Fur Fighters II: The Final Fluff

Currently, Fur Fighters II is being created by a group of devoted fans. There's no guarantee it will be finished, though we are determined to give it a shot! Right now, here is the information we can disclose:

Story: The story has been finished, we'll be revealing a bit shortly.

Characters: Original main cast will be returning. General Viggo will once again be the villain.UPDATE: Ohhohoho, he'll be the first boss, but that is all...

Confirmed Levels:
  • Fur Fighter Village
  • Viggo-A-Gogo

  • Dinotopolis (City version)
  • Anatat Tatatanat

  • Okinyawa

  • Haunstanton

  • Gameplay: 2D Platformer, with shooting and puzzle elements

    Screenshots will be shown once there is significant progress. Otherwise, all of the latest sprite work for the game can be found at DeviantArt.

    Interested in helping out? That's great news! Please send your details, along with what you are interested in helping with to this email. We currently have positions open for the following:
  • Programmers
  • Sprite Artists (beginners welcome!)
  • Musicians (even simple remixes are appreciated)
  • OCs
  • General game ideas / suggestions
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