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About the Site

Total Fur Fighters opened on 13th December 2001. Back then, I had been looking to build my own website for a few years, but since the internet was still fairly new, I had issues locating a free website builder. Eventually, a friend of mine told me about Freeservers, a free website creator that still exists to this very day.
I started off and was pleased with the reception the site received, since back then, we were the only Fur Fighters website besides the official site. I was also ecstatic when a couple of members from Bizarre Creations were kind enough to compliment me for making the site, even supplying me with some early concept art to share with others.
From there, we moved to Freewebs. We weren't here for very long before we then moved to Yami-Yugi.net, a site which has since been taken over by a different individual (last time I checked, NSFW). Then we fluffed our way to Demyx.net, another site that no longer exists (at least not by the same owner). Finally, we settled on Xemnas.net, where we will likely remain for hopefully years to come.

Why Fur Fighters?

Fur Fighters has been one of, if not, my all time favorite games (despite my more well known alternate alias). I first saw the game being advertised in a Dreamcast magazine which I no longer own. Despite it going missing over 10 years ago, I still remember the prequel ad - Rico the Penguin promo art, the one from the back cover, and the title 'Furkin' Hell!' was in this tiny corner. I was intrigued by the premise, but didn't hear about it again until some months later when it arrived in Toys R Us.
I was lucky enough to get the game as a present, and proceeded to play. I was hooked. The cast, the music, the atmosphere, the sound effects, the gameplay - The only other game that had managed to capture my heart like that was Spyro the Dragon and it's sequels. I fell in love, I would play with family (one fluff and it's your turn), I would play solo, I would go glitch-hunting, I would scour the internet for any secrets... It became my favorite game of all time, even though Spyro might be a little annoyed at me for saying so.
I picked up the PC version of the game soon after, just so I could play it again on a different console. I didn't pay attention to all the differences back then, but I loved it just as much, and I loved being able to play Fluffmatches in a single mode style so I could finally see the beauty of each one in full.
When Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge came out, I actually purchased a Playstation 2 solely to play it. That and I knew there would be a plethora of other games on the console in the future that I would like, heh. Although I was at first disappointed it wasn't a sequel (since you have no idea how much I had hoped for one) I soon became enthralled again with the new additions to the game. Even if I did corrupt my memory card by accident and needed to restart New Quack City and Beaver Power all over again, ahaha...
So in short, it's because it's without a doubt one of the most underrated and underappreciated yet spectacular games I have ever played.

About Me

My name is Fur Fighter Master, though most people know me better as RadSpyro. I can be found over at DeviantArt, Youtube, Tumblr, Fur Fighters Wiki and many various forums under the same username. As you can probably imagine by my username, I am also a huge fan of the Spyro the Dragon series. Pretty much anywhere you see me I'll also have left a trace of Fur Fighters somewhere.


Totem Games Totem Games is a new company, formed by Matt and Jill Cavanagh in June 2011. Matt worked on Fur Fighters in the past, so let's give them a head start and spread the word about their new gaming company!

Totem Games Lucid Games is formed by some of Bizarre Creations old members. Let's help spread the word for them too!

FurFighter-Village Can't get enough Furry Fighting fanart? Check this place out for more.

Fur Fighters Wiki The Fur Fighters Wiki, another fantastic source for Fur Fighters. I'm not biased because I'm the bureaucrat/head admin there. Not at all.

Special Thanks

  • My mother, for being so supportive of my Fur Fighters addiction and my site.
  • Phil from Bizarre Creations, for joining the Fur Fighters Fanatic Club when it was open.
  • Matt and Jill Cavanagh, for so kindly answering my Fur Fighters questions shortly after they opened Totem Games.
  • Mark Craig, for answering my Fur Fighters questions, as well as letting me know of Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass before it was put online.
  • All the production team working on Fur Fighters, for making such an amazing game.
  • Jeff Lewis who, along with Mark, re-released Fur Fighters for the iOS.
  • The Fur Fighter fans both past and present, who have helped this site grow and kept the spirit of Fur Fighters alight.

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