Compound Factions

Entry Requirement: 200 Gold Tokens Babies: 9 Items: Starter Handle, Set Square, Safety Certificate New Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun

Compound FactionsWelcome to one of the first levels ever programmed into the game. Let's jump straight in here by taking care of the Brown Bear that notices you as soon as the level begins. Before you go any further, leap onto the small brown crate and onto the large red storage container, grab the goodies if you need them and turn right, leaping onto the other container. From here, jump onto the small grass pathway, grabbing the 7 Gold Tokens along the way. At the end is a Juliette Telepoint, so switch and retract a few of those steps to find some Claw Markings for her to climb. At the end of this path, Michelle is waiting for her mother to rescue her. Do so, and carefully get to the ground, taking care of the Bears in this area. See that moving machinery? Run up to the back end, where you can see something sticking out. Approach it and you'll soon be in possession of the Starter Handle. Whilst you're here, check the other storage containers near the fence for 3 Gold Tokens.

Now, continue to the next area, but be warned - a Bear will leap out of that small blue cave. After taking care of him, you can enter to get some Pet Yums and a Submachine Gun. When you continue forward here, a brief scene will play, showing you a little puppy in need of a rescue.Compound Factions For now, you'll want to take out the remaining Brown and Polar Bears in this area, otherwise they'll just be a nuisance as usual. Once that's done, check out the storage containers (again, near the fence) to grab 6 more Gold Tokens. Also, check out that green office (where Roofus' pup is) - There's 2 Gold Tokens around it. Now return to where you saw that blue cave, but look right - More Claw Marks for Juliette to climb. After you're up there, Roofus' Telepoint can be found, so switch and grab any ammo you need along this path. When you exit, you'll see some Gold Tokens littered on top of the storage containers. Grab all 10 of them, and move down the slope, and move towards the back of the large machine. The Starter Handle will be applied, so wait for the bottom part of the office to be pushed into the top half. Once it's finished, enter, run up the stairs and rescue Mary. Get out, and get back to that machine, but this time, we're looking at the burrow for Roofus, to the right of the gate. Dig.

You'll soon be on the other side, but be warned - Along with some Bears, there are also Peacocks here. If you approach them, you'll probably alert the others to your presence, so try to lure the Bear and Peacock close enough to take them out for now. Now they're no longer in your way, press the switch next to the gate to open it.Compound Factions Now go all the way back to the Juliette Telepoint, and return to the gate. Before we rescue the kitten, on your way in you probably saw a machine nearby - Keep pushing forward on the button until you have the 3 Gold Tokens hidden underneath, then follow the path on your right until you come across more Claw Marks. Take care of any enemies as usual, and climb up there. Move along the path, grabbing the 7 Gold Tokens as you do so. You'll soon be back at the gate, but this time, you can use the Claw Marks to climb up to the top. After doing so, carefully move across, and fall (or climb) down the pole where Phillipe is waiting to be rescued. Continue on your journey, following that path around. When you see a grassy ledge on your left, jump onto it to collect the 3 Gold Tokens. Now use this area to leap onto the storage containers, and grab another 3 Gold Tokens on a plank. If you need the ammo or Pet Yums, grab them. Continue on a little and grab 3 more Gold Tokens on a raised part of the ground on your left, then carry on until you reach a steep cliff.

Turn right to grab the 3 Gold Tokens hidden behind the wall here, and then switch to Chang before you slide down. As soon as you're down here, you're gonna be ambushed by a bunch of Bears and Crocodiles, since they've apparently just finished doing their business in the porta-potties. Compound FactionsTake them out, but be careful of straying too far away from this area just yet, since there's a Peacock on a ledge who's a real pain to get rid of when you're still dealing with these guys. Once the coast is clear, move around the warehouse building just in front (like I said though, be careful of the Peacock on your right - Take him out if you can) and you should see a little gap in the floor. Enter, and find Soo inside, surrounded by some goodies. Save her, and this time, approach the door to the Explosives Warehouse. You'll be stopped as the game wants you to read the sign. NO SHOOTING! Yep, this is gonna be a pain, but enter anyway, and put your weapons away. You'll soon be in an area full of crates, in a maze-like formation. Be vigilant in here, since Crocodiles are everywhere. Here's a map of the area:

Explosives Warehouse Maze

You need to get to the Bungalow Telepoint there in the corner. It's not as hard as it seems, just keep moving because of the Crocs. Compound Factions Once you've switched, find a smaller crate and use it to get higher. Now leap around here and grab the 5 Gold Tokens. Also, hop even higher to the next set of crates to grab the Set Square, as well as the 6 Gold Tokens on these crates.There are also 3 Gold Tokens on the floor, so peek around to find them too. Afterwards, back on the crates, head towards the light, because this is the back entrance. Hop down, and exit to see a Crocodile and a cage. Take care of Croc, and shoot the lock on the gate so that we can rescue Jason. Now go back into the Explosives Warehouse, hop onto the small crate, onto the large one, and provided you've got everything from here, we can finally exit.

Once you're out, go straight forward to the Beaver's office and hand him his Set Square. He'll hand Compound Factionsover a Safety Certificate, so we can continue. Take note of the pathway on your right as you exit the office, we're coming back here soon. Follow the other path (that doesn't lead up) and we'll soon find a Beaver Worker. Show him the Safety Certificate (you may have to leap around him a bit to get him to acknowledge your presence for some reason) and go through, turning right as soon as you can. Grab the 13 Gold Tokens that surround the area, and check around for the Roofus Telepoint inside the large rock. Switch, and head back to that pathway near the Beaver's office.

Compound FactionsClear out any enemies, and get into the wrecking ball machine (no jokes, please). Take note of the controls that appear (but in case you missed them, it's Y/green to move forward, A/red to reverse, analog stick to swing the arm and fire to exit) and proceed to smash anything and everything around you (namely - The office, the boxes, the truck container, the tree and finally, the block of cement). Once that cement has gone, little Agnes will be revealed, so save him and take a peek at the destruction you've caused. There will be 4 Gold Tokens up on the ledge, 1 in the broken crate, 3 in the broken office and 1 more underneath the fallen tree. Head out, but turn right when you see a little entrance on your way back down, and grab the 4 Gold Tokens along this path.

Compound FactionsNow head back out the door, but this time, keep going forward until you see a large yellow machine on the left. Go towards it, taking out enemies as usual. With this machine, we'll be leaping on to the back wheel closest to the grass/rocks. Move forward, and you'll soon see that you're moving the machine forward. Like Bristol says - Think hamster. When you're close enough, leap off and head up the path a little, then leap onto the front of the machine (the little yellow area). From here, leap onto the scaffolding. You might need to move the machine back a little, since Roofus is slow and his jump leaves much to be desired, so you'll need to get a bit of height with that path. Anyway, use the ladders here to climb up to the top, where you can rescue Richard. Now we can get down from here, and climb up that same path, following it all the way to the top where there will be a pathway to the cliffs. Follow it, take out any Bears and Peacocks, grab the two sets of 3 Gold Tokens (for a total of 6), and find Marieanne at the end.

Compound FactionsDrop down here, and keep going forward until you find two sets of large doors. Enter the first one, because the others are locked (for now). Get to the other end of this area, taking care of more enemies, and switch to Bungalow. Now use the crates and storage containers to get higher, and leap across them to the other side. Start moving the opposite direction of the giant steamroller, and soon you'll be stopped. Just because the game wants you to know that the steamroller is coming for you. So, leap onto the nearby crates and, when it gets close enough, leap onto the steamroller and fall off the other side. There's nothing of real interest back there, so don't bother checking it out unless you're looking to blast more Bears or desperate for a bit more Shotgun ammo. Eventually, a quick cutscene will play, showing the steamroller knocking the door down. Now you can exit this building.

Compound FactionsGo straight forward and watch as the steamroller enters the muddy water. Now leap onto the crates and storage containers in the water on your left, and wait for the steamroller to rise. Use it to get to the other side (more crates and storage containers for you to land on), and get to the end of these. Again, wait for the steamroller to rise, and leap across to the other side, using more crates and storage containers to keep you afloat. Now wait for the steamroller to rise from the water a little, leap on it, and it should raise you high enough to finally get on that ledge. Follow the ledge around so that we can rescue Madge. Fall down, turn right, and keep going to find the level exit.

Right. Now that we've done all that, let's head to God Machine Valley, where a big surprise awaits us...

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:30- MRC
02:14 JEF
01:31 GED
Baby Location
Michelle Ledge near start
Mary Office top floor
Phillipe Top of gate
Soo Small alcove near Explosives Warehouse
Jason Back of Explosives Warehouse
Agnes Cement block
Richard Scaffolding
Marieanne Cliff via scaffoling path
Madge Cliff overlooking muddy water
Tokens Location
7 Near Juliette's Telepoint
3 Behind Storage Containers (first area)
6 Behind Storage Containers (second area)
2 Near under-construction office
10 On Storage Containers
3 Under machine just outside gate
7 Ledge leading to Phillipe
3 Ledge near Storage Containers
3 Wooden plank on Storage Containers
3 On raised floor
3 Behind wooden fence
4 Ledge in wrecking ball area
1 Crate (after broken)
3 Office (after broken)
1 Under tree (once fallen)
5 Explosives Warehouse - On crates
6 Explosives Warehouse - On highest crates
3 Explosives Warehouse - Ground floor
13 Mud pit near Roofus' Telepoint
6 Cliff leading to Marieanne

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