Dinos Upstairs

Entry Requirement: 700 Gold Tokens Babies: 5

Dinos Upstairs Hopefully you switched to Bungalow, since the parent's bedroom is full of high places. Before you attack that bear ahead, turn around to grab 4 Gold Tokens (and perhaps some extra ammo if necessary). Proceed forward and get rid of the 3 bears in here. Although the cupboards are surprisingly empty, the two bedside cabinets to the right of the door contain a Gold Token each. Unless you're doing a baby-only run, move to the shoes (grab some energy if you need it) and use the open doors to leap onto the large cabinet. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens on the corners, and leap over the gap. Continue to the bed, and, if you skipped Cape Canardo, grab the Neutron Gun behind the clock. Step on the nearby switch and use the clock and the pot beside it to leap onto the bedknobs and grab 2 more Gold Tokens on each side. With the bed now moving (...) make your way back down to the ground, and carefully go under the bed for 7 Gold Tokens. Be careful - Bungalow won't make that it one go. Proceed through the door.

Dinos UpstairsHere in the bathroom, you'll be greeted with more bears and a peacock which will gradually come into view. Defeat them, and use the Juliette Telepoint. Continue to the open shower door, and carefully hop on the side. The "proper" way to do this is to shoot the button near the corner to drain the lava. Or you can leap onto the floating soap to save Marie. Careful, it's slippery! Grab the 2 Gold Tokens and leave the shower, making your way to the other end of the bath. Take care of the polar bear and brown bear, but be vigilant, because your next target is that towel. And on the ledge just in front are two peacocks which won't fall. Take care of them, and climb the towel. Up here, be careful not to fall into the lava. Anyway, there's Pet Yums and some energy where the peacocks were if you need it, otherwise carefully walk around the perfume bottles and use the Bungalow Telepoint to switch.

Dinos Upstairs Leap onto the perfume bottles and turn to face the nearby sink. Jump over there to claim the 3 Gold Tokens, and bound back over. Leap onto the taps (or faucets if you're in the US) and use the Juliette Telepoint here. Use the left perfume bottles to reach the towels up here, and switch to Tweek via the Tweek Telepoint on the other towels. Head back to the large cabinet, and grab the Gold Token on the perfume bottle at the top. Glide to the one just underneath the top to grab 3 more Gold Tokens. And glide underneath that one for an additional 2 Gold Tokens. Unfortunately, since you're too low to reach the Dino Dad, you'll need to switch to Juliette again on the tap/faucet and get back to that Tweek Telepoint. See that hole in his head? Yeah, glide into it. Once inside, tap the brain. The Dino Dad will only be started for a short while, so run through his nostrils and glide straight forward, aiming for the cup first to grab those 2 Gold Tokens. Save Zweeek, and glide on over to the toilet.

Dinos Upstairs From here, glide on over to the other bog to grab 3 Gold Tokens. If you fall in, use the toilet freshner to climb out. Needless to say, the 3 brown bears below probably spotted you, so take them out. Before you continue forward, grab the single Gold Token near the first toilet, and move on ahead. There's another Gold Token behind the straw basket, so grab that and turn your attention to those pestiferous brown bears. Take out these 5 as well, and, before you move through the new door, switch to Bungalow using his Telepoint that is between the two set of drawers. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens behind him, then take a look at the weighing scale at the end near the door. Tap the button on the other side, and use it to reach the platform above (it seems to be best if you run into it). Avoiding the utensils, grab the 10 Gold Tokens up here, and glide on into the next room. Prepare yourself...

Mr. Dustee
Mini Boss Alert!
To be fair, he's only doing his job. That doesn't make it any less of a nuisance for us, though. Click here for a full guide on how to defeat this miniboss.
Mr. Dustee

Dinos UpstairsWel, if you didn't already do so during the boss, grab the 2 Gold Tokens underneath the driller, and exit through the other door for now (a brown bear will ambush you by the way). Grab the Gold Token behind the door. Now, you can either destroy the brown bears, or make your way into the cardboard box around the corner and enter the tank. Using the NQPD tank, you can defeat bears by simply rolling over them or shooting them. Take care of them and make your way up the bed, grabbing the 3 Gold Tokens at the end of the bedsheets. There are 3 more Gold Tokens at the center of the bed, plus 1 more at the back and another 2 at the front (which you may find easier to grab a bit later). Before you get out of the tank, shoot the box to reveal a battery.

Dinos Upstairs Exit the tank, and enter the first wardrobe. Before you switch to Roofus, grab the 2 Gold Tokens in here. Use that Roofus Telepoint, and make your way over to the Gronda tank. There's a Mound in the little grass box next to it, so use it. With a bit of luck, the Grondas will be too busy fighting each other (and hurting our little friend in the process) to notice you at first. Grab the 3 Gold Tokens (one on the left, two on the right) and save William. And be careful, because as soon as you do so, the Grondas will attack Roofus. Exit using the same burrow, and ignore that Gold Token straight ahead. Turn left, and turn left again, making your way down to the front of the bed. The cover is lifted slightly, so go in, and turn into that little gap inside the bed. In here, there are 2 Gold Tokens at the back, and 4 more Gold Tokens on the magazines. Not to mention a bunch of thermal and a Freeze Gun. Now, this next bit is a nuisance on this version - you have to go all the way back through the bathroom and switch to Juliette via a Telepoint. Then make your way back to the Dino Kid's bedroom (where you just were).

Dinos UpstairsTurn right upon re-entering, and climb the cabinet via the Cat Scratches. Move onto the bed and grab the Battery. Now I'm afraid there's more backtracking, to the nearest Bungalow Telepoint. There's also one leading from the Dino Kid's room, but unless you're speedrunning, I'll tell you about it later. Head back to Mr.Dustee's room as Bungalow, and leap onto the drilling machine's platform via the blocks, and switch using the Rico Telepoint. Place the Battery into the God of Drills and use the "Sea Minkeys" food tub and box to get closer to the hole. Shoot the Lobsters if you want, and swim on in to rescue Esteban. Before you leave, grab the 4 Gold Tokens. Then return to the Dino Kid's room. Remember that final cabinet just in front of the Gronda's tank? Enter it, grab the Gold Token and switch via the Tweek Telepoint. Move through to grab another Gold Token. There are bears, peacocks and foxes waiting for you in the Nursery, so be prepared to take them all down before you do anything else!

Dinos Upstairs Once they're all taken care of, grab the 4 Gold Tokens to the side of the alphabet cubes. Glide onto the record player and grab 3 more Gold Tokens, then reach around the other side for 3 additional Gold Tokens. Using the dial, leap onto the record player and tap the needle to change the song. Three newborn dinos, hooray! Now use the blocks to climb onto the other side. There are 2 Gold Tokens around the side of the playset, and 8 Gold Tokens around their bed. After you've got them all, climb up the playset. Grab the Gold Token on the first floor, and continue to the top. Grab the single Gold Token here and glide to the top of the crib bed. Now, using the bouncing baby dinos' heads, leap across to the plane mobile and save Mweek. Head on out via the Chang baby plushie, and we can head onto the next level - The Rumpus Room!

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:32 PSM
01:54 EGG
01:51 SAM
Baby Location
Marie On a bar of soap in the shower
Zweeek Opposite Dino Dad on a platter
William In the Gronda tank
Esteban In the Sea Minkey's tank
Mweek On the plane mobile in the nursery
Tokens Location
4 Behind you at the start
2 Bedside cabinets next to the door
2 Larger cabint in parent's room
2 Left bedknob
2 Right bedknob
7 Under the parent's bed
2 Shower
3 On the sink
1 Perfume bottle on cabinet (top)
3 Second shelf of large cabinet
2 Third shelf of large cabinet
2 Cup on platter (next to Zweeek)
3 On the toilet
1 At the side of a toilet (floor)
1 Behind the straw basket
2 Behind Bungalow's Telepoint between tables
10 Utensil area
2 Underneath the God of Drills model
1 Behind the door in Dino Kid's room
3 Bottom of bed
3 Center of bed
1 Back of bed
2 Front of bed
2 Wardrobe (near Roofus' Telepoint)
3 Gronda tank
2 Underneath bed at back
4 Underneath bed on magazines
4 In the Sea Minkey tank
1 Second wardrobe in Dino Kid's room
1 Pathway to the Nursery
4 Side of the alphabet cubes
6 On the record player
2 On the car playset
8 Around the crib
1 First floor of playset
1 Top of playset

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