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Back on the Official Fur Fighters website (as in, before it closed down), there were a selection of Flash games available to play. Although the official site is no longer around, we've managed to get our hands on each of the games.

Hong Kong Caper

Hong Kong Caper

Hong Kong Caper was a general all-around shooter, taking place in - of course - Hong Kong. The idea was to shoot as many Bears as you could within the time limit, whilst also keeping a close eye on your own health. If you lose all your HP, the game ends immediately. If you manage to keep going until the timer runs out, you were presented with a high score chart.
The Bears in this game move fast - Depending on what resolution you played the game at, you may have found it almost impossible to keep your HP from depleting. They would attack from all corners of the screen, even flying past in a Taxi cab.
What is perhaps most interesting about this particular game, is that it uses the concept art for a scrapped hubworld. See for yourself in these exclusive screenshots:

Hong Kong Caper Hong Kong Caper

Tweakspar Featuring Tweak

Tweakspar Featuring Tweak

Poor Tweek. Acclaim just could not get his name right anywhere on the old site. Tweakspar Featuring Tweak (or Tweekspar Featuring Tweek) was another Flash game. The object of the game was to destroy the Aircrafts and collect the Gold Tokens. The game ended after all 3 lives were depleted or the timer ran out.
Strangely, Tweek possesses a Heavy Machine Gun (very similar to that of which Esmerelda uses)... But he never uses it. At all. If that wasn't strange enough for you, Tweek can't swim in this game, and colliding with the water beneath causes you to lose a life. And for added strangeness, Tweek can inexpicably fly in this game by pressing the spacebar.
So how do you destroy aircrafts using a gun with no ammo? You fly on top of them. Yes. Flying from beneath them will cause you to lose a life, as will colliding head first into them. Once destroyed, you'll earn a single point and a Gold Token will start to fall. Grab it, and that counted as 5 points. But be careful - Gold Tokens can disappear into the water. They also disappear after a short time, too. Like the other games, you could receive a high score chart for surviving the timer, but that was about it.
The concept artwork of Tweek was slightly tweaked (pun intended) for this game.

Tweek in: Tweekspar Tweek in: Tweekspar

Adventures Down Under Featuring Chang

Adventures Down Under Featuring Chang

With a title like that, I'm not quite sure what happened to Bungalow here.
Adventures Down Under Featuring Chang was a maze game, where Chang was trapped in the sewers. You avoided the Bears, collected all the Gold Tokens and made your way to the Exit. Chang used slightly altered artwork based on his concept art - The same one that's used for the logo of the game.
It is perhaps notable that the bear will always perform a headshot on Chang, which is never seen in the actual game.

Adventures Down Under Featuring Chang Adventures Down Under Featuring Chang

Chicago Shoot 'Em Up

Chicago Shoot 'Em Up
Chicago Shoot 'Em Up was virtually identical to Hong Kong Caper, just with a different background. There were Bears. You shot them. You get a high score. Or your Health is depleted and you receive nothing. You lose. GOOD DAY SIR.

Chicago Shoot 'Em UpChicago Shoot 'Em Up


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