mysteriously walk off the ledge, and fall to his/her doom, and you will never be able to get 100% completion.

Invisible Water (All Versions)

In The General's Lair defeat the first Viggo then go to the next room with the rest of the clones. Make your way over to the Tweek telepoint. Jump into it and glide down. When you are down there, face the fuse box and hug the wall on the right, where all the blue electronics are. Walk up and down, you should then begin to float up and the screen may turn blue. You should now see that Tweek is swimming in nothing and also blowing bubbles! When you land you will also see blue water footprints as well.

Fifi's Carrier: Literal Edition (DC)

When you battle Fifi on the carrier, if you go right underneath it then you might get caught in it and the carrier will raise higher and higher until you can't see the ground!

Creeping Viggo Clones (All Versions)

Sometimes when you come out of the hole using Roofus on the final battle, there are Viggo clones who have come through the glass!


Sometimes if you complete Saving Esmerelda, you can come out with 0HP. Though I will caution you when using this error- It can jam the game. At the end of the stage, when you see Esmerelda going down, jump over the water just before she jumps out. You will hear Bungalow shout, and as you see the ending scene it will say 'You fluffed it'. Don't press anything, as it can crash the game or it can make you start over from Rescuing Esmerelda. When you come out, Bungalow will have 0HP. This does not make him invincible, however.

Crazy Graphics (DC/PC)

In the VAB Building, if you are Tweek, and you stand on top of where the rocket is near the exit and you fly out into the exit, you keep going. Then, when you turn back to go back into the exit doors, the screen starts flickering and the graphics go crazy!Thanks to: Juliette

Background View (All Versions)

A very similar error can be found on all versions. In the VAB Building as Tweek, glide to where the rockets are. Glide over if you can, and you can stop at the block. Look down, and you can see all of the game's backgrounds! Glide down, however, and you fluff yourself.

Roofus' Glitchy Nightmare (All Versions)

Go into the Bad Place, and go to Roofus' nightmare. This is much easier with invincibility. There are two errors. First, climb to the top of the broken tower (The one nearest to the dynamite plunger). Now go to the far left, and try and jump down to the brick wall. If you come behind it, the second tank will be waiting and watching you, but it won't attack. You can plant the dynamite in it, and the door out of the level will appear. Please note that this WILL jam the game if you do have the invincibility on, and the only way out is to exit the game, then re enter. You will have to start again.

Graphic View (All Versions)

Go to the Bad Place, and get the second tank out. Go back to the top of the broken tower, and jump on top of the tank. When it is going around, look at the bricks. Jump over them, and, although you fluff yourself, you will see loads of the game graphics go all over the place!

Wrong Head (PC)

If you go into a telepoint and get Fluffed half way through changing, then when you restart you will have the character which you were swapping over with. However, if you look at your health monitor you will see the character which you are playing with's name and the face of the Fur Fighter which got fluffed. So say you chose Roofus, and he got fluffed inside Rico's telepoint you will have Rico's name but Roofus' head. The voices would still be Rico.

Fireproof Fur (Fighter) (PS2)

Enter the fire in Juliette's nightmare in The Bad Place. No damage will be taken.
Fireproof Fur (Fighter)

Textureless View (All Versions)

Also in Juliette's nightmare, position yourself under the window. Then move the camera down. Outside, the background will turn black, and you can see the cutoff point from the background.
Textureless View

Levitating Fur Fighters (DC)

In God Machine Valley,when you are inside the giant green machine,and you come out,there are a bunch of doors. Find the one with 2 bears guarding it and go through it. If you fall down in a certain place past that point, RIGHT before you hit the ground,you will start levatating!
Thanks to:Dux  

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