Visual Comparisons

We all know that Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge had some drastic changes applied. This part of the site is dedicated to finding those changes, as well as providing a direct comparison of all 4 games together and other significant differences between versions. As of right now, the main goal is to locate differences in the model, or drastic changes in the texture (for example, using a completely different one).

Full Comparison

Full Comparison

Level Comparisons

Click on an icon to be taken to a page listing differences from levels found in each hubworld. If it's not there yet, I'm getting to it!

Fur Fighter Village Level Comparisons New Quack CityLevel Comparisons Beaver PowerLevel Comparisons Cape Canardo Level Comparisons Dinotopolis Level Comparisons Anatat Tatanatat Level Comparisons Viggo A Gogo Level Comparisons