Dreamcast Cheats

NOTE: Many of the 'Revisit' cheats do not work on most copies of the game. Please be aware of this.

Walter (Alternate Voices)

Get 10,000 points or more on Bear Attack.

Big Head Mode

Get 30,000 points or more on Bomber Bear.


Get 10,000 points or more on Super Snake.

Rocket Camera

Get 5,000 points or more on Snake Classic.

Rotation Camera

Complete Block Puzzle in less than 60 seconds.

Honey, I Shrunk The Fur Fighters

Get 15,000 points or more on Balloon Lift.


Revisit 'Saving Gwynth' after her defeat.

100% Health

Revisit 'Saving Juanita' after her defeat.

Ammo Boost

Revisit 'Saving Claude' after his defeat.

Stereopair Viewing

Revisit 'Saving Esmerelda' after her defeat.

Hard Mode

Revisit 'Saving Winnie and Mai' after their defeat. Bears are now 2x harder to defeat.


Revisit 'The General's Lair' after his defeat.

Thin Mode

Complete the Puzzle at Temple of Gloom (the one near where you insert the Spanner).