Cape Canardo

Entry Item: Degree in Astrophysics Gold Tokens: 10
Cape CanardoWelcome to Cape Canardo! Here, we'll be prepping a rocket for launch, then riding into space (twice)! Now since the cutscene is missing, I'll fill you in - General Viggo is already in space, and attempts to drop an anvil on our hero Roofus. He's already made a mess of things up there. So to start, there's a selection of doors about halfway across this hallway. Take the left door and out here, snag the 3 Gold Tokens that lead to the VAB Building, avoiding the Blue Bears. Go back to the main hall and this time keep going straight forward. Follow the slope down and the path around (careful - Polar Bears and a Crocodile are here) to pick up 2 more Gold Tokens outside the entrance to the VLF Facility. Go up the slope on your left, avoid the Crocodile and keep moving forward. You'll soon see the next area, so grab the 3 Gold Tokens outside Saving Claude and turn around. You'll see a Polar Bear ahead of you. Go right from here, and snag the last 2 Gold Tokens in front if Space Station Meer. There's one other room from here, if you turn around and take the other path, you'll end up there. There's a Seeker Launcher in this room, as well as the highly coveted Neutron Gun. This new weapon is incredibly powerful, by far the most powerful in the game. There's a catch though - It has a long reload time and you can only have 5 ammo at a time. It's best used either in timed boss fights (where the Freeze Gun won't work) or when you're surrounded by too many foes, as this weapon 'catches' other enemies that are close enough.


Level Statistics
Cape Canardo VAB Building

Entry Requirement: 350 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 5

Items: Toast, Unformatted Floppy Disk, Formatted Floppy Disk

New Weapons: Plasma Beamer

Cape Canardo VLF Facility

Entry Requirement: 400 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 10

Items: Lucky Elastic Band, Lucky Rabbit's Foot, Four Leafed Clover

Cape Canardo Space Station Meer

Entry Requirement: 450 Gold Tokens

Babies to save: 4

Items: Oxygen Bottle x 4

Mini Boss: 31st Century Fox

Cape Canardo
Saving Claude

Entry Requirement: 65 Babies

Primary Weapon Needed: Plasma Blaster/Plasma Beamer

Quick Lists

Tokens Locations
3 Leading to VAB Building
2 Leading to VLF Facility
3 Leading to Saving Claude
2 Leading to Space Station Meer

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