Easter Eggs


Have you ever let your copy of Fur Fighters run whilst you go about your own business? If so, you may have come across this screen on the Dreamcast and PC versions before.

Fur Fighters Screensaver

References - All Versions

So many references to be found... Click to enlarge, mouse over to see what each one parodies.

Apocalypse Cow/Apocalypse Now Shenmoo/Shenmue Resident Weevil/Resident Evil Metropolis Sheep Racer/Metropolis Street Racer The Thin Red Lion/The Thin Red Line Ducks/Cats West Side Bears/West Side Story Viggo's Glory/England's Glory Charle Darwinosaurus/Charles Darwin Humanic Park/Jurassic Park Sea Minkeys/Sea Monkeys Quackdonalds Coo-op/Co-op Tweet-11/Seven-11 W.H.Hoot/W.H.Smith

References - Viggo's Revenge

Planet of the Bears/Planet of the Apes Playbahariasaurus/Playboy Mice Crispies/Rice Crispies Flesh & Fibre/Fruit & Fibre Shredded Meat/Shredded Wheat Dino Pages/Yellow Pages

Love Viggo!... OBEY VIGGO.

Love Viggo!...OBEY VIGGO.

Do you remember that adorable image of General Viggo in the nursery of Dinos Upstairs in Viggo's Revenge? Yes? Have you ever... Stared at it, for about, say, 20 seconds...? Try it now, if you haven't.

Anatat Explosion

Anatat Explosion

If you hang around the entrance to Anatat Tatanatat for a while, you might catch sight of another event.

Slot Machines are Addictive

Temple of Gloom Temple of Gloom

If you play too much on the slot machine, as some of you may know, you can get a raunchy picture of Juliette in a swim suit. But if you keep playing after that... The machine becomes a little hostile.

Bizarre's Bizarre Easter Egg

In Land of the Happy Moles, the computers are actually displaying real screenshots from Bizarre Creations' former office. Notably, one of the screens actually shows the level being designed.

Land of the Happy Moles

Also in Land of the Happy Moles, there is an arcade machine. This is the based off the same one that could be found in their office, as seen in the image from Venturebeat.

Land of the Happy Moles

Finally, in the PC adaption there is a cabinet containing a Dreamcast and a couple of games, including Fur Fighters.

Land of the Happy Moles


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