Unused Elements

In many videogames, if you know where to look, unused elements of the game are accidently left in. Sometimes, we can see unused versions of the game in screenshots. Other times, a quick scan of the game's coding leads to hints on various pieces of unused stuff. Some of it is even left in the game, but only discovered through rigorous gameplay and/or hacking. Sometimes companies and magazines mention things that never made it to the final game. This part of the site is dedicated to the hidden areas and secrets in Fur Fighters, some which you may or may not have encountered before.

Roofus' Nightmare Extended

Roofus' Nightmare Extended

In the Dreamcast version, a wall hides what appears to be another route that was planned for this area. There are already a good amount of paths in this level, so this was probably scrapped since it wouldn't have served any purpose at the end.

Early Story

Early Story

From Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Issue 1, an early storyline for Fur Fighters involved the Bears trying to develop a shopping mall on the Fur Fighters' forest is revealed.

Space Bound Water Crater

Water Crater<Water Crater

In Viggo's Revenge, outside the level boundaries of Space Station Meer is this water crater floating in the air near the station. It's completely functional and even reflects the outer station, but serves no real purpose either. Looks like SSM was planned to be bigger at one stage. Could this have been the attempt to get the Fur Fighters into space itself, as seen in a concept image?

Unknown area

Early area Early area Early area

In a few early screenshots, Rico and Tweek can be seen in this strange area. It looks as though it could be a part of the Undermill, Beaver Dam or even The V-100 (though unlikely), or a new area altogether.

Unknown hub

Early hub

It's entirely possible that this was to be the China hubworld. A magazine scan mentions it as a boss area, though. Or, it could just me an early model of some sort.

The V-100's Hidden Treasure

Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest

This strange item can be seen at the right hand side of the V-100, but you can't actually swim down there since the game won't let you go down that far. Inside the open treasure chest is a large Thermal and large Energy. The item doesn't appear anywhere else in the game. If you force your Fur Fighter in it, they will be immediately thrown across to the other side, despite fitting in it just fine! Just what was this strange object supposed to be for?

New Quack in Daylight

Switched Off Lamp

As also seen in our Trivia page under Out of Reach items is this unused lamp. How is it unused? It's switched off. Even the other lamps in the area, whilst lacking the glowing light, are still switched on.

Cut Bat n Ball Subgame

Ever found it weird that Roofus' kid just lets you play with another version of Snake, despite all the other games being unique? Well, apparently, the Super Snake game was actually going to be a Bat and Ball game at one stage, according to the file name.

Early Quackenheim Script

Hidden in the demo disc is an early script for the Quackenheim Museum, strangely listed as the text file for You only Fluff twice. There's nothing particularly earth-shattering about the content, but here's how it compares to the final. Note - This only compares the text found in the demo. Some bits, such as Baby names, are completely absent in the demo disc. Also note that some of this text was reused in the US text file, but was modified in the UK text file.

Early Text Final Text
Autocoat. The modern hi_tech coat and hat retention and re-delivery system. AUTOCOAT. THE MODERN HI-TECH COAT AND HAT RETENTION AND RE-DELIVERY SYSTEM.
(Fur Fighter), that is no ordinary modernist sculpture, it's one of General Viggo's secret chamaeleon bots. Your only chance is to aim for it's only weak point , it's EYE. (Fur Fighter), that's no ordinary modernist sculpture, it's one of General Viggo's secret chameleon bots. Your only chance is to aim for it's only weak point, its EYE.
No access to the diamond room out of opening hours. I may be old but I'm still canny. You're not getting this key off me. No visitors allowed in the Diamond Room out of opening hours. I may be old but I'm still canny. You're not getting this key off me!
I'm so old and useless. I'm so old and useless...
Want to know what my favorite things in the world are? If you pay attention I might tell you a secret you'll find useful. It's a secret but I'll share. Would you like to know what my favourite things in ze world are? Come a leettle bit closer and I'll share a secret that you'll find useful.
Did you pay attention? if you can tell me in REVERSE order what my favorite things in the world are I'll tell you something you'll find useful. Just tell me in REVERSE order what my favourite things are then I will let you into a little secret zat only I know!
Didn't pay attention did you? Try again if you want. Didn't pay attention, n'est-ce pas? Try again, if you want.
Well done. Now you know so much about me I feel I can tell you my little secret. The combination to the main vault in this museum is right to number 6, left to number 2, right to number 4 and finally left to number 6. Well done. Now you know so much about me, I will let you into my little secret. Ze combination to ze museum main vault is 6 anticlockwise, 2 clockwise, 4 anticlockwise, 6 clockwise.
The combination to the vault is right to 6, left to 2, right to 4 and left to 6 Ze combination to ze vault is 6 anticlockwise, 2 clockwise, 4 anticlockwise, 6 clockwise.
Help! I've overstoked the boiler! Help me relieve the pressure valves or we're all doomed! Help! I've over-stoked the boiler! We're going to blow if you don't help me relieve the pressure valves!
Now quickly get to the second valve! Now quickly run to the next valve!
No time to waste! Get to the third now! Its not over yet, Fur Fighter. Hurry along to the next valve!
Hurry, hurry the final valve awaits! Quickly, it looks like it is gonna blow any moment now!

Early Plasma Beamer

Early Plasma Beamer

Hidden in a texture file is an earlier image of the weapon selection bar and an early Plasma Beamer.

Not Missing Missing Cat Scratches

Not Missing Missing Cat Scratches

Now this is interesting. This is a screenshot from an early version of the Dreamcast game, used in the Official Strategy Guide, and also present in a prototype of the game dated a month before the retail. The Cat Scratches are here in Viggo A Gogo, but in the final, they've been removed for reasons unknown, making it difficult to reach the goodies on top.They were placed back there in all future versions of the game too. Strange!

Bear Beer

Bear Beer

An older version of the Bear Juice sign. Bear Beer at the Bear Bar was likely removed due to alcohol references and the rating and all that malarky.

More Levels & Weapons, Please!

Weapons and Levels

When the official Fur Fighters site very first opened, the 'Features' page mentioned a lot more levels and weapons. Even if you include the Fluffmatches, that's still under 40 levels. And weapons - Even when you include the exclusive weapons found in Viggo's Revenge AND the Close Attacks, that's still under 20.
In an interview, Mark Craig mentioned that 2 more hubworlds were planned (one of them being the China hub no doubt) and 4 levels on each world. Makes sense, with there being Furry Forest and New Quack Subway levels.

Dynamite: Weapon Edition


In an early interview with Bizarre Creations, one Dreamcast Magazine mentioned that they had been able to lay Dynamite down for an unsuspecting Peacock in an early build of the game. Could this have been one of the dropped weapons? The full scan can be found over at Magazine Scans.

Chang the Hamster

Also according to Dreamcast Monthly who were able to get an interview with the Bizarre team, Chang was originally going to be a hamster instead of a Firefox. The full magazine excerpt can be seen in our Magazine scans page!

Hamster Chang

Juliette's Hidden Undermill Training

Exclusive to Dreamcast only (at least, the method to enter is). After you come to Roofus' burrows, try climing on the red wireframe with Juliette. You'll be able to, and, if you're good enough, be able to jump from it up onto the small gap to the side. Or, Bungalow's jump can also earn you admission, though it might take a while.

Juliette's Undermill

Inside, we can see a very unfinished part of the Undermill. It's difficult to see here, as textures flicker on and off. It appears as though it's a glitch at first, until you see the large pixelated Cat Scratches up against the wall. There is also a decorative door perfectly fit for a Fur Fighter to climb through. Was this her old training area before it was moved? Looking at the instruction manual, it would appear as though that is indeed the case, as an early concept art shows Juliette zipping through the same area. Either way, the cat scratches aren't programmed yet. So you'll need to reset if you wish to continue the game. Interested in seeing more? Check out the video.

Fifi's Speaking Role

Within the game files is a speech file for Fifi. It appears as though he had a German voice, which was sadly never used in the end. However, you can download the individual samples at our Voice Clip page!

Removed Flea Level

In the PS2 game, Viggo's Revenge, hidden deep within the debug, is a removed Flea level known as Home Flea. It appears under the level list for Fur Fighter Village, and is speculated to be an additional or early Chang Flea level.

Home Flea

There are 6 Ticks to be destroyed, and completing it awards you with... Nothing. It should be noted that this amount of ticks actually interferes with the rule of Flea levels - One more tick for each Hubworld you pass. Regardless, when you choose to exit this level you end up at the start of the Undermill. Makes sense - It was the only actual level in the Fur Fighter Village hub.

Early Fluffmatch

I almost forgot this picture existed for a moment. Click the image to enlarge.

Home Flea

Back then I didn't put two and two together and so I couldn't work out where this is from. Nowadays, of course, we can tell it's a very early Dam Fluffers with some pretty rad placeholder textures.

Anton, the Missing Kitten

Certain game demos have an early version of Compound Factions for people to play. In this early rendition of the level a baby named Anton can be rescued.


However, in the final game, poor Anton is completely absent, with not even a mention in the coding. We can only hope this poor kitty is safe somehow! More info can be found on this demo at the demo page.

More Missing Babies

Interestingly, there are 'You've Rescued' threads in certain levels for 11 babies that aren't found in the game.
  • Lucy (World Quack Centre)
  • Renton (World Quack Centre)
  • Su (Compound Factions)
  • Chow (Compound Factions)
  • Rose (Compound Factions)
  • Amy (Compound Factions)
  • Rose (God Machine Valley)
  • Jean-Marc (God Machine Valley)
  • Eddie (Beaver Dam)
  • Wallace (VAB Building)
  • Anita (The Rumpus Room)

  • It's worth noting that Annalise, found in The Rumpus Room, was renamed Anita in Viggo's Revenge.

    Renamed Babies


    According to the Official Strategy Guide (which, like many guides, uses an earlier version of the game), several babies were renamed for the final game.

  • Peter was renamed Richard
  • Cub was renamed Soo
  • Ricky was renamed Madge
  • Bromwyn was renamed Bronwyn
  • Baby Roo was renamed Josie
  • Michael was renamed Mary

  • Replaced Baby

    You know So-Mai? The baby found at the end of the 'Laser Cave' in God Machine Valley? Well, according to the Official Strategy Guide, she originally wasn't the baby you were looking for. Instead, it lists the cave as being accessible by Juliette - Her child, Kitty, was to be rescued here instead.

    Frederick's Missing Line

    In the level code for The Bad Place, there exists a brief conversation which was cut in the final game.

    Roofus:Frederick! At last! Have you seen your mother?
    Frederick:Mother is nay here any more, Father. You'll have to go back to the real world to find her.

    Builder's Hat

    Builders Hat

    Found in our Unused models page is an item called the Builder's Hat. Left inside the text files for Compound Factions is a line pertaining to it. It reads:

    Phew! I'd have been a gonner without my hard hat. You should take one. You never know, it may just save your life!

    Another line taken straight from the demo further explains what use this item would have served:

    Hold on there buddy! No one gets through MY gate until I see a safety certificate and a hard hat!

    As explained in the Demo page, we now know exactly what would have happened. Check out that page for more info!

    Sergeant Viggo

    Interestingly, in one of Acclaim's archive CDs, there is an image file entitled 'Sarge-Viggo'. And who happens to be in this image file? None other than our very own Sergeant Sternhauser. This could mean that the Sergeant was originally planned to be General Viggo's next in command, and would explain an unused 'Fluffed' behaviour found within the game code.

    Unused names

    There are many early names to be found. Some of these can be found just by peeking through the game files, though many early level names come straight from an early demo disc.

  • World Quack Center was known as The World Quack Center
  • Lower East Quack was known as The Lower East Quack (see the pattern here?)
  • Quackenheim Museum was known as The Quackenheim Museum
  • Saving Gwynth was known as Dragon Drop
  • Dam Fluffers was known as Big Massive Fluffmatch
  • God Machine Valley was known as God Machines
  • Beaver Dam was known as Free the Beaver
  • The VAB Building was known as The SOVAOPB Building
  • The VLF Facility was known as The SORILF Facility
  • Dinotopolis was known as Dinosaur Deco
  • Dinos Downstairs was known as just Downstairs
  • Dinos Upstairs was known as just Upstairs
  • The Rumpus Room was known as The Basement
  • Anatat Tatanatat was known at first as Angkhor (sometimes spelt Angkor)
  • Anatat Tatanatat was later known as Antat Tatatanat, City of Doom
  • Jungle of Despair was known as Tanat Natatt, Jungle of Despair
  • The Temple of Gloom was known as Anatat Tatatatat, City of Fear
  • Saving Winnie & Mai was known just as Saving Winnie
  • The H.M.S. Viggolina was given the temporary name of CARRIER
  • The V-100 was given the temporary name of SUB
  • Secret Island was given the temporary name of (you've guessed it) ISLAND
  • And finally, The General's Lair was known as The Good General's Lair
  • Happy Village was originally Beaver Village, and the Balsa Replica was originally Plywood Replica

  • It's likely that a few of these were changed solely because they were too long and wouldn't fit on the Game Progress screen. CARRIER, SUB and ISLAND are likely placeholders. Viggo-A-Gogo also used all caps (VIGGO-A-GOGO), so it's possible that the name was being reconsidered at one stage.

    Dinosaur Deco isn't too much of a surprise, but it clears up a mystery - The back of the NTSC box tells of a level known as Dino Deco.
    Although still possibly a placeholder, the most interesting titles would be Dragon Drop (since all other boss levels use the 'Saving' prefix even in this early stage), whose name was recycled as an Achievement in Viggo on Glass, and Saving Winnie. What happened to Mai? Was there to be a separate boss at one stage for her? After all, there was that removed China hubworld...

    Missing Cutscenes

    As most people know by now, the original versions of Fur Fighters all lack an opening cutscene for Cape Canardo and Viggo-A-Gogo. However, the text for both of these cutscenes still exists within the game's coding, though the cutscenes themselves are absent.

    Cape Canardo is written almost identically to the one shown in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. But Viggo-A-Gogo's intro had fairly different speech:

    Right, I've just about had enough of that damn cat.
    We're gonna find any babies that are still out there, and I mean every single one, and then we're gonna take the fight to Viggo. If we don't stop him now, with that big ugly ship parked not two miles off our doorstep, then this is going to go on forever.
    Let's do it.

    ファー ファイターズ

    The game was translated into the usual common languages. These files also have their own items files too. One of these files is entitled ITEMS_JPN. Was Fur Fighters considered for the Japanese market? No doubt something like this would probably do well over there, though perhaps as is the case with some other famous video game characters (for example: Crash Bandicoot) the Fur Fighters would have needed to be 'chibified'. If that's the case, it may have been that it was too much work to translate and alter the character designs, or the Bizarre crew may have even refused any possible transformation (it's their game after all)!
    It might also be worth mentioning that the character file for Japanese text does not exist at all, and inserting such text will cause the game to crash. A Russian release, with completely unique characters, was released on PC.

    Bristol's hanging around the Village

    Early image of General Bristol in Fur Fighter Village, in a different location.

    Bigger Fishies

    GIANT FISH. Clearly, they are conspiring to take over the world.

    Bigger Fishies

    Early Porta-building

    It looks pretty unstable, here.

    Compound Factions

    Want to see more?

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