Beaver Dam

Entry Requirement: 300 Gold Tokens Babies: 7 New Weapons: Seeker Launcher Mini Boss: Robot Transformer

Beaver DamAh, the dam at last. Let's get out of this little building first, and take care of the Brown Bear and Polar Bear hanging around just outside. Now locate the Juliette Telepoint at the side of the little building you were in if you aren't already Juliette. You'll see some Claw Marks at the side of the dam, so leap on and climb up them. Leap over the gaps and jump onto the top of the other building, and carefully tread all the way around, leaping where necessary to grab the 7 Gold Tokens on this roof. Fall down, take out the Bears and enter this little building. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens in here, tap the button if you want to and exit. Instead of calling the lift though, go around to the side (the one facing you as you approached this platform) and you'll be able to climb it from here. Climb all the way up to reach the lone Gold Token up here. Take care of some more Bears when you arrive up here.

After, turn right through the doorway and down the stairs. You'll now be in an area containing a large pool of water. As usual, take care of any Bears around here, and follow the path around, grabbing the Gold Token along the way. Don't head up the next stairway just yet, and keep following the path around, since in the corner is Francois waiting for his mother. After saving him, turn back and head up that stairway you saw Beaver Damon your way over. This area has a large cement mixer at the side. Tap the button you see in front of you to get the sand, and then move straight past it (take care of the Bears as usual) and on the other side are some more Claw Marks. Climb up there and switch to Rico. Before you fall back down there, move all the way forward, and grab the Gold Token under the machine. Leap onto the machine's 'feet' and they should move into place. Get back up to where Rico's Telepoint is, and face the machine. Shoot the button at the top after the feet have settled, and the cement will be added to the mix. Fall back down, grab the 3 Gold Tokens near the truck and then re-enter the pool area.

Leap into the water, and collect 3 Gold Tokens on either side of the pool for a total of 6 Gold Tokens here. Locate the switch near the stairs and tap it to set it off. We've got the water for our cement, but before we return, turn around to locate a large tube underwater. Swim under there, grabbing the 3 Gold Tokens as you go along. After a short while, you'll find a clearing. Grab the 6 Gold Tokens here, and Beaver Damswim above the entrance and in a corner you'll find a new weapon, the Seeker Launcher. Personally, I don't find this weapon very effective, but different strokes and all. Grab the single Gold Token up here and swim back down and into the next tube, where a new enemy, the Shrimp, will be waiting. Just keep swimming, because they can and will attack underwater with a powerful clamp attack. Grab the Gold Tokens along the way, and soon you'll pass through a door. Turn around as you enter this area and tap the switch to shut the door and drain the water. If the Shrimps made it in, shoot them before they shoot you. Get to the crate in the corner and push it in the center of the room, so that it's just underneath that gap above you. Grab the concealed Pet Yums that were underneath the crate if necessary, and press the button again to re-open the door and flood the room again. When it's risen as high as it will go, swim to the side of the crate and Rico will automatically climb up. Here, you can save Isabella. Now get back down and get out of here, back to the cement mixer's area.

Beaver DamJuliette's Telepoint is here, so locate the final button on the machine (which is on the large box where all the pipes lead back to) and press it. The cement mixer will pour out some cement over a nearby gap, allowing you to reach Francois on the other side. After saving him, switch to Bungalow via the nearby Telepoint just opposite him. Now, we need some more Gold Tokens, but the quickest way is to fall off the edge near here so that you land on top of the building that you started out in. Grab the 2 Gold Tokens along the roof. You can either Fluff yourself by falling into the river rapids down below or you can switch to Juliette and go all the way back up to the cement mixing machine to switch back to Bungalow - Your choice. Either way, from the cement mixer's area, exit back to the pool, and back outside to where the copter resides. Get to the front, and shoot the button at the top here. The back will open, allowing you to rescue Dwayne. Now proceed through the other gap in the wall towards the large building.

Notably, there's some Thermal ammo here, but you can't get the weapon until later. More Bears will ambush you here, so take care of them before grabbing the single Gold Token and proceeding into the building itself. Beaver Dam Turn left as soon as you enter, and you should see a Juliette Telepoint at the side in a little boxed area. Switch, and go to the opposite side to find Lauren in another boxed area. After saving her, locate the ladder and climb up, grabbing the 6 Gold Tokens in this area. Follow the path and find another ladder. Up here, a very short cutscene will play. To save those Beavers, open the door and be prepared for a Crocodile ambush. Defeat them and enter. Take care of the Bears here too, and they'll switch on Turbine No.1. In the corner of this room is a Tweek Telepoint, so switch. If you haven't already, grab the Beetle Shield since you're likely going to need it very soon. Grab the 4 Gold Tokens in here (2 at each side). Now exit, and glide down to the ground floor. A door will have now opened down here, so enter it. Save little Fweek who's hanging around on one of the ledges. As soon as you do so...

Robot Transformer
Mini Boss Alert!
Another Chameleon Bot, the Robot Transformer. Remember that landing on the water will harm Tweek! Click here for a full guide on how to defeat this miniboss.
Robot Transformer

With that guy outta the way, the doors will re-open. Move straight through to the doors just behind our broken robot foe and enter as they open, but quickly turn around to see 2 Gold Tokens just outside these doors. Now move down the hallway, but don't switch to any other character just yet.Beaver Dam Grab any ammo you need, and proceed, taking out any enemies that dare stand in your way. Grab the 8 Gold Tokens in this area too. You'll soon be at an elevator. Press the switch and wait for it to come down. Take care of any enemies that happen to be in there and enter, pressing the switch to get up. As soon as the door opens, a Polar Bear will greet you in the pipe room. Take care of him, but don't exit the elevator just yet if you're collecting the Gold Tokens. Glance up inside the elevator to see a grating - Shoot it to open it. Now tap the elevator switch, but leap up and hold down the glide button whilst placing yourself directly underneath the open grating. If done correctly, you'll be floating outside the elevator shaft. Quickly glide in the opposite direction of the room, and you'll see a ladder. Climb up a little, and then proceed to glide back down, this time facing the pipe room. Just a little bit beneath that room, you'll find a hidden area here. Enter it to grab the 2 Gold Tokens. Get out and climb back up the ladder, and move just inside the pipe room. Wait a little while and tap the switch to call the elevator, but leap outside and hug the wall opposite (where the ladder is) to avoid getting stuck on the elevator, since we're trying to get under it now. Glide down to the bottom where a single Gold Token can be found. Climb the ladder, get out and press the switch to call the elevator, and this time you can exit when the doors re-open in the pipe room.

Be careful of the pipes here - Shooting them will let off steam which can damage your Fur Fighter. If you want to, take care of the Crocodiles on either side, grab the 4 Gold Tokens on this pipe and drop to the right side. Keep going under here, and take care of another Crocodile. There's a Bungalow Telepoint in this little space, so switch and leap over the pipe. Beaver DamTake care of another Crocodile inside and grab the single Gold Token here as well. Now come back out again, leap onto the pipe and take the right path. Be careful - There's a gap in the metal flooring which takes you back to Bungy's Telepoint. Take out a couple more Bears and a Crocodile, and you'll be in a room with a large turbine. There's also Rico's Telepoint, but you needn't switch just yet. Hop over the machine (avoid touching the turbine itself though, since it deals rapid damage), grab the Gold Token on top, and hit the switch on the other side. The water will drain quickly, so either leap in before it drains completely or locate the ladder and get down there. Pick up the 5 Gold Tokens scattered around the floor, and find the other ladder leading back up. Exit this area, and now proceed down the other path.

Beaver DamTake care of some more enemies and you'll find yourself in a similar area. Do the same thing here - Grab the 2 Gold Tokens on top of the turbine, press the switch on the other side (a Crocodile from another path might spot you, so be careful) and get down there to claim 5 more Gold Tokens. Use the ladder to get back up (only on one side this time) and leap back over to where the switch was. Now go down the path, leaping up to collect the Gold Tokens as you progress. Further down here you'll see some water. Don't worry about it, just keep going forward. Ignore the Tweek Telepoint for now, since it's underwater and we don't have Rico (yet). Swim around and you'll soon find an exit. As you arrive in this new area, you should be able to find a ladder in the distance on your right. Swim over (avoid any enemies that will spot you almost instantly) and get outta that pool.

There are various Bears around here, so take care of them (including the ones on the other side of the ship if you want). Beaver DamMove towards the crane, but turn left and at the front of the building you'll see a Gold Token on each of the pedestals. Grab them both, and go opposite, climbing up the ladders on the scaffolding. At the top here is the Rico Telepoint that we need, so switch, and take a look towards that nearby crane. Press the switch, and the crane will start to rise. As it does so, run up the arm to grab the 5 Gold Tokens. Wait for it to move over to the ship, and fall on top of the turbine engine here. The crane can't grab the engine just yet, so let's fix that. From here, you can reach the ledge on the other side. So leap over, take care of any Bears that are still here, and press the Lock Control switch to drain the water. I'd recommend clearing out any aquatic foes here, since we're going to leap back in the water to grab the remaining Gold Tokens. There's 1 Gold Token near the ladder, 1 just opposite, and 2 Gold Tokens near the pipe with Tweek's Telepoint. Speaking of which, switch now.

Get back to the ladder, and climb up. Return to the top of the scaffolding. Beaver DamHit the switch to the crane, but this time, try to glide underneath and land on the claw. As it moves across, grab the 6 Gold Tokens in the air (if you can't do it the first time, don't worry - You can move the crane as many times as you want). The crane will this time pick up the turbine engine and deposit it in that little pool, and Turbine No. 2 will now be running. This will in turn open the door to the elevator. If you have all the Gold Tokens, locate the elevator in a small area between the scaffolding and the ship and press the switch to rise. This is a pretty long elevator, but once you're up there, you can finally rescue Gweek. Keep going forward, but be careful - Two Brown Bears will pounce at you from a small gap in the walls. Take both out, and check in there for a Gold Token. Check the next wall for another Gold Token. Finally, take out two more pouncing Brown Bears and take the Gold Token from in that gap too. You'll soon see the level exit, guarded by some foes. So go forth, Fur Fighter!

And now, we need to take care of a nasty foe. We're going to be Saving Juanita next.

Quick Lists

Time Attack User
02:33 SAM
02:15 KIP
01:40 MRC
Baby Location
Vincent Railing in pool area
Dwayne Inside Viggo's copter
Isabella End of Pipeway
Francois Opposite cement mixer
Lauren Just inside building
Fweek Robot Transformer area
Gweek Outside elevator near level exit
Tokens Location
2 Lift switch room
7 Top of lift switch room
1 On top of lift
1 Under waterfall on walkway
3 Beside truck
1 Underneath cement machine
3 Near water pump underwater
3 Opposite end of water pump underwater
3 Tube leading to Esteban
6 Room with Seeker Launcher
1 Upper part of Seeker Launcher room
2 On top of starting building
1 Room leading to large building
6 Inside large building
4 Beaver control room
2 Pipe room entrance
8 Pipe room hallway
2 Secret elevator room
1 Underneath elevator (bottom of shaft)
4 Steam pipe
1 Lower left Steam pipe area
1 Right turbine
5 Floor of right turbine room
1 Left turbine
6 Floor of left turbine room
5 Tunnel leading to cargo ship pool
2 Tweek's Telepoint
1 Underneath ladder
1 Opposite ladder
5 Crane arm (once lifted)
6 Crane claw (move across)
2 On building opposite scaffolding
1 1st alcove leading to level exit
1 2nd alcove leading to level exit
1 3rd alcove leading to level exit

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