Dinos Downstairs

Entry Requirement: 650 Gold Tokens Babies: 5

Dinos DownstairsIf you're already playing as Bungalow, you have an advantage. If not, no worries, it's not too much extra work. Move forward, taking down some Bears and picking up ammo if needed. Ignore the Chang Telepoint at the left. Keep going forward until you reach the stairs. If you're playing as Bungalow, don't bother going down them - Turn right and around the bricks is a switch for the fireplace. Leap up and press it. Not Bungalow? Head down to the floor (hope you've stocked up on ammo, there's a load of enemies down there) and head for the cabinet on your right. Shoot the switch to open the door and there's a Bungalow Telepoint in here (along with 2 Brown Bears, so be warned). Switch and make your way back up those stairs to hit the previously mentioned button. Now head for that Chang Telepoint you saw a little earlier and switch. Enter the little crack in the fireplace bricks (nearer the starting point), and you'll soon see Wu (renamed Juan Luis by mistake if you're playing on the NTSC version) waiting to be rescued. Snag the 4 Gold Tokens around the stove and, before leaving this area, take care of the Rat-Crocodiles and grab the other 5 Gold Tokens in here. Now exit, and grab another 2 Gold Tokens around the side of the giant sofa just opposite before you leap down to the floor.

See that light in the center of the table? Leap into it. You'll start to levitate. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens here, and move forward to fall down (you'll likely take a little bit of damage though). To the left (if the cabinet is on your right) is another part of the level, with a floating chair and a large globe. Be very careful - Peacocks (disguised as Ducks in this world), Armadillos, Brown Bears and Polar Bears are all waiting for you. Two Brown Bears might also join you from the floating chair. Dinos DownstairsSince you can't get up the stairs just yet, turn around to face these foes. After taking them all out (recommended), stock up on ammo or the can of Pet Yums (you'll likely need it!) and enter the corner in the far left to switch to Juliette via the Telepoint. Come back, pick up the 2 Gold Tokens beside the books, as well as another 2 Gold Tokens in front of some claw marks. Climb up, and keep going to the top (unless you need plasma energy, in which case make a stop halfway before resuming). Up here, ignore the piano for now, and turn right. Leap onto the other bookcase on the other side, grabbing the 5 Gold Tokens around the plant. Now leap onto the floating chair, but don't switch to Bungalow just yet! Wait for the chair to come around and leap onto the two switches. Both sides of the chair will come up, so grab the 4 Gold Tokens at the edge and climb the claw marks up the chair to the top. Up here, grab 4 more Gold Tokens and turn around until you see the Tweek Telepoint on the piano. Leap over and switch.

Dinos Downstairs This next part is a little tricky. What you have to do is glide all the way around onto the plant that's on top of the table in the dining room (that we came out of). On here, you can rescue Yweek. Now before we leave, take a look at the chairs. On one of them, there are 3 Gold Tokens. Glide down and snag them. Leap onto the chair next to it (with the rockets) and from here, glide over to the bookcase. Behind the books are 3 more Gold Tokens. Now, from here, you need to get back up near that chair - So glide down, switch back to Juliette from the same place, climb back up the scratches on the bookcase, leap onto the other bookcase. There are two ways to do this - confident folks can skip switching to Bungalow via his Telepoint on the chair. Either way, here's what to do - Leap onto the globe and it will start turning as you walk. Grab the 3 Gold Tokens (one is a bit behind the others) before it moves too quickly for you, and use the models to leap onto either the Juliette Telepoint just above or the cat scratches. And if you switch to Jules here, you're goal is, of course, to reach those marks. Climb up and rescue Gerard, then switch back to Bungalow and head down, then leap up the stairs (or, if you have enough HP, leap over the stairs as Juliette) to enter the living room.

Dinos Downstairs Move past the chair to find the Dino Kid and some Bears. Take out the Bears, then grab the Gold Tokens under the Dino. Be careful - getting too squished by any part of his body or his magazine results in an insta-fluff. There are 2 Gold Tokens under his feet and tail, and 4 Gold Tokens inside his magazine. Now from here, turn the corner (watch out for more Bears!) and snag the 3 Gold Tokens on the bottom of the hat holder. If you move around a bit, you'll see a plant in the corner, along with a Roofus Telepoint. Switch. Now go towards the bookcase closest to the plant, and use the books to climb up through a small opening. In this plant is a digging mound, so dig through and you'll be up on a plant on a shelf near the top of the chair. There may or may not be some Bears here, so take care of them if need be and use the Tweek Telepoint up here to switch. Glide over to the chair, and hit the switch on the remote to turn the television off. Before you do anything else, grab the 2 Gold Tokens on the rim here. Now glide over to the television set, and land on the plaftorm containing the television (or around it). Grab the 2 Gold Tokens on the left of the TV set, and at the right you'll find a Bungalow Telepoint. Switch, then get behind the back of the TV, and enter via a little opening. With the electrics switched off, you can use these nodes to climb up and reach Kelly. Make sure to grab all 6 Gold Tokens before you leave!

Dinos Downstairs Safely get back to ground level, and turn around the corner again (as though you were heading for the Roofus' Telepoint) to see more stairs leading up. Leap up to the top, and be careful - more Bears and another Peacock are up here. Once they're out of the way, grab the 4 Gold Tokens on the planes of the stool and grab the other 4 Gold Tokens on the other stool planes. Now let's inspect that fridge. Leap onto the pedal at the bottom. There's a Rico Telepoint in here, and a familiar sound. So switch, and climb the ladder in front. At the top, leap onto the glass planes and use the chicken leg to get onto the next plaftorm. As a warning, some Brown Bears from across the room might start to attack you, so be vigilant. Continue upwards by using the cheese as an extra platform, and finally, use the milk carton to reach the top. Hit the switch and the ice will defrost. Now make your way back down, and climb the ladder at the bottom again. But this time, drop down into the water below. You can now swim under the glass to save Juan Luis (renamed Wu by mistake if you're playing on the NTSC version). Now swim back underneath the glass, climb back up the ladder and get out of the fridge. Turn right, and go around the side of the fridge to find a Bungalow Telepoint. Switch.

Dinos Downstairs Just a bit further ahead of the fridge is a chicken. Move your vision to the top left, where there's a glass of water on the side. Shoot it, the water will splash down onto the chicken. Wait for the cutscene to finish, and leap onto the chicken's right wing, then onto the body. Walk up and leap to the side, where the glass of water was originally. Get to the other end of the sink, and leap onto either the hot or cold knob and then onto the tap (faucet) to grab the 3 Gold Tokens perched on top. Now slide down and grab the 3 Gold Tokens on the floating plates in the sink. Use the bobbing plates to get back to the side, and switch to Chang via his Telepoint near the cold switch while we're here. Run back to the chicken, and leap over to the opposite side, where a mug and a box can be found. If you haven't already, get rid of the Bears here and enter the box via the little cut out for 3 Gold tokens. Now run around the box to grab another 2 Gold Tokens. Now run back to the chicken.

Dinos Downstairs You'll see a toaster nearby, almost right in front of you. Leap over, and be careful of the Bears in the area. Once they're out of the way, follow the toaster cable and hit the plug switch. Now run to the end, run up the knife and onto the butter (warning: it's slippery!) and onto the bread. Now leap onto the toaster switch, and it will start descending. If you can, leap onto the toasting bread now, otherwise quickly run back to the knife, onto the slippery butter, onto the the bread and onto the toaster bread. Now wait - Eventually the toast will start getting hot (you'll see black steam soon) and, when it launches you into the air, aim for the shelf above (you might want to turn around to face the window in anticipation of this). You'll probably miss the very top shelf, and that's okay - we want the next one. Turn around completely, so that you can see a switch. Shoot it, and the dish washer will open. Before you leave, turn left to see a small gap in the wall. Go through it, and grab the 4 Gold Tokens on the saucepan handles. A little warning - once in the saucepan, it's hard to get out. Now, there's no easy way to do it on this version, so use the saucepan handles to get back around, go back to the shelf you landed on and fall down on the bread. Then use it to fall down on the now open dishwasher. Then fall down to the ground (to your left) and reach for the corner, where a Bungalow Telepoint is. Switch, and leap back onto the open dishwasher. If you're still stuck from the saucepan handle, fall down to the next shelf whereever you can, and keep heading down to that corner. Be careful of any extra Bears that may be in this area, as always.

Dinos Downstairs Move forward, and grab the 6 Gold Tokens on the conveyor belt as you head into the dishwasher. You'll be shown a quick clip that presents your goal - a kangaroo baby. Drop down (aim for the water to avoid damage) and quickly locate the half-sunken plate, or land around the side so that you're not swimming. Why? Because you'll want to take care of those darn Shrimps in the area. Now wait for one of the plates on the dishwasher to drop down into the water, and position yourself underneath where it falls. Don't worry about it moving; another plate will soon arrive. The plate will rise and with a bit of luck, you'll be on the plate too. The machine will move about, so stay on and, when the beams start emitting from the nozzle now above you, circle around them to avoid damage. When the nozzle rises, face the center of the machine. The plate will then be lowered. Sometimes, it falls all the way down, and you need to wait again for it to rise. Otherwise, it will quickly move back up and bounce you up. Once it has risen twice, you'll be high enough to move to the center and rescue Blue on the ledge.

Dinos Downstairs Now locate the Juliette Telepoint and switch. Climb up the Cat Scratches leading out, and exit the dishwasher, taking the left and climbing back up the chicken (you might need to switch back to Bungalow first) and moving right to pass the toaster we were on earlier. There's a small black path that leads to the other side (the corner), so carefully move alone it and take out any bears that escaped from you last time. Turn around a bit, and you'll see a small hole to walk through. Be careful - Mama Dino is working on the stove, and her paw can fluff you if you're under it. Just past her paw, at the bottom right you can drop down to find a Roofus Telepoint. Switch. You'll likely see what to do here - wait for the burner to turn off, grab the 2 Gold Tokens and run into the next hob. Wait here, since this hob is permanently switched off, whereas the others will periodically switch on and off. Move past the next hob and grab another 2 Gold Tokens, then wait inbetween the next one. Again, once it's off, snag another 2 Gold Tokens and move to the next hob, which is switched off. Nearly done - Wait for the next hob to switch off and snag the 2 Gold Tokens in here, and run to the final hob (which is permamently switched off too). You'll see a ladder, so climb up, and snag the final 3 Gold Tokens at the side of the bread bin. Needless to say, rescue Heather and we can finally leave this level.

Nice work. We'll be heading to Dinos Upstairs next, to explore the upper level of the house!

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:18 PHL
01:30 MAT
01:10 ALN
Baby Location
Wu Inside the heater
Yweek In a plant pot in the dining room
Gerard On top of the globe
Kelly Inside the television
Juan Luis At the bottom of the fridge
Blue On top of the Dishwasher
Heather In front of the bread bin/Exit
Tokens Location
4 Around stove
5 Inside fireplace
2 Side of the sofa
4 Center of dining table (levitate)
2 Near books
2 Near claw marks
5 Plant on bookshelf
4 End of chair
4 Top of chair
3 Chair around dining table
3 Behind books on bookcase
3 On the globe
2 Under Dino Kid's lower end
4 In Dino Kid's magazine
3 Under hat holder
2 Rim of chair
2 Left of the TV set
6 On the electric nodes
4 Bottom of a stool
4 Bottom of another stool
3 On the tap/faucet
3 On the plates
3 Inside Dehydrated Chicken box
2 Around the same box
4 On saucepan handles
6 Dishwasher conveyor belt
8 Kitchen hobs
3 Beside bread bin/exit

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