Fur Fighters II

One of the most infamous games of Fur Fighters is the sequel, Fur Fighters II (Fur Fighters 2 to many). Mentioned in the back of the instruction manual of the Dreamcast game, this sequel sadly never got past the ideas stage, as the game wasn't commercially successful enough to warrant a sequel.

Fur Fighters 2
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According to developers, the sequel was given the name Fur Fighters 2: Dark Thingy. It was to be a prequel to the game and would have seen the war in which the Fur Fighters participated in, even going as far as to include aliens. Unfortunately, this never came to be, as Fur Fighters just couldn't reach the financial success it needed to warrant a full blown sequel.

When asked more recently about the possibility of a sequel, Mark Craig said that he would see, neither confirming nor denying the possibility. But, as before - Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass would need to be very successful, as it would take a lot more time to create a sequel.

Will we ever see the real Fur Fighters 2? Only time will tell.