Entry Item: N/A Gold Tokens: 10
DinotopolisThis hubworld has no entry item - In case you've forgotten, the way to open this hub is in God Machine Valley. Also, as a random note - the stats screen displays this hub incorrectly as 'Dinotoplis' on some versions. Without further ado, let's quickly get these tokens. Snag the items in front if you need them, then turn left and keep following the path (taking down several enemies, including a Crocodile dressed as a Rat) and you'll soon see a large lawnmower. You don't have to get this unless you're just desperate for the Plasma Beamer underneath, but in case you are - shoot the button at the top, and the yellow/black switch from the side (so that it pushes itself towards the handle) afterwards. Then use Bungalow to leap up there and grab the goodies. Anyway, keep moving forward until you come across a large set of glass windows. Inside the house, there are loads of goodies - Even some markings for Juliette to climb up to reach more. But anyway, keep going left from where you first see the Gronda plant and you'll find an opening. Get in there, turn right and go all the way down. Switch to Chang via the Telepoint in the corner and snag 2 Gold Tokens in front of the door leading to The Rumpus Room. You'll see a couple more 'ballerina' Foxes, so take them out as they approach. From facing this door, turn left and follow this wall to the cabinet. Walk underneath and snag another Gold Token, keep going (avoid the Bungalow Telepoint for now) and turn right shortly after for the door which leads to Dinos Upstairs. Snag the 2 Gold Tokens in front of this door as well. Keep following this wall and get underneath another cabinet and grab another single Gold Token. Continueto the very end and turn left where the door to Dinos Downstairs waits, along with 2 more Gold Tokens. Now if you'd like to get the Tokens first, leave the house (the same way you came in) and turn right. Watch out for the Armadillos! At the end of this path the last 2 Gold Tokens can be found just outside of Saving Esmerelda.


Level Statistics
Dinotopolis Dinos Downstairs

Entry Requirement: 550 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 6

Dinotopolis Dinos Upstairs

Entry Requirement: 600 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 5

Item: Battery

Mini Boss: Mr. Dustee

Dinotopolis The Rumpus Room

Entry Requirement: 650 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 10

Saving Esmerelda

Entry Requirement: 85 Babies

Primary Weapon Needed: Pistol/Submachine Gun/Heavy Machine Gun

Quick Lists

Tokens Locations
2 Door leading to The Rumpus Room
2 Under cabinet from Rumpus Room to Dinos Upstairs
2 Door leading to Dinos Upstairs
2 Under cabinet from Dinos Upstairs to Dinos Downstairs
2 Door leading to Dinos Downstairs
2 Path leading to Saving Esmerelda

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